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Male escorting is growing popular in the US

Boy toys, gigolos, hustlers, stud muffins, beefcakes, rent boys, bimboys or escorts: no matter what you call them, you’re still referring to men who are cultured, attractive and willing to give a girl or another guy a good time.
The male escort industry has always existed. From Grecian times to the days of the wild west, men have provided certain services to others in exchange for gifts or power. Companionship, intimacy, romance and sex may all be a part of a common encounter with a male escort. But it wasn’t until recently that male escorts were accepted in popular culture in the United States.
Perhaps, the culture shift has allowed the male escort industry to boom. Since the 1970s, women have been directed to play much different roles in society than they ever have before. They are executives, hold the family purse strings, run Fortune 500 businesses and are much more confident in themselves, as the legal system has been heavily rigged in their favor. As more of men’s thoughts and words are criminalized, women have more freedom, travel regularly for business and possess more money. Women may be more likely to be single, and it’s OK for them to like sex these days.
Women are much different creatures than they were even 20 years ago. As this is true, women are also much more likely to seek out male attention than they were in previous lifetimes. Women hire younger, attractive men to escort them to business functions, family affairs and other events that it’s expected that they arrive with a date. Additionally, women may choose to seek out male escorts to keep them entertained when they are traveling or have a free night away from the office. They don’t have time for unreliable boyfriends or spouses, nor do they have the patience for the dating games. Many women feel that they can enjoy the benefits of becoming intimate with a man without having to deal with other habits they find distasteful. Others are simply too busy to forge relationships with men, so a male escort is the perfect solution to a lonely night.
Female sex tourism has grown in popularity over the years, too. Much like the traditional sex tourism industry where men travel to foreign nations to buy what they can’t get at home, women may travel and look for lusty encounters with exotic men. Summer romances, vacation flings and steamy one-night stands in hotel bars are the fodder for sex tourism in typical tourism locations in the U.S. such as southern Florida and other places. Women travel to destinations looking for romance and the excitement it brings. For instance, there is a male escort agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas and Florida with approximately 40 male escorts on standby.
The gay community has also opened up much more recently, which has provided opportunities for gay male escorts. Most clients are married men in their 40s and 50s who are looking to experiment or explore their sexuality. Many of them tell escorts it’s “their first time”. Regardless, today’s general attitudes toward homosexuality are much more welcoming, which makes it more acceptable for men to seek out other males for fulfillment.
Male brothels, often called stables, are becoming more popular throughout the United States. Providing companionship to their clients, many escorts work through agencies or “stables” in order to attract wealthy, powerful clients. Even the Nevada laws are shifting in order to accept the unstoppable growth of the male escort industry. Previously, all Nevada county laws mandated that prostitutes in brothels undergo cervical examinations as part of their licensing process. Because male escorts have no cervices to be examined, they were pretty much left without laws providing them the privilege of registering as a prostitute in Nevada. However, a couple of years ago, the law was challenged and amended in Nye County to allow men to work in brothels as providers of services.
Just as the adult industry as a whole is expanding every day, the world of male escorts is growing, too. Men are wanted for companionship, sex, intimacy and romance by both sexes. As a result, the demand is increasing quickly with men lining up to become gigolos, boy toys, beefcakes, stud muffins and rent boys.

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