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Top 9 stats that prove the world’s need for escorts

As if the human sex drive is not reason enough, statistics derived from recent sexual well-being surveys indicate a definite need for escorts in human culture. First, having sex with a regular partner isn’t always enough or possible for many individuals. Second, as the data below show, the texture of the existing society is full of holes, some of which are patched by escorts. Here are the top nine statistics that prove the world’s need for escorts:

  1. Sex is not just for pleasure. According to a sex survey conducted by Woman’s Day magazine in December 2011, 84% of women have had sex with a man in order to get him to do more chores around the house. If laundry, dirty dishes or changing the baby’s diaper are the main goals for sex, it’s no wonder that escorts fill a much-needed pleasure fantasy. Sex should be associated with pleasure, excitement and passion. It shouldn’t be used as currency to get a fair separation of housework. Because sex is exchanged so easily and readily, the conditions put upon a couple’s sexual intercourse are based on mundane tasks… which leaves the world of pleasure open to the escort.
  2. Love and romance eludes us in daily life. Durex Condoms conducted a sexual well-being global survey in 2010 that told that 39% of respondents are looking for more love and romance. Escorts who provide the girlfriend experience to clients are helping to meet this need. Clients seek out intimacy, affection and closeness through encounters with escorts who can provide those feelings with the security of knowing they won’t be rejected, left broken-hearted or betrayed. The search for romance and affection ends with a simple call to an escort.
  3. People need to feel less stress. The Durex 2010 survey reported that 37% of those surveyed indicated they wanted to feel less stressed out and tired. Experiences with escorts are stress- and hassle-free. There are no arguments about finances, the children or the in-laws. Escort encounters focus on distracting a client from the stresses in his life in order to relax him and allow him to escape from his troubles and pressures.
  4. Americans have less sex than other nations. In 2001, the Durex survey reported that married respondents only made love 98 times per year. Additionally, single respondents engaged in intercourse a meager 49 times. Whether it’s because life is so stressful, things are too busy or partners are unavailable, escorts help clients have more sex. Escorts are needed in order to provide more opportunities for those who are left feeling unfulfilled.
  5. Our society chooses hobbies over our mates. In 2001, the Durex survey indicated that 22% of those surveyed said they chose spending time with friends over having sex with their partners. Ten percent of survey respondents said they chose to go shopping or play sports instead of having sex with their mates. If people fail to be attracted to their partners to the point of choosing other activities over sex, escorts can help to re-enhance the normal sex drive of a healthy client. Sometimes, a sexual experience that is beyond the “norm” is required to rekindle that sex drive that breeds healthy relationships. Escorts can help reignite those fires by providing experiences that enhance the sex drive in the future.
  6. Many women fake orgasms. In the Woman’s Day study, 48% of women have reported they have faked an orgasm. Usually, women fake orgasms in order to hurry their partners along and finish up the sex act more quickly. Many men realize this about their partners, and it can be demeaning in a variety of ways. Men may feel unworthy of being able to provide an orgasm, inadequate to the point that their partner isn’t enjoying sex enough or unappreciated when a partner tries to rush the experience. Escorts can restore excitement and confidence to their clients through an experience that is based solely on his pleasure.
  7. Sex lives lack excitement and variety. The 2001 Durex survey reported that 50% of those surveyed indicated they felt their sex lives weren’t exciting and they preferred more variety. Escorts can immediately combat these feelings. Being with an escort provides variety and excitement. Escorts are professionals that never allow sex to become boring or routine. They use toys, unique positions, role-playing scenarios and other experiences that spice up a client’s sex life.
  8. People are unsatisfied with their sex lives. The majority of respondents in the 2011 Durex study reported they were not has happy as they could be or want to be with their sex lives. Escorts provide clients with immediate control over their sex lives. They can have as much sex as they want in any manner that pleases them (provided that the clients can pay). Additionally, an escort’s main goal during an encounter is to please her client. Discussions ahead of time, communication during the appointment and feedback afterward all go into successful encounters with escorts. With clear communication and a good vision of what he wants, a client can be ensured of a sex life that is fulfilling and extremely satisfying.
  9. Men feel they are not having enough sex. The 2011 Durex survey indicates that two-thirds of men surveyed feel they are not having enough sex. If they can’t find partners who can match their sex drives, men can call an escort. Discretion and privacy are inherent in the escort/client relationship, and a client can book appointments with an escort as often as he has the money to pay and she has time available. Clients who engage in regular encounters with escorts rarely report that they wish they could have more sex.

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