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What can you do when your escort niche no longer works for you?
December 17, 2013 | For escorts
Depending on how long you’ve been escorting, it’s possible that industry trends and your image have both evolved with time. Some escorts are able to continue providing services to the same demographic of clients throughout their entire careers. However, others, especially those who work in the industry for most of their professional lives, may discover that their previous niche or target market isn’t producing the kind of results it once did. Many escorts are reluctant to abandon what was once a lucrative category of clients, however depending on the cause for the decline in business, it may become evident that a change is necessary.
When it’s time to change niches or change up your target markets, many escorts are lost about how to proceed through the process. It’s not a difficult task, but it does require some thought, acceptance and planning. Consider these elements when you suspect it’s time for something new:
1. Recognize that you have a niche-related business problem. First and foremost, it’s essential to closely examine the issues you are concerned about. If your response volume from your marketing is down, several things could be at play: the time of year could be unproductive for the escort industry; your profile has gotten stagnant; your reviews are hindering client interest; or, you’re failing to appeal to clients in your current niche. (There are likely several other options to consider, too.) If after serious (and honest) analysis, you determine that your problem is niche-related, you must do something about it. Comparing yourself to other escorts in your niche can help you decide whether you fit your current category or not. If you no longer suit the trend in your niche, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could simply mean that trends have changed and you haven’t or that the trend has remained while you have evolved. But, keep in mind that simply admitting that you may need to switch niches isn’t going to solve your problems. You must become willing to make the move.
2. Overcome any emotions you have tied to your current niche. Many escorts get completely wrapped up in the type of escort they are. They bank their self esteem on the kind of escort they are, considering themselves young, upscale, alternative or whatever else. Escorts have great fear of changing, often to anxiety about failure or the expectations that clients will have of them in the new category. They are comfortable with their current place in the industry and want to remain there, not realizing that a niche doesn’t actually provide the safety net they give it credit for. Escorts who become emotionally attached to their niches are forgetting that they are individuals and that losing their old category isn’t an indication about their success as an escort.
3. Realize that labels mean nothing. Often, escorts hesitate to enter a specific niche because they feel that it will define them in a way they don’t want to be seen. Escorts who enter the BBW scene, from the mainstream industry, may resist due to their misconceptions about plus-sized women being seen as beautiful. Escorts who enter MILF or mature territory may not want to admit they are old enough to be in that category. To successfully transition to a more appropriate niche to ensure your success, you have to let go of these predetermined stereotypes you have already associated with these labels. To help shake off these negative connotations, peruse through escorts who fit these niches and see for yourself that these women are beautiful, confident, capable and successful. Becoming like any one of them is not a negative experience, it’s a blessing, especially if you are able to increase your income as a result. The labels projected by these new niches are nothing personal and say nothing about the type of individual you are. They are simply a means to put you in touch with clients who are interested in what you have to offer them.
4. Identify the new niche clearly. Just thinking that you know what the new niche is all about is not sufficient knowledge to use to make a successful transition. Look through profiles of other escorts who fit and do business in the niche and compare them to what you provide and can offer to clients. Focus closely on the physical attributes of each escort and determine if they are comparable to yours. If the niche is not determined by physical traits, concentrate on what they have to say, making sure it syncs with what you suspected about the escorts within this category. Doing your research can help you make a proper transition to a niche that suits you. It would be terrible to attempt to move to a new category, only to discover it’s wrong for you. Not only would you lose time and income, but it would also confuse potential clients. If you determine that you, for the most part, fit the niche, prepare to move forward. But, escorts sometimes notice that something is a bit off…and they feel they need to make adjustments in order to better fit in. This is perfectly acceptable, as long as you aren’t significantly altering who you are to be accepted into the category.
5. Make a clean break from your old niche when you transition. It’s confusing to clients when they see you cross listed in two different niches. To them, an escort is alternative or girl-next-door. She’s either mainstream or BBW…not both. If they see you listed in two categories, they are likely to avoid contacting you. It’s imperative that you delete all old profiles, banish old copy and get rid of all other marketing. Change all of your profiles to reflect your new niche. It’s possible that you can adjust your old profile language to accommodate your move. But, be extra cautious to avoid posting the wrong information. As you adjust your marketing for your new niche, you must also rewire your brain to promote yourself to your clients in the same manner. Practice new spiels about your services to reflect the new you. Consider changing photos and other elements to clearly differentiate your “new” self from the “old” one.
