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Escorts’ guide to skin resurfacing techniques
June 9, 2014 | Health
Escorts need to look their very bests for their clients, and part of that preparation includes developing a top-notch skincare routine that highlights their natural glow. However, sun, time and other of life’s incidents can cause skin to no longer look its best, despite one’s efforts and best intentions.
Those fine lines creep up and skin may lose its luster. Dry patches may come on, blotchiness due to sun damage may appear and scars from teenage acne breakouts become more obvious with time. While all of these skin conditions are normal, clients expect their escorts to be above average in the appearance department and don’t expect to find these skin downfalls when they meet up with their beauties for encounters. They expect escorts to be fresh-faced and with skin that nearly screams to be touched, especially on the face and neck.
As a result, escorts who want to continue attracting clients (and keep their current ones) may need to explore options beyond their standard skincare regimens. Cosmetic surgery offers several skin resurfacing treatments that will restore a youthful glow and get rid of skin imperfections that hinder an escort’s marketability.
Various treatments exist including:
•Chemical peels
•Dermabrasion (or dermaplaning)
•Laser skin resurfacing
These treatments all have different recovery periods, costs and results and may be more suitable for some conditions than others. The treatments are explained here:
Chemical Peels
Chemical peels use chemical solutions to smooth the texture of the skin. The procedure includes the removal of damaged out skin layers on the face (most common), neck and hands. This method is one of the least invasive methods of obtaining a fresh-faced look that will improve the look of sun-, acne- or age-affected skin. It can help improve or fade acne scars, age/liver spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, rough skin or scaly patches, scars and sun damage. While it is very effective at treating some symptoms, it will not eliminate deep facial lines or scars, tighten loose or sagging skin or change pore size. Escorts who do not have extensive issues to correct may find that a chemical peel will help rectify their problems.
The cost for a chemical peel is somewhat moderate at $720 per treatment (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ estimate of the average cost in 2013). Escorts should keep in mind that additional costs will be figured in top of the main quote, including fees for anesthesia (if necessary), facilities and particular types of peels. Geographic location and the expertise/qualifications of the surgeon may cause the cost to increase or decrease, too.
Escorts who have a history of abnormal scarring or pigmentation are not good candidates for any type of chemical peel. Additionally, escorts of Afro-Caribbean or Asian descent may not receive the best results. Redheads or other pale complexioned escorts may have difficulties with the procedure, too.
Three main types of chemical peels are used to resurface the skin and they use phenol, tricholoroacetic acid and alphahydroxy acid.
Light chemical peels produce the most subtle results and often require follow-up treatments to produce lasting effects. A light peel is recommended for treatment of uneven pigment, dryness, acne scars and fine wrinkling. The process removes only the outer layer of skin (epidermis) in a light exfoliating manner. The results of a light peel produce a healthier glow on skin. Recovery is the easiest of the peels, but it still includes redness, stinging and flaking, irritated skin for several days.
Medium chemical peels result in noticeably smoother skin with a fresher look. It’s a great procedure to correct acne scars, deeper wrinkles and uneven skin color. The treatment removes both the epidermis and the next layer of skin (dermis) Recovery includes redness, stinging and skin crusting for several days to two weeks, possibly more. It may take up to six weeks to look completely normal. Sun sensitivity is customary for several months and should be heeded in order to protect the newly-formed layers of skin.
Deep chemical peels are the most intense techniques and usually require the administration of local anesthesia to curb pain. The procedure creates the most dramatic results, but it also has the longest recovery time. The process penetrates down to the lower dermal layer of skin to treat deep wrinkles, sun damage, blotchiness and pre-cancerous skin. Escorts who choose these procedure will have to undergo eight weeks of pre-treatment therapy. Recovery time is much longer, and skin may remain red up to three months. However, the effects will last longer than the other two options and may not require touch-ups for up to 10 years.
Overall risks for chemical peels include scarring, infections, skin color changes, cold sore outbreaks and extreme sun sensitivity.
Dermabrasion is the process of refinishing the skin’s top layer with controlled surgical scraping, using a wire brush or diamond wheel with rough edges. Also called dermaplaning, the procedure diminishes the sharp edges of surface irregularities and gives the skin a smoother appearance. The technique can improve scarred skin (from accidents, fire or surgery), smooth out fine facial wrinkles and remove pre-cancerous growths (called keratoses). An alternative use is to remove undesired tattoos from the skin. Surgeons can perform the procedure on the entire face or only in problem areas. Sometimes, the process is conducted in conjunction with other treatments, too, such as facelifts and chemical peels.
Escorts who have darker skin may not be good candidates for the procedure, because blotchiness may be a result. Anyone who is prone to allergic rashes or skin reactions is not advised to pursue the treatment. Other candidates who may not experience optimum results include: people who have regular outbreaks of cold sores or fever blisters, recipients of radiation treatments, people who have recently gotten a bad sun burn or patients who have had a recent chemical peel.
Risks and complications can be serious from dermabrasion. Abnormal darkening of the skin (if the skin is exposed to sun too soon in the days/months following treatment) may result. Tiny whiteheads after surgery may crop up. Pores may enlarge immediately following surgery, but they should diminish after the swelling subsides. And, infection may occur, which can result in scarring.
