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Quick tour of the subtle art of undressing
May 27, 2014 | For escorts
Getting undressed, oddly enough, begins with dressing.
If you would like to enchant your client, titillate him, tease him, practical, day to day underwear will never do. In fact, it is better to wear nothing at all than some rag bag Fruit of the Loom granny panties and a shapeless over washed bra.
by Hannah Jay
Our grandmothers had the right idea: layers and lace.
But even before those layers and lace consider what your end state is going to be: do you want to be naked or would you prefer to leave more than a little to the imagination? If you have a perfect body nude may be an option but, even the most perfect body looks a little better and more mysterious with a bit of gift wrapping.
A pretty slip or a lacy chemise gives him just a glimpse while letting you control the action. Sooooo. How do you get from here to there?
Or, even before we go there, why obsess about undressing? Frankly because the difference between a professional and an amateur is that a professional sells an amazing experience and while amateurs take money for sex. As an escort you make a choice between delivering a fantastic experience which your gentlemen callers will return for again and again, or simply being a no frills service provider. I am going to assume you’d like to be the very best you can.
The great courtesans, the high end mistresses, the elite escorts all know one thing: men thrive on mystery. It is mystery which keeps them coming back and keeps them tipping and wanting more of your time.
For a married man an excursion to an escort offers the thrill of transgression and the certainty of discretion. Variety without complication.
For a single man, the escort experience ensures he will leave with a smile on his face. Discretion and no complications are huge; but so is the pleasure of being taken in hand, taken care of.
That in mind, undressing is as much a ritual offering as it is a practical necessity. To undress is to unveil a wonderful and sacred mystery to the profane gaze of the client. Which means a girl can and should work very hard indeed to ensure that her client fully appreciates one of the great gifts he is paying for.
First off, think about your environment. Will you be entertaining in your living room before leading him to your bed? Or will your entire date take place in a hotel room or bedroom? Your options for undressing are dictated by the layout of the room or rooms. So is the pace.
3 things to have or look for:
1. A soji screen – just a simple Japanese black and white screen. It is translucent which means with a light behind your silhouette will be seen. Putting it in your living room gives you a place to take off at least your dress or skirt and top. In your bedroom, if you put it at the foot of your
bed, you can have your client slip between the sheets while you undress in privacy.
2. A door – Undressing behind a door is not as private or as titillating a undressing behind a back lighted screen but it will preserve the mystery. In a hotel room the bathroom door will do the job; in an apartment the bedroom door will let you change in private.
3. Bed Curtains – If you don’t have a screen and have a studio apartment, an alternative is a ceiling hung, translucent curtain dividing your bed from the rest of the room. Amusingly, it does not have to go to the floor. Mid thigh can be very enticing. Install the curtain right, use real curtain
tracks and have it a couple of feet away from your bed. It should be in two halve which can be drawn together or flung apart. Pick an attractive color white, very light pink, cream or light grey will work with most decors.
Now you have your privacy, time to think about light. Lighting sets the mood. It also displays your body and your lingerie to best advantage. What you are looking for is soft, indirect light. Avoid ceiling lights at all costs.
Attractive table lights and bedside lamps work well. Girls look best with a little pink on their skin. So, step one, low wattage incandescent bulbs. Step two, pretty shades white or light pink. Pinker and dimmer near your bed. If you can’t find a pink shade drape a pink scarf over a white one.
Candles are always lovely. Lots of candles. And make a ritual out of lighting them when your client arrives. This will give him a little while to settle in and relax.
A bit of planning can make sure that when it comes time to undress you can make every item count. In a sense think the opposite of practical. You may spend your days in a sports bra and leggings with a t-shirt tossed on top but that is not what your client is paying to see.
Work from the outside in. What you wear will, of course, depend on the nature of the date. If you are going to meet your date for drinks or coffee or dinner you’ll want a pretty, appropriate, outfit.
A couple of basics: a below the knee pencil skirt in black or grey with a buttoned slit is brilliant. Do up all but one of the buttons and you can go to Church, unbutton a bit and you are perfect for a cocktail lounge or a dinner engagement. Over the course of the early evening another button or two may come undone. Stocking tops or a lacy slip may be peeked at.
Second piece – a simple, well tailored white shirt. Again, the buttons are your friends. Two undone and you are a pretty young college girl of slightly conservative deportment, three and you’re in the naughty zone. One more after that or even a good lean forward and your pretty bra or cami or slip will fill his vision.
These same pieces can be worn if you are visiting his hotel – a tailored jacket will add a business lady look. And they can work well in your apartment. (For what I hope are obvious reasons, unless your gentleman caller is a regular, a lady is never dishabille (clever French word for nearly undressed) when she greets a new client in her apartment.)
Shoes present that dilemma between wearable and wonderful. While a nice kitten heel is walkable, the fact is gentlemen love the look of high heels. However, the higher the heel the more you are going to have to pay for a pair of shoes you can walk in. 5” and above are really “once around the bed” shoes. If a gentleman would like you to fulfill his happy heel fetish let him invest. But make it very plain that clear plastic platforms belong on the Gentleman’s Club stage.
