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How to approach a younger man as a male escort
April 3, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, Male escorts
In my last article, I explained how to approach an older man as a male escort. I did this by discussing places to meet older clients and ways to advance them from start to finish in these particular environments. In this article, I will expose the differences and similarities in both age groups, while maintaining a special focus on how to pick up and seal the deal with younger clientele.
by Jake S.
Firstly, it can be said that young men have a much shorter attention span and tighter window of opportunity to work with than their generational counterparts. Older men on average are used to a longer hunt and therefore are better at investing their time and money accordingly, especially if the pay off is worth the wait.
It can also be said that older clientele have more disposable income, but a bit more of an outdated expectation of the fees associated with particular services. However, older men have the same needs as we do and if you play your cards right, an older man will be willing to pay handsomely if you speak to him on his level. The differences in speaking with older and younger johns are vastly polarized.
Older men work harder and expect less. Younger men expect more and work smarter. Older men have longer attention spans and have likely spent most of their youth in a world that had much more mystery than it does today. Older men have experimented with psychotropic drugs during a time that was much safer than now. Younger men have shorter attention spans and are likely to use prescription drugs to escape from a world that is becoming increasingly smaller. Older men trust more, talk more and deal with real life better. Younger men text more, tweet more and would rather live in a virtual world of their own creation.
Most men in search of sex with men – regardless of age – go online first and then meet some place public for their first encounter. They go from virtual reality to break the ice, then meet in public to give real life a shot. Often with the younger male, if what they meet in real life does not match what they were expecting during their online romance, the deal will likely fall short of its intended outcome. He will move on to some other stimulus. He will likely complain to his friends on social media about never being able to find someone and you, the escort, will be left without a client that evening. This is why it’s so important to cater to these idiosyncrasies and to learn how to adapt to the quickly changing tide as best as possible.
Be clear when you are scouring for johns online as to what your intentions are. Be direct, but know that there is a certain level of fantasy that entices these young people, who usually have more money than you think they do. These are the young entrepreneurs, the trust fund kids, or the tech start-up gurus who don’t really know the value of money because it came so easy to them at such a young age. Older men know the value of money, but have more of it later on in life and are willing to spend it on a quality experience.
Given all these differences, the way you approach younger johns is going to differ tremendously than their older counterparts. Let’s walk through the scenarios as we did in the last article.
At the park
Let’s say you are meeting a potential john at the park. The difficulty is you’ll be waiting around a long time if you haven’t already pinged him to meet you there first. No young man will likely be meandering around a park without a destination or a few technical devices lodged in his orifices. Today, boys are working in tandem with a whole slew of projects and can’t cope with a world full of impending doom. Therefore, they are attached to their phones and electronic devices if not for work, then to escape the madness of reality with the latest video game or social media craze.
That being said, if you as an escort wish to remain current and profitable, you must adopt these strategies if you haven’t already done so. Once you meet somewhere public like a park, you’d better know clearly what it is you are going to be paid for. A lot of young guys with money tend to be quite sincere, but quite flippant as well. They haven’t really had to personally deal with a lot of negative stuff that would otherwise make their older counterparts quite jaded. Therefore, there isn’t that added layer of oppression or negativity that you would normally have to sluff off during your interactions with them. Still, they come with a different set of thick skin to pick through that includes the walls they’ve built around them to insulate them from a fear-based existence.
The virtual world
Living in a virtual world, it’s hard to be satisfied with the here and now. One major impediment is a short attention span and the shear sadness that comes from experiencing having so much but actually obtaining so little. This doesn’t have to be a sad thing, but I’ve found that often these young guys spend lots of money expecting to be satiated from an opportunity and often feeling less than fulfilled when the experience is over. That’s why it’s so important to get your money up front, to work you magic once the payment has cleared your online bank account and be gone before they have a chance to fully evaluate themselves in front of you. You are not a counselor, you are an escort and they are paying you for your time.
With older men, this appreciation is much clearer. They know life is tough and they don’t expect as much in return. Therefore, when an older man buys an escort for the evening they have a full understanding of what they are purchasing and the experience is often quite positive for them. You don’t have to live up to the expectations of a perfect porn star or a runway model since back them a perfect ten looked shockingly healthy. However, your quality game has to be up for older men. Your savviest game has to be on for younger men. They just expect so much more.
I’ve also found that younger men are into fantasy, fetishes and roleplay; more so now since they are so popular in the mainstream culture. When you would expect to play cops and robbers with older men, you will likely be adorning a furry costume or playing puppy with a young tech geek in his livingroom between conference calls.
At the bar
Meeting at some place like a bar is pretty standard, but again you will likely have already touched base about this meeting through a variety of social media channels merely hours beforehand. Perhaps, he heard about it through a social site for singles or an ad posted around the subway station, etc. Either way, the marketing machines worked their magic and in order to carpe noctem, you’ll have to get the right passes and wear the right wrist band in order to obtain entry into this coveted, one-night-only event. When you get there, it will likely be a lot of hype and nothing else. But that’s the generation that we all live and work in at present. You might as well learn to profit off it, because someone else is.
Once you’ve passed security, you will use a variety of homing devices and aps to secure a meeting with your client. Hopefully you will have requested to put a geo-fence around him at this location, so that you can stare at your phone while you are pushing through a crowd of twinks in order to see how close those two blinking lights on your screen are together. Eventually, you both will meet and he will buy you a drink. You will probably be inundated with stimulus and will have to quickly adapt to what’s trending and hot at that particular moment. You will have to work very hard to be as superficial as possible to keep the fleeting interest of your potential john. Here’s crossing fingers the business deal goes through and he doesn’t find someone else there willing to give it away for free.
