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The fading taboo of transsexual escorts
May 22, 2012 | About escorts
Meeting up for a steamy date with a beautiful woman who just happens to have something a little extra down there is a fantasy of many individuals, although the concept of having a sexual experience with a transgender person is still officially taboo.
Whether it’s taboo or not, the trend of transsexual escorts is a growing one, with providers in every metropolitan city in the United States and across the world.
A transgender man, derogatorily referred to as a shemale, usually dresses and presents himself as a woman. In addition to presenting himself as a woman, she also identifies himself as a female.
Tranny escorts have often undergone surgery to obtain breast implants, remove testicles (to stop the production of sperm) and Adam’s apple shaving (to reduce the appearance of a man’s Adam’s apple). However, the penis of some transsexual escorts is still intact and working.
There is a growing interest in meeting up with a transgender escort, and a client’s sexuality is usually not questioned when an appointment is booked. Most transsexual escorts don’t classify a client as straight, gay or bisexual. Sexual preference is not an issue to escorts who cross both lines themselves.
Most male clients are attracted to transgender escorts because they are curious about what the other side of life might be like. By exploring it with a transsexual escort, a client may be able to do it without feeling gay, since the escort does, indeed, look like a woman. Many men and women explore their sexuality in college, but many others wait until later in life to address their curiosities. However, later in life it’s not as easy to explore one’s own sexuality. An escort is the perfect way to do it discreetly and privately.
Some male clients visit transsexual escorts, because they are experiencing gender issues of their own. By exploring what it’s like to be with a transgender escort, they learn a bit more about what it’s like to be a transsexual. They can investigate the way another person’s body feels and performs as a transgender individual.
Additionally, some clients are just turned on by anything that is taboo. From exhibitionist sex to intimacy with a transsexual escort, anything that is considered taboo is a huge erotic rush that makes the loins throb. Many clients get their kicks by visiting a transsexual escort, because she has the best of both worlds: boobs up top and a wiener down below. The biggest taboo for a truly straight man is to have sex with another man — and here is a way of doing it without going the whole nine yards.
The same cautious mentality has blessed the world with the eternal wisdom “it’s not gay if balls aren’t touching”
Transsexual escorts face a lot of danger as they move through their life. Because of people’s prejudices, they must carefully screen their clients, asking for references along the way, in order to ensure that a client is safe to be around. Many transsexual escorts have been beaten and killed as a result of their status as a woman with male parts. Some potential clients make dates with a transsexual escort simply with the prospect of “teaching them a lesson” or “to beat some sense into them.” Many men take offense to an attractive transgender person and accuse them of trying to fool real men. Transsexual escorts do nothing of the sort, but they must always be on the alert to those who wish to put them in danger. Additionally, they face the same threats of robbery and rape that all escorts do, plus the legal bullying.
Like cyclists on the road, wholeheartedly despised by both motorists and pedestrians, TS escorts are the pariahs in the adult industry world. Gay male escorts judge them; straight female escorts ridicule them. Regardless which group people try to classify them into, they don’t fit. They are on their own.
Transsexual escorts deserve as much common courtesy and consideration as any other living being. If you date a TS escort, show them the same respect as you would to a natural escort (refer to our guide “How to behave with an escort: a few dos and donts”). Arrive on time and leave at the time you and she discussed. Express gratitude for any services provided. And, don’t forget to tip: these working girls enjoy being tipped just as much as other escorts do!
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