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Ask an escort: Who is your favorite customer?
December 15, 2017 | Escorts on escorting
I’ve been asked a number of times about who my favorite customer has been. To be perfectly honest I have had a number of clients, who were absolute sweethearts and I would genuinely look forward to their appointments. Why were they favored by me, you ask? There were a few simple reasons.
First of all, they were respectful of my time and would give me a great deal of warning before each appointment. Most gave me at least a days notice but some would book me a week or two in advance. One man would call me and book our appointments months in advance but he was an out-of-towner so this wasn’t the norm. Booking so far in advance may seem like overkill but to me it was such a relief to know that next Tuesday I was going to see Eric at 2pm. Last minute bookings were always moderately irritating… on one hand I was glad to be working but on the other hand I was probably already in my PJs with my makeup off, watching Seinfeld.
Rushing to get ready for a client at the last minute is not my idea of a good time. When I had lots of time to prepare I would make sure that I looked my absolute best. I’d try on different outfits, different hairstyles. I’d apply my makeup carefully and if there was a certain look I knew he liked, I’d make sure to doll myself up for him. Almost every single one of my favorite clients would give me tons of warning in advance and if there was an occasion where they were unable to give me ample warning they were always quick to apologize. Hell, sometimes they would even bring me gifts or leave me extra money as an apology.
Every escort appreciates gifts but let me be honest: if you decide to take it upon yourself to pick out a gift, there is a good chance that your lady will not like it.
I don’t mean to be rude by saying that but most of the time when I was given gifts by customers I would never use them. I’d typically stick them in the back of my closet with a post it note with the customers name on it to remind me of who had given it to me. Once in awhile I’d show up to their appointment in the outfit and I’d always make sure to mention how much I loved it. Yes, I was blatantly lying but lies are part of the game.
Would you really want to hear your favorite lady telling you that she hates the color yellow and will never ever wear the baby doll you bought her? No. You want to think that she appreciated the gift and that she appreciates you for buying it for her. The gifts I received that I appreciated the most were the ones that were bought off a registry or ones where the customer asked me flat out what I wanted. Asking if your escort has a registry takes the mystery out of it and you can rest assured that you’re buying your girl something she will enjoy and most importantly, use. I have a closet full of lingerie and outfits from customers that I will never wear again but I also have certain items that I use on a regular basis. That reminds me… I should have a garage sale.
Now to be clear, not all of my favorite clients bought me gifts but the ones who did always asked me ahead of time what I would like. I’m not saying you have to buy your escorts expensive gifts or lingerie but if you buy her something that she actually wants, she will repay you one way or another.
The favorites also always practice good hygiene. They were either freshly showered and clean for their appointment or they made sure to shower as soon as they arrived. There’s nothing more embarrassing then having to ask a customer to clean off their dick so when they make sure that they are spic and span, it not only makes our time together more fun but it saves me from having to ask them to get in the shower. No escort wants to tell you to clean up, it’s a conversation no one wants to have. We make sure we are nice and clean for our appointment so respect that and make sure the same can be said of you.
One of the best things about any good client is that they know when their time is up and they leave. If they are still rarin’ to go or hoping for some cuddle time they will ask you if you have another appointment and if your schedule happens to be open, they will book another half hour or hour with you. Sometimes I’d offer my favorite regulars some extra time at no charge but that’s up to me to decide, not them. As much as clients might want to believe that I’m their girlfriend or willing mistress, the truth is they are paying me for my time and that has to be respected. Good customers are respectful and punctual. They show up on time and leave once the time is up. Consistent good behavior such as this will get you bonus points with any escort.
Sarah is a retired escort. She spent nearly ten years working in the industry and now enjoys a management role in a busy agency. She enjoys writing about her experiences in her free time.
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