The recovery period involves at least a couple of weeks of extremely sensitive skin that is red and swollen. Immediately after surgery, it may be difficult to eat or speak, and skin may tingle, burn and ache. Some surgeons apply a freezing (cryogenic) spray to harden the skin for deeper abrasions, if anesthetic and ice packs don’t make the skin firm enough. Scabbing may occur as the skin heals, which will eventually reveal new, pink surfaces. Doctors typically allow patients to return to normal activities within two weeks, but advise refraining from more strenuous activities for at least six weeks. Dermabrasion patients should steer clear of the sun for six to 12 months. The entire process takes several months to fully heal, and it will influence how you look to clients. Escorts who are considering taking some extensive time off from escorting may be able to fit this procedure into their schedules. However, if you need to get back to work with clients quickly, this treatment won’t give you the results you want within a timeframe that will coincide with your career’s schedule. But, if you have the time to spare, the procedure is well worth it as results are permanent, until additional damage, due to time, the sun or injury, is done.
Microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive treatment to gently sand skin to remove thicker and uneven outer layers. This abrasive procedure treats light scars, discoloration, sun damage, stretch marks and age spots. Uneven pigment issues can be rectified and skin will be refreshed. Fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced, and the procedure may eliminate or shrink enlarged pores. In addition to getting rid of unsightly skin issues, it can actually thicken skin’s collagen, which can lead to a younger looking complexion that is smoother and tauter.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated that the average cost for microdermabrasion treatments in 2013 was $148 per session. Of course, this estimate does not include fees for anesthesia, outpatient facilities or other costs. Geographic location and the expertise and qualifications of the surgeon will also impact the fees charged for the treatments.
Patients typically have two treatments per month in the beginning of therapy, and the sessions are reduced to one per month in order to maintain the results. So, once you start microdermabrasion therapy, the time/money to maintain it is necessary to sustain the results. Escorts will find that failing to maintain their efforts will result in even more obvious results than they had prior to the treatments initially, since a more dramatic difference will be seen due to decline in appearance.
The procedure is done with the application of microparticles or a diamond-tipped wand to remove the epidermis, or upper layer of skin. It can be done in small locations on the face or neck or over the entire facial area. Most of the time, the sessions only take 30 minutes and will be done in the office.
Escorts who opt for this treatment will experience mild scratching sensations, along with feeling slight vibration as the tools work their magic. Discomfort for this procedure is short-lived and may include slight redness or swelling that should dissipate within a few hours. The skin may be dry or flaky for a few days, but it is nothing that should discourage an escort from meeting with clients. Risks include slight bruising or increased sensitivity to sun.
As there is no down time for recovery, this is a great option for escorts who want a quick fix for their skin problems.
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Often referred to as a laser peel, laser vaporization or lasabrasion, laser skin resurfacing is done with beams of light. Lasers send short, concentrated pulsating beams at areas of skin with irregular surfaces in order to correct imperfections. The procedure can reduce wrinkles, eliminate or fade acne and chicken pox scars (along with others), get rid of blemishes, repair aged or sun-damaged skin, re-tone skin with gray or yellow hues, zap warts, remove birthmarks and diminish enlarged oil glands on the nose. It’s precise and largely effective on small and large areas. The treatment even stimulates the growth of new collagen in the skin, so your results feature smoother, tighter skin.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimate that the average cost of laser skin resurfacing procedures were $2,222 for ablative treatments and $1,113 for non-ablative therapies in 2013 in the United States. These fees were figured without costs for anesthesia, surgical facilities or other items. Costs may also be subjective to geographic areas and the expertise of the surgeon.
The treatment can be very painful and will require pre-treatment therapies for up to six weeks. Each treatment may last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the scope of work necessary.
Recovery can be a little rough, as skin will be red, swollen, stinging and raw for several days. It may ooze or blister (much like a bad sunburn) and form crusty scabs. Ice packs will be administered regularly the first few days. Eventually, the scabs will fall off, revealing new, pink skin that is incredibly sensitive. The pinkness will last for a couple of months, and possibly longer for blondes and redheaded patients.
Complications may include acne breakouts, cold sores, infection, hyperpigmentation (too much color), milia (small white bumps), prolonged redness, scarring and extensive swelling. Prior to laser skin treatments, escorts should stop smoking, as it helps with the healing process. Additionally, secondhand smoke can act as an irritant to your new skin surface.
Escorts who are interested in this procedure should know that it takes (at least) two weeks to return to semi-normal activities. In the meanwhile, escorts should cover up their new, pink skin with oil-free make-up in order to see clients. Their skin may lose its pink shade, but the sensitivity will remain for an extended time.
Is it the right thing for you?
The costs for any of these treatments can be pretty expensive, so it’s best to find out what your fees will be upfront. Of course, a surgeon can’t tell you down to the penny what the costs will be, in case complications arise. But, he can give you a pretty close estimate. And, because most cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance, many plastic surgeons are in the business of working on a cash basis, so they may be willing to negotiate their prices, especially if you are willing to pay upfront and in cash. (Cash is usually a tender easy to come by for escorts.)
As you consider any of these treatments, know that they can only do so much. Having realistic expectations and honest conversations with your doctor may help you determine which procedures are best for you, based on your circumstances and goals.
Take a look at before-and-after photos that your surgeon will have on file for each type of procedure. These photos may give you a clear idea of what fair expectations for the treatments will be.
While cosmetic surgery may be an expense you hadn’t planned on when you first became an escort, it may be necessary to maintain the niche you currently serve. However, many escorts allow their more mature facial appearances to serve them well by working as older escorts who can play the “cougar” roles with younger clients. But, if a few wrinkles aren’t your only problem, skin resurfacing treatments may help you create a fresh-faced look with which to greet your current and new clientele.
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