Public bathroom
You will likely not pick up a younger client in a public restroom, except if it’s at a college or university setting. It is doubtful this will be a lucrative venture – unless you can somehow forge a sexopoly on campus – so you’re better be suited for online searches that require a great deal of anonymity and a multitude of avenues. Please stay away from malls and department stores as this method of pick-up is no longer fruitful and it can lead to a slew of negative consequences due to the added video surveillance of these areas. Truck stops have often been a viable place to set up shop, but more and more managers are privy to these types of service engagements and therefore take every measure to curtail these interactions when possible.
Nowadays, since escorting is so popular and sexuality is no longer as taboo as it once was, many business owners are aware of the economic benefits of getting in on the sex business. However, I would recommend you stay as in control of your dealings as possible and to always remember that there are many alternatives out there to making money, even in the sex industry. All it takes is a computer and an iPhone and you are pretty much in business.
If you are working with an agency it is unlikely they will hook you up with a younger male client. There just isn’t that kind of demand out there. Most men have so many more options out there and the accessibility to obtaining those options have increased exponentially. Now, everything is at our fingertips including sex. If you do find an agency that caters to younger male clients it will likely be a new one and you will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity out there, however you will likely pay more in fees and percentages to the house.
If you find a company that works with you and treats you well stick with them for as long as you can, because youth and beauty are fleeting. Thankfully, there is so much great preventative treatments out there for sex-workers that they’re making the sex industry not only safer, but more mainstream as a source of plausible income. When before sex was considered repugnant, now sex is seen as just another way of generating revenue.
Massage parlor
These are still quite popular, but are often masked as spas. The one place I worked was touted as a spa and I did have a significant amount of younger clientele, but the services we offered paled in comparison to a traditional spa experience. Our retail section claimed to sell massage oil, which was merely watered down oil that was in place just in case the cops showed up we could show them we were legit with a cash register and all. Interestingly enough, no cops ever showed up except to receive a massage from a cute boy.
The Internet
As explained previously, the Internet is really the only way to approach younger clientele these days. You will have to be on the up and up with the latest male for male sites and have the corresponding aps downloaded onto your phone to receive push notifications and up-to-the-minute updates.
You will have to know your look and what you are willing to do for money. Many sites correspond to certain fetishes or communities, so it would behoove you to have a handful of accounts with different sites in order to maximize your search profiles. Remember, this is a chance for you to hold your own business future in your hands so use it wisely.
The more popular a site is, the better your chances at casting a large net. You will have to create a profile that demonstrates your business. If you have a huge cock and are looking for young guys, then market that. If you have a nice ass and are looking for young dudes who are hungry for it, then make sure to sell this in the proper format. I would recommend recognizing what you are good at, but also staying a little to the center so that you understand the benefits of versatility.
Versatility gives you the opportunity to say yes and no to a wide variety of potential leads. However, if you specialize in one area you may turn out to become the next escort sensation and thus my words of wisdom will have little to compliment to your success. Still, for an escort who is looking to approach a younger male, it’s important to know what’s hot and what younger men are looking for these days as opposed to just the older crowd.
A lot of young guys I’ve noticed are bisexual. This is no longer part of a gender or sexual binary, but a spectrum, which is what sexuality is largely seen as these days. Many young men may not feel so comfortable with an older man and therefore are looking for a slightly older man to either experiment with or to bring into the bedroom with either his girlfriend or his boyfriend. This is a potential opportunity for an escort to enter the picture.
Many young bisexuals have friends with whom they are able to experiment with, however what happens when these kids grow up and have relationships in their late twenties and good jobs and don’t have the luxury of playing house with their best friends? Looking to an escort is great, because they are professionals who have the anonymity needed to assist the couple in following through with their desires. Much of this leads to the discussion of open relationships.
Open relationships
Open relationships are extremely common these days. With the advent of marriage equality, many couples understand the benefits of partnerships in ways they never knew were possible. Many couples love each other, share a life with each other, and are not interested in breaking those bonds for a many reasons. Still, there may be something that both individuals feel are lacking and therefore look together to find what will quell their desires. This is a great opportunity for an escort to chime in.
One way to market yourself as an escort is to have an online profile dedicated to a few certain specializations. One way to do this is to offer your services to couples. If you are only willing to work with a gay couple or are willing to work with a heterosexual couple, you can market yourself accordingly to fit the specifications of your business model.
Create a website
There are many ways to do this. You can find create a free or purchased online website and set up a payment option for visitors or subscribers. This can be done through recommended purchasing agents. Make your website as exotic or as down to Earth as you’d like it to be. But be clear that a pseudonym is more popular, because if you ever are interested in pursuing other work in a different field, having your real name on a sex site may not be too appealing for potential employers.
By having your own website, you are much more likely to attract younger clientele who frequent the net in far greater numbers than the older generation. Of course this is changing. Depending on your preferences, this is a great way to keep your business booming during slow times and to ensure your survival in hard economic times. After all, sex is a business and it’s a rather lucrative one at that. Anyway you can work smarter and not harder, I’d recommend trying. And always remember, you must understand the differences in approaching younger and older men. Cater your behaviors accordingly and you will continue to remain a successful escort.
About the author
Jake used to be a male for male escort in New York.
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