6. Retain your regulars. Through thick and thin (often literally), some clients will stick with you. They are loyal and enjoy your companionship. For them, the comfort and pleasure they experience with you is worth adjusting their own tastes in order to keep seeing you. Some escorts have clients who have been with them since their early days, so they don’t really notice a huge evolution in an escort, because they experienced it with her. These are great clients to have, because they accept you for who you are. They appreciate many qualities of your personality and physical traits. Make sure that as you transition to your new niche, you don’t alienate these regulars. Escorts should continue to take care of these clients in the same manner as always before. Check in with them from time to time and do your best to keep the type of encounter you provide to them consistent. It might be a good idea to warn them about your niche transition, so they aren’t surprised if they notice your profile changes. And, even if these regulars don’t fit your new target market, do your best to keep them interested.
7. Consider changing in order to stay in your current niche. Some escorts are unwilling to change to a different niche, especially if they’ve been an escort for some time. If this describes you, you may need to make some adjustments in order to stay in your old niche. If you’ve put on several pounds over the past months, go on a strict diet to avoid moving up to BBW territory. Escorts who have acquired piercings or tattoos may need to hide them when they are attracting clients. Tattoos can be covered up with make-up, and jewelry can be removed from piercings. Some escorts are willing to go all out in order to retain their status as an escort in their current niches, committing to cosmetic surgical procedures. Facelifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and other surgeries may restore youth and fitness to escorts who have lost one or both. For some escorts who haven’t evolved far out of their current niches, it won’t take much adjustment to fit back in. However, for others who have factors such as age affecting their abilities to meet niche criteria, a transition may not be optional.
8. Embrace the change. Escorts get too complacent with their current roles and need to feel empowered by the independence to change and move on. Many entered into the industry as they searched for an outlet that allowed them to pursue their lives in their own ways. Changing niches is much like that, in that escorts are allowed to continue to be who they really are…and aren’t limited by the confines of one category that they must fit into. If you are facing a change, be happy that an option is available for you. Embrace it and feel excited about starting a new endeavor. Also, it’s important to feel freedom from having to pretend to fit into a niche that didn’t any longer work for you. That can be confining and crippling eventually. Knowing that you’re are free can be essential to continued success in the business.
9. Avoid despair over age-related changes. Some escorts must change niches due to the process of naturally getting older. But, they shouldn’t balk at the idea. Celebration of the fact that an escort is still successful in the industry, despite having a few birthdays, is in order. Older escorts are experienced, seasoned and experts at what they do. They no longer fall for timewasters’ tricks or pranks pulled by frat boys. As you get older, it’s essential to change tactics a little in order to continue to be successful. And, if you play it right, you may still get to target the same age of clients that you did before. Currently, a huge trend in the escort industry is the MILF niche. Young men are excited to hook up with an escort who could be their friend’s mother. It’s the lust that clients have for older women, often called cougars. Women who are aging gracefully may choose to market themselves in this MILF category, where they get to seduce and teach young men about the wonders of activities during their encounters. Or, as an older escort, you might choose to simply market yourself as a mature escort, which will attract polished, professional and successful older clients who aren’t interested in women who look like teenagers.
10. Resist adopting a niche at all. Some escorts get by without categorizing themselves in any way. If you don’t feel like you really fit into any traditional escort industry group, don’t try to mold yourself into something you aren’t. Abandon your old niche, but keep your options open by appealing to a larger group of clientele. After awhile, you may identify a specific demographic of client that responds to what you have to offer. If so, create your own niche out of that. You don’t have to pigeon hole yourself into a nice little title, just for marketing purposes, especially if you can be successful otherwise.
11. Find an element about the change that excites you. Even if you’re not stoked about changing up your routine and niche, you may find something about your upcoming adventures that is to look forward to. Experiment with a new look, different styles of lingerie or ways of communicating with clients. You might even want to incorporate some new services into what you provide. Buy a new toy. Be open minded and try out different things with your new clients. You may find role playing with your altered niche to be more exciting before.
12. Consider retiring. If you just don’t want to change up who you are as an escort, but you suspect that your current efforts aren’t allowing you success down your existing path, maybe it’s time to leave the industry. Many escorts abandon their efforts and find new endeavors that they are equally happy with when they’ve exhausted all of their constructive efforts toward escorting. They feel relieved and challenged by a new gig, often incorporating many of the skills they acquired through their escorting careers into a new profession. It’s easy to convert your management, marketing and communication skills to those needed in other business environments.
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