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Is the social escort a mythical creature?

Despite the fact that escort agencies worldwide insist their escorts are not paid to engage in sexual services (especially those agencies located in nations where prostitution is illegal), it is well known that escorts happen to engage in some sort of intimate encounters with their clients.Yet, many proponents of the escort industry insist that some escorts are hired by clients purely for their minds and personalities, with sex not even being an item on the menu. How true is this? And, is the social escort only a myth, made up in the minds of escorts who want to contend that the escort industry can have nothing sensual about it?
Firstly, the possibilities of the existence of an escort whose main job is companionship is entirely plausible. When you examine the qualifications of high-end escorts who pull in hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour, they all have one thing in common: they are educated. Some are highly educated with advanced Ivy League degrees. Many escorts are well bred, and they come from families of class and sophistication. They maneuver high-brow social events with natural ease, having done so since they were youths. Rubbing elbows with the wealthy is second nature to them, as their own families set up trust funds, run Fortune 500 corporations and are founders of elite country clubs. The demand for educated, well-versed, sophisticated and mannered escorts is high; the bar has been raised for women who are asked to spend time with CEOs, executives and politicians, to name just a few.
The wealthy, powerful men who hire escorts for companionship (among other things) require their “friends” to be as equally informed about world events as they are, as well as able to discuss such topics such as politics, art, economics or other subjects of interest. The days of looking for a bubble-headed broad with big boobs is over.
Because the qualifications for a high-end escort have become so great, it is no surprise that men are looking for a woman who can keep an intelligent conversation and enjoy and appreciate the activities they are engaged in. Finding a companion is more important than finding a sex partner, who can be found at any bar or pub.
The market for the social escort is a very viable one. According to Singapore’s Indulgent Pleasuresowner Madam Philomena Leong,

Most of our clients are respectable businessmen who have to entertain their associates visiting Singapore for a few days. Our escorts can take them to places of interest or attend events in a respectable setting.

Escorts provide a client with an opportunity to show his power not only in the board room, but also socially, by commanding the respect and admiration of a beautiful woman. Having a beautiful woman on his arm can earn a business man more respect from his colleagues and business partners at a corporate or social function. Ernest Ting, owner of MS Productions, said that his clients include foreign professionals, managers, executives and businessmen who hire escorts to accompany them to business meetings and casino games at the integrated resorts. Ting said,

For them, it really is more like a status symbol to have a gorgeous woman beside them.

It isn’t easy to become a social escort. Not every woman has the skills, intelligence or looks to make the cut. Firstly, knowledge of social graces and how the rich live life is necessary. Knowledge of expensive things (furniture, liquor, food, clothing, etc.) is necessary, along with worldly experience gained through travel experiences. A social escort needs a good education from a prestigious school, with the connections associated with it. Belonging to a sorority or other social club is a great stepping stone as a young woman. Additionally, she needs to refine her looks. Class and sophistication is required, with a “look” that blends in with others in wealthy circles.
To begin working as a social escort, a woman builds off her experiences with dates with wealthy, successful men. A woman who has the outgoing personality, looks and intelligence to be successful as a social escort gets asked out by men frequently. The key is to start charging for the time she spends with men. Referrals are the best way that women who are social escorts get work, however, many establish websites that advertise their social and companionship services. After several successful dates, the word gets around. Many times, social escorts have regular clients that make up the majority of their business.
The major difference between a social escort and other kinds of escorts is that sex is not an option during the appointments. General affection, companionship, laughter, conversation, outings and event attendance are usual services provided by a social escort. However, when it comes to sex or intimate contact, a social escort leaves that to other women. A social escort may establish a very real connection with a client, which keeps him coming back for more. However, that connection does not include sex. A purely platonic relationship is offered through the services of a social escort. And, because she is so engaging, that is perfectly acceptable to her clients.
A social escort’s main attraction is their ability to fit into all social circles, make a client look good and to be a fully-engaged companion in all activities. They are fun, flirty, witty and so enticing, it doesn’t matter to the client that he’s not ever going to get lucky. The “high” and ego boost a client gets when spending time with a social escort is better than any short-lived climax they can achieve through a physical-only experience.

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