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How to make the escort decision?
August 5, 2014 | For escorts
Deciding to become an escort is, for many women a conscious choice about taking advantage of a business opportunity. The decision to sell your time to men who would like companionship is what launches a girl into the escort world. Here are a few factors to consider when you are thinking about escorting.
by Hannah Jay
1. Is this your own decision? For a girl contemplating escorting there can be a variety of factors which will influence her decision. However, deciding to be an escort must be a girl’s own choice. After all, she will be the person doing the escorting.
People ranging from boyfriends to other escorts may try to influence a girl’s decision to escort. Don’t let them. Even if they are well meaning, they cannot know whether you have what it takes to be an escort.
2. Money. Making several hundred dollars for a couple of hours of work is very seductive. It is even more seductive if a girl thinking of escorting is unemployed or on welfare.
There is no question that girls who escort do so primarily for the money. However, becoming an escort is not necessarily going to lead to riches unalloyed. Escorting is a business like any other business. Escorting is a service business which means you make money by selling your time. So when you are thinking about the money you might make as an escort you also need to think about how you are going to actually go about selling that time.
Which brings up the question: are you entrepreneurial? The more successful escorts spend a lot of their time selling their escorting services. They run escort ads, solicit escort reviews and run their escort website.
Does running your own service business appeal to you?
3. Sex Do you like sex? Enjoy pleasuring men? Enjoy seduction and being seduced? The legal concept behind escorting is that a girl is perfectly free to sell her time and that sex, like board games or a great dinner, is an option between consenting adults. As it always is. That said, it is an option than many of an escort’s clients will exercise if they have the opportunity. And successful escorts usually ensure that that opportunity arises.
But when a girl is deciding whether or not the escorting world is for her she needs to think about how she feels about very casual, non-emotionally entangled sex. Many escort dates will end in the bedroom and the ability to have sex with a relative stranger is important to the success of an escort.
4. Meeting New People Do you like getting to know people? Are you shy? An escort will meet new people every day. She has to get along with new people and she has to be able to assess who they are and whether they are the sort of person she wants to do business with.
Most escorts develop what might be called a “game face” which they bring to first encounters. A good game face lets the escort interact with her clients without having to expose her own personality too much. Even a girl who is normally very shy around men can create a game face for her encounters which lets her slip into her escort persona.
At the same time, girls who are not shy can have a great time meeting and getting to know their escort clients. While escorting is a business it is a very social business and for an outgoing girl being an escort means being able to encounter, charm and seduce new men every day.
5. Enjoying the Feminine While escorts can adopt any persona they want, ultimately what they are offering is female companionship. And they are offering a fantasy which is rooted in the feminine.
When a girl is considering becoming an escort she needs to think carefully about which aspects of femininity she is most comfortable with. Is she a lace and frills girly girl or a no nonsense business woman? Bossy or submissive? A grizzly momma or a frail princess? While most women are all of the above and a lot more besides, the successful escort will pick a “style” for her femininity and work that style.
Which elements of your femininity you decide to focus on in your escort business will help to determine everything from your lingerie to your preferred clientele and even the décor of the space you use for escorting encounters. For your clients, their encounters will be infused with the feminine focus you choose. It won’t be to every client’s taste, but the men who click with your focus will become escorting regulars.
6. Planning Deciding whether or not to explore the escorting world implies a plan even if that plan is only to place an escorting ad and look at the responses. Are you good at planning? Then being an independent escort may be your best route to take. Not so good at planning? Well, sharing your escorting fees with a reputable agency may make more sense. An agency lets a girl concentrate on escorting itself while leaving advertising, booking, screening and security up to the agency.
For a girl entering escorting there is another element of planning which is important – how do you see your escorting career? Escorting work comes in many varieties – a basic service provider is light years away from an exclusive high end call girl who is equally distant from a well kept mistress; but each girl is providing female companionship.
As a girl is making the decision to escort she needs to consider what sort of escort she wants to be and how she is going to make that happen. This sort of early planning lets an escort set goals and actually progress in her profession by meeting those goals.
