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Ms Jay answers escorts’ questions #1
July 8, 2014 | For escorts
Q: Every so often one of my gentlemen arrives none too, well, clean.
A: What to do? Run a bubble bath, of course!
by Hannah Jay
Light some tea lights around the tub and make it a sexy, thrilling treat for the gentleman. Pour two flutes of champagne, put on some jazz – he will never suspect your motives. Think of it as foreplay with a purpose.
You can either relax and wait, or join him (in the tub or merely in the room) – your call.
This maneuver can be a mainstay for most of your appointments because it is so unexpected and yet sensual. To do it right, install a dimmer switch in your bathroom and invest in some thick, luxurious towels. No cheap rose-scented soap, please. Opt for something citrus or with lavender. Check out the selection in your natural food market. Often a big bottle can he had for a very reasonable price. Ultimately, buy what you like, because you are going to be using it a lot. And finally, have a man’s robe at the ready for his journey to the bedroom.
On a practical note: the great advantage of putting him in the tub is you can discretely inspect your envelope.
Q: I have a wonderful, generous, regular who seems to want more of my time than I am comfortable giving him.
A: Well, lucky you. A faithful regular. What every escort wants, right?
So, if you are being paid for your time what is the issue? You can feign a full schedule if you wish, but he will eventually just go elsewhere. Or you can tell him that your rates have risen slightly and he may cut back his time with you all on his own.
But before you risk losing a happy client, figure out what exactly you are uncomfortable with. Remember, this is business, not a date.
Q: One of my regulars wants me to buy him some girly lingerie and make him wear it for our encounters. I think that’s weird but, well, do I charge him extra?
A: Of course!
What fun, you get to go lingerie shopping. You may think it’s weird but be accommodating and open-minded. That’s what you’re getting paid for. In terms of requests, this one is absolutely harmless. Have a little fun with the experience. Talk to your client about his expectations beforehand, so you know what he wants and how you are to play your part.
Think of it as adding to your repertoire as an escort. Always valuable. You might be surprised to find other men who would love the same opportunity to explore their submissive, feminine side, either in a pretty slip or a good, firm, girdle.
One practical note: you’ll tend to do better with lingerie items which don’t fit too tightly. He may say he wants a bra but a wise escort starts him off with a pretty camisole. Buy large! As ever, the thrift store is your friend.
Presentation matters. If you can locate a couple of lovely boxes and a bit of tissue paper he’ll be even more delighted when he’s told to put on his surprises. And, if you possibly can, add stockings and a garter belt to his outfit. Again, go large on the stockings or use the one size drugstore stockings which stretch.
Q: How can I raise my rates? When I started I set my rates at about the same as the other girls in my city. Now I’d like to charge more and see fewer clients.
A: Great ideal. So let’s talk economics.
Firstly, why are you now worth more? Lack of supply? Don’t think so. Increased demand (for you)? If yes, then you have a market that will allow you to move up the pay scale. You obviously have something special that keeps your clients coming back. Whatever that attribute or skill is, play it up. There are lots of escorts, but only one you.
By limiting your appointments to a select few, you will get to know these particular gentlemen rather well. Something that is an advantage for both you and him. Comfort and trust are huge reasons that he will pay more to see you rather than some stranger.
When you up your rates, make sure you up your game, too. Do something noticeably different. Cut or colour your hair. Freshen up your surroundings – rearrange the furniture, buy a piece of art. Take a class, read more books. Get fit. Develop a unique fashion style. These men are going to see you regularly; make sure they love what they see. You will have both more time now, and more money. Use both wisely.
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