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Facials: Escorts’ fountain of youth?
September 19, 2013 | For escorts, Health
Well-known as a porn industry standard, the “facial” is a common request for escorts. It involves the ejaculation of semen by a male client onto the face of an escort (or any other partner). Considered non-penetrative sex, a facial, also known as a “money shot”, usually accompanies and occurs after other sexual activities, such as oral sex, penetrative intercourse and/or anal sex. While most escorts perform this service in response to clients’ requests in order to help them achieve pleasure, scientists report that the effects of sperm on the skin may produce other benefits, too.
Rising to its peak popularity, perhaps, in 2009, the “sperm facial” was a highly touted anti-aging treatment that smoothed the skin, lessened the impact of deep wrinkles and helped clear up stubborn cases of acne. Scientists in Norway with a company called Bioforskning AS developed a commercial product based on spermine, a component of sperm. The product was a synthetic version of spermine and was welcomed widely throughout Europe, being offered at spas for $250 to $300 per application. (The anti-aging treatment was applied with the assistance of lasers.) The trend later caught on in New York and moved its way to the west coast, where the very best spas featured this cutting-edge service.
According to the makers of the synthetic spermine, the treatment took 25 years worth of research to develop and delays aging by 25 percent, in addition to being at least 25 times stronger than Vitamin E. Its hydrating, exfoliating and relaxing effects smooth the skin, leaving it protected from sun damage or discoloration. The treatment, as the developers stated, also helps to increase circulation. Although the treatment is controversial and not for the squeamish, many celebrities and wealthy notables experimented with the option, often praising its effects.
However, escorts who can’t afford the pricey $300 price tag for such an elite spa service should not resort to their own methods to lather up with some sperm.
Several risks may be associated with allowing a client to perform a facial on you. The most serious of which associated with allowing a client to ejaculate on your face is the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Although spreading infection through fluid-to-skin contact is rare, it is possible. Anytime that bodily fluids that carry infections come into contact with broken skin or sensitive mucus membranes (such as the eyes, lips or mouth), the potential of spreading disease is present. If a client is infected with an STD, it can easily be passed to you through such a service. Escorts who provide facials should ensure that they keep their mouths closed, lips tightened and eyes squeezed shut during this sex act. Additionally, if you have an open sore (ranging from any skin lesion including a scratch from your cat to a recently erupted pimple), it is unwise to allow a client to follow through with the “money shot” he desires.
Allergy risks are another factor that escorts should consider when performing any service that concludes with ejaculation onto her face. Despite not being allergic to previous clients’ sperm, it’s a possibility that you could have a reaction to a new client’s fluids. Although rare, allergic reactions, called human seminal plasma hypersensitivity, includes itching, rashes, redness, swelling, blisters and hives. Although usually not life threatening, an allergic reaction may take you out of commission from encounters for a day or two and cause significant discomfort. If you haven’t had your client’s semen on you previously and your skin is quite sensitive, consider opting for an ejaculatory shot somewhere other than on the face, just to be sure you don’t have an intolerance or allergy to it.
And, finally, the last risk for administering facials is the dreaded shot to the eye. You’ve heard about it, but probably never experienced it, personally. Anyone who has doesn’t forget the feeling. When you accidentally get semen into your eye, usually by an unusually strong squirting client, it hurts and becomes irritated and red, nearly immediately. While not threatening for long-term injury, the condition is quite uncomfortable and may cause physical symptoms noticeable to others. The condition is simple to remedy: use saline solution or tap water to flush the eye until it is more comfortable. When you know your client is going to be using your face as his target, it’s acceptable to slightly look away or to close your eyes, to avoid issues with his sperm. It’s also customary to ask your client to avoid aiming at your eyes or nose.
There are several myths that surround the issue of the sexual facial. Many people believe that facials are demeaning and degrading to women. And, while an ill-intentioned client may be looking for a way to punish women when he’s with an escort, most clients don’t feel like they are doing it to hurt anyone. But, both conservatives and feminists join together in criticizing the sexual act, saying that it’s a form of misogyny. However, many escorts report that they enjoy the act with favored clients, despite what society believes. Those who judge tell women that they don’t understand the true meaning of their desires and that if they knew any better, they would feel shamed by the act that objectifies them as sluts or whores. Basically, despite arguments both ways, it comes down to personal preference.