7 Outlook How do you look at the world? Escorting, like any service business, has its down days. Difficult clients, missed bookings, escort ads which fail to draw customers – all sorts of things which can and will go wrong. The question is how an escort reacts to the inevitable ups and downs of her business.
People who start their own businesses tend to be optimists. Having an optimistic outlook means that when the business is not going exactly as you hoped it would, you bounce back. At the same time, people who succeed in business, especially service businesses, are also very realistic.
Optimism and realism are an escort’s allies whether she is meeting a date or planning an advertising campaign. Meeting an escorting client, a girl needs to be optimistic. She has to look forward to the encounter, be delighted by her fee, and enjoy her pretty dress or silky lingerie. But, for her own safety, she also has to be realistic about her escorting date – from the moment he calls or writes, an escort needs to be screening her date. A keen realism helps to ensure that the escort is not fooled by the occasional less than great client.
8 Goals Becoming an escort can be anything from a past time to a profession but in any case when you are making the decision a girl should have a goal or several goals. Setting those goals before you make your decision is a great way to know if escorting is for you.
Goals can be quite short term, “Pay my tuition” is a finite, number defined goal. If tuition is $2000 a semester you can calculate how many dates at what rate you would have to do to reach that goal. Or a goal can be open ended: “make enough money to live nicely while keeping most of my day free for my art/starting my business/finishing my book”. An open ended goal lets a girl work out everything from her escort pricing to how many days a week she wants to work.
It is worthwhile to pay attention to the alternatives escorting offers to a girl who wants to reach her goals. Reaching a short term goal may mean doing a number of dates at fairly low rates simply to make the money. A longer term, open ended goal requires more thought: how can you maximize your revenue while minimizing the hours you are actually working?
When you are setting your escort goals remember to be optimistic but realistic. If the standard escort rate in your city is $200 an hour you need to recognize that it will be difficult to make a great deal more than that.
Goals don’t have to be about money although they usually will come back to money. Saying that you want to take a year to travel is a perfect long tern goal and it does not say how much money you would need to make to take that year.
9 Lifestyle Escorting, even part time escorting, is a demanding profession. You have to be “up” for each of your dates. Which means taking care of yourself. Before you decide to escort running a quick check on your lifestyle is a good idea.
Just the basics: are you healthy? Having a checkup is a good idea before you begin escorting. Then take a look at your diet. If your take out/junk food vs healthy home cooking ratio is heavy on the junk food you will want to adjust the ratio. Drinking? A glass of wine is delightful and sometimes three are great fun. But make sure you have strict control on your drinking before you think about escorting. Drugs are never a good idea and an even worse idea if you are escorting.
On the positive side, what do you do for exercise? You don’t have to be a gym bunny to be an escort but being fit certainly helps. More importantly, getting exercise every day, even if it is simply a twenty minute walk, does wonders for your complexion, your body and, critically, your attitude.
Coming to escorting from a healthy place will let you adjust to the escort world easily and with a capacity to make the most of your opportunities.
10 A Story Most escorts keep their escorting and the rest of their lives separate. To do this well you’ll have to have a general cover story which will explain to friends and family why you are not available at certain times. Keep it simple. Something as easy as being an on call “personal assistant” will cover almost any eventuality.
When you are making the decision to become an escort it is a good idea to check in with yourself about how you feel about leading a somewhat double life. And you might also consider how you would deal with the possibility that someone you know will discover you are escorting. There are no right answers here, just your own sense of who you are.
Putting it All Together
The decision to escort is different for every woman who makes it. If you are thinking of becoming an escort all of the factors listed above can be part of your decision.
As much as anything, deciding to escort is about balance. On the one side is, obviously, money; but money is the result of what you are bringing to the escort business.
If you decide to enter the escort world you’ll have more decisions to make: your escort persona, your preferred escort clientele, your prices, where you will put your escort ads and what your online escort presence will be. You’ll decide what your escorting name will be and how you will market your escort brand.
All those decisions and many more will be much easier if you take your time deciding if escorting is for you.
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