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A few quick rules for quick escort fun

Escorts are a ton of fun but it’s important that you know the rules of the game. It’s important to know these rules, primarily for your own safety, but also not to make an ass out of yourself. Escorts are hot women paid to make you feel good and offer you pleasure. It’s easy to forget that she really does not care about you. She’s NOT your girlfriend. She’s really not. With that in mind, don’t kiss her on the lips. You don’t really know her and of course, you don’t know who else she’s been kissing so I suggest that you NOT. Keeping the NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND rule in mind, don’t buy her expensive, lavish gifts. Sure you might get a little extra for the gift but in the end it’s not worth it. You’re not Richard Gere and she ain’t Julia Roberts.
Do not leave her in the room alone with your wallet. The reasons are obvious. She is a hustler. Your money will be gone and she will make sure that you don’t notice until she’s finished the session and left the room. Also, it’s fun to play with the camera phone but I would STRONGLY SUGGEST you not take any photos or videos with your escort. I promise you, it will come to haunt you and potentially damage your finances severely and will definitely embarrass you. Other obvious nono basics, don’t go down on her. She may smell good and you might want a taste but there are too many diseases out there that you can potentially get. Remember, she is a working girl and with that in mind, NEVER have sex with an escort without a condom. NEVER ever ever, you’d be stupid to do so. It’s only sex and It’s not worth potentially damaging your health over. And quite frankly, no escort will ever let you bang her without it.
Do NOT ram inside of her. Especially you fellows who are well endowed. To the escort It is very uncomfortable and can put her out of work for a week if you gut her and make her feel like her insides are bruising while you pound away with that meaty manliness of yours. Don’t do it. It’s not necessary. Also, it’s normal to sometimes go limp. If you go limp, don’t attempt to thrust yourself inside of her. If you do that, the condom will fall off, leaving it inside of her. She really doesn’t want any part of your penis touching her down there without the rubber, so stop embarrassing yourself. Besides, I’m certain she’d be happy to give you a hand job if you go limp anyway.
Very important, and irritating to the escort, don’t bother asking her if she came. Most likely she didn’t. And she’s not there for her pleasure, she’s there for yours. It’s only going to irritate her if you ask her and although she won’t show it, she will be VERY annoyed that you asked. Also don’t ask her to dominate you. She’s not a mistress into S&M, she’s an escort. She’s there to screw you not beat you. Simply, don’t ask. Also important to note, DO NOT disrespect her and ask her to go out on a “real” date with you. It’s not going to happen, you’re only embarrassing yourself and it pisses her off. And finally, most important, DO NOT ASK HER REAL NAME. She is NOT going to tell you. Live the fantasy and enjoy it. She is there to please you and make you smile. Enjoy!

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