Another myth that is fairly common currently is that everyone is engaging in facials. And, as much as your client may try to convince you that this is true, it’s not. According to sex educator Ruth Neustifter, porn leads people to believe that everyone does this. Young people, who have recently watched porn, may ask for facials because they are curious. And, in fact, according to Neustifter, no more requests for facials exist now than did 20 or more years ago. Questions about it have not increased.
And, many people believe that if a man wants to “jizz” all over his partner, he will, regardless of her willingness. This is grossly untrue, except for the rare occasion. In most relationships, hookups and other sexual experiences, according to American sex columnist Dan Savage, consent is usually granted before the facial act is attempted. Escorts (and all women, in general) find it rude to assume that a woman is “into” it and follow through with it, unannounced. It’s customary to discuss it ahead of time.
Finally, a lot of clients are excited about the act because they it’s relatively new. Sadly disappointing as it may be, the act is not a new one at all. The French aristocrat Marquis deSade wrote about performing facials in 1785. He said,
…I show them my prick, then what do you suppose I do? I squirt the fuck in their face… That’s my passion my child, I have no other… and you’re about to behold it.
So, if this particular activity was going on over 200 years ago, it’s certainly not new to the western world, despite a client’s sheltered upbringing. It may have been perfected during the 1970s, with the quintessential money shot, now a mainstay in modern porn.
Whether an escort likes to participate in facials or not is not really the question when clients ask about the services provided. Even the most conservative escort may find that deep-down, in her taboo-filled fantasies, her appreciation for a good facial accompanies her zest for ensuring her client is fully pleased with an encounter. But, as you offer this as a service to your well-deserving clients, it’s wise to attempt to hone in on their motivations for engaging in such an intimate activity. As a natural part of the dom/sub culture, some clients use it as a degrading, humiliating act geared to punishing or disciplining an escort. American sex columnist Dan Savage said, “Facials are degrading… and, that’s why they’re so hot.”
Other clients want to give a facial to an escort as a way to mark his property, much like a dog. However, with a bit more respect. He may ejaculate on a woman as a way of convincing her that his sperm is more virile and insinuate that she belongs to him due to their connection.
Many clients are simply looking for acceptance. In a society that is constantly judging and berating people based on their fantasies and desires, men are often left feeling lost and unloved. As a result, their request for a facial may indicate their need for acceptance from you. When working with such a client, ensure that you accept his sperm readily and happily, helping him feel good about the experience. Some clients seeking validation are doing so in order to overcome unhealthy sexual attitudes about being dirty that were developed in their youth. They long for approval and want to know they are worthy and good.
And, finally, many of your clients are simply teen-aged boys disguised as men. They are fascinated with their willies and want to see how fast their “jizz” flies. They are amazed to see it squirt, noting how fast it goes, how much there is of it and its color, along with being curious about its consistency. These clients attempt to beat personal records for distance and volume (which is typically less than a teaspoon).
When you know ahead of time that you will be allowing a facial with one of your clients, don’t be afraid to set out some ground rules. Encourage your client to warn you when he is about ready to ejaculate. Nothing is worse than not being ready and catching a “load” somewhere other than intended. Tell him that you expect him to aim carefully at specified locations, such as your cheeks or neck. Inform your client that the eyes, nose and hair are off limits. You do not have to allow your client to shoot his sperm anywhere he pleases. And, it’s completely reasonable to ask his assistance when you decide it’s time to clean up. Have the wet wipes handy or prepare to jump in the shower afterward to rinse off. And, remember that if you suspect that your client may have any kind of STD, avoid contact with his bodily fluids just to be on the safe side. Physicians report that contact through mucus membranes can spread disease, and it’s very difficult to ensure that some sperm won’t reach your nose or inside your eyes.
Facials can be very rewarding if given with a generous spirit to a client who simply wants to be free to experience pleasure without judgment. And in addition to scoring a return client for your allowance of a facial, you could also experience the anti-oxidant impacts of a high-class spa treatment which will help you defy age and wrinkles.
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