Depending on your height, a three and one half inch heel can do wonders for your legs and look elegant for cocktails or dinner. Done well they are walkable but not for more than a couple of blocks.
The danger zone is four to five inches. They look fantastic but they are killers to walk in. And, unfortunately, unless you buy expensive brands like Jimmy Choo or Louboutin, they can look tarty. But teamed with a pair of sheer stockings you really can’t go wrong.
Now for lingerie: for the modern escort the range and availability of beautiful, sexy, wispy pieces of lingerie is extraordinary. But, remember, you are undressing the mystery so layers and lace are your friends.
Long out of fashion, the full slip, ideally lace trimmed, is an escort’s best friend. Ideally a slip will fall about three inches above the hem of your dress or skirt. It will have ribbon shoulder straps and should be well fitted to your torso and breasts. Shop vintage for slips – look for real silk or real satin. A nylon slip (which cost about $5.00 at thrift stores) will do in a pinch, but you’ll feel sexier and look much better in a little satin creation from the ‘40s or ‘50s. It is certainly worthwhile, if you are even a bit handy, to put a little tuck in the seam just below your bustline. The classic color is black but white or ivory or cream can be gorgeous.
The great advantage of a slip is it is a halfway point between being fully dressed and completely undressed. Taking off your skirt and blouse only to reveal a sexy full slip is a terrific tease and will be a surprise to most men under sixty.
Under your slip are the essentials – bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Yes, yes, I know…many young girls have never worn pantyhose, much less stockings, in their lives. Remember what I mentioned about the difference between a professional and an amateur; well, a professional is in the business of surprising and delighting her clients. If you take a look at anything from porn sites to old men’s magazines there is one constant…stockings. (Pantyhose, dreadful things that they are, are rarely in evidence.)
A good pair of stockings – black or nude or grey are the best colors – will be sheer and very thin. Yes, they will run but if you buy three or four pairs of the same sort and color you’ll be able to swap the runned ones out. (Keep the runned ones beside your bed for a little fabric bondage.)
The fun thing about stockings and a garter belt is that, worn with the garter straps under your panties, they can stay on throughout the date. Whatever you do, buy a good garter belt. Look for metal tabs and a fitted, three hook, belt. The frilly elastic garter belts are, at best, stunt lingerie and will slide down at awkward moments.
Bra and panties come in sets. Mismatched lingerie looks silly. Buying – or better still, having bought for you – a good, lace bra in a shelf or demi-cup style is a treat every girl owes herself. (And you would be surprised how many men would be just delighted to take you lingerie shopping.) For perfect undressing there is a lot to be said for front closure. It avoids awkward fumbling. Look for real cups and light padding if required. At all costs avoid the horrors of made in China molded cups which fit no known woman.
Panties should match the bra. If that isn’t possible, look for the same color. While thongs will avoid VPL, the reality is that the additional coverage of a boy short or brief works to your advantage undressing.
Finally, pick colors which flatter your skin. Pale pinks, grays, black for drama, white for a girl next door. Patterns are fine but avoid anything jarring. And do we really need to discuss why fluorescent orange or day-glo green are bad choices….of course not.
The Reveal
Undressing begins long before you start taking your clothes off.
If you meet your date for drinks or coffee, beginning with almost all your buttons done up gives you plenty of room to maneuver in public. Undoing a button or two on your skirt will reveal, at minimum, the lacy hem of your slip. And if your slip has a slit, there is the very real possibility of a glimpse of stocking top. Going from two buttons undone on your shirt to three and an artful lean in or two, will reveal the lacy bodice of your slip and, quite possibly, your bra. He’ll catch the signal and the invitation instantly.
If you are going back to or meeting him on your own ground or his hotel, the same techniques apply. But now you can unbutton your shirt to your waist and let your skirt ride up to reveal your stockings. If you have a screen, a curtain or a door, you can excuse yourself to make yourself more comfortable and take the skirt and shirt off all together.
And here is where the beauty of the slip is evident. When you return you are not “undressed”, rather you are undressing. Now might be the moment to begin to undress him. And, indeed, a girl in a slips’ oral attentions are a wonderful promise of what is about to happen. Once you have him as undressed as you want him, you can retreat behind your screen or curtain and slip off your bra and panties. Hanging them on the side of the screen or the door knob will keep his attention. Slip, garter belt, stockings and shoes usually stay on.
Now you lead him to bed, remove the last of his clothing, and slip out of your shoes. From here it is up to you. However, removing a lovely vintage silk slip before the possibility of staining it only makes sense.
Make sure you have a pretty robe handy for the end of the encounter. While he will certainly see you nearly naked, you want to keep the mystery alive. Naked is not mysterious. And, for extra fun, have a pretty pair of frou-frou bedroom mules strategically located on your side of the bed. Your robe should be figure hugging but not sheer. You want his imagination working overtime as he leaves.
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