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How to get a man off quickly: Male escort perspective
April 7, 2014 | Escorts on escorting, For escorts, Male escorts
As a male escort, there are a number of techniques one can use to get a guy off faster. Sometimes, this is not the most logical course of action to take when time is the product being bought and sold, but when it comes to rendering sexual services – time may very well be of the essence and therefore – knowing how to get to the point when it counts is not only advisable but highly beneficial.
by Jake S.
There are several ways in which an escort can help a client reach their ultimate level of satisfaction. Pillow talk is one way to get the brain working, while massage is always an excellent avenue for physical titillation, and the same can be said for visual stimulus. In this article, I’ll go through each of these techniques and assist the male escort in creating a pleasurable experience for their clientele.
Pillow talk
I call pillow talk anything that soothes the ear and stimulates the mind. Here, we’re really striking the cord between mental and aural arousal for your john. Whispering into a man’s ear can be a major turn on. Some men don’t like to talk, so be sure you are feeling your client out as to what his needs are when you begin pulling in closer to start a more intimate conversation.
By now, you’ve found a nice quiet place for you to work on your john. Even if the place is not so quiet, still find the opportunity to really dig deep into the guy’s mind. Don’t poke around too much in their, but at least you can use your smarts to get some real nuggets of information from him that will help make your job a lot easier.
I recommend being observant; find out what makes him tick. Is he wearing expensive clothes? Does he have any special accessories on that make you curious? Start asking him questions and see how he responds. Is he aloof? Is he not interested? If so, then skip the pillow talk and head straight for the massage. If he is interested, then you’ve got a whole lot to start working with.
Use your experience to imagine him in particular scenarios. Once you’ve heard from his own lips what he likes you can then go in for the whisper. Tell him what you’d like to do to him. Ask him what he’d like to do to you. Be open to exploring the uncharted territories of his fantasies and seeing where you both can connect, if at least for the next half hour or so.
Does he like to be teased, does he like to be worshiped, does he like to be defiled? You’ll figure out what he’s into, more so than not, so be open to what he comes to the table with. I like to start this process in public, then move on to something more private. It’s a little safer that way. You can certainly feel out a john more safely in a public place, then move onto a more intimate setting quite easily after the initial business meeting was successful.
Have a soothing voice. Does he like older guys, then deepen your voice. Does he like younger guys, why don’t you try and sound like a young, naive kid? That may be exactly what he’s interested in experiencing. Once you figure out what makes him tick, you can go right for the jugular by giving him exactly what he wants. It is a bit of a performance and rightfully so.
You are the star in your own stage production and he is your adoring fan. He is your Adonis and you kneel beneath the alter of his cock. He is the naughty boy who’s been bad all year, who deserves a spanking. Take him there through the use of your voice and he will love it.
Don’t forget to use your voice like a homing beacon. Manipulate your voice in as authentic a way as possible, so that you figure out what the right frequency is to get him squirming. Does he like a bit of a squeal, a satisfactory moan, or intermittent spells of heavy breathing? Try it all until you know what works for him. After all, you are in control here. Show him what you’ve got!
Once you’ve decided what makes him tick, then slowly begin to add a bit more physical sensation to your work. Try rubbing your lips against his ear, tracing his stubbled cheek with your nose, while you whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Is he appreciative of your attention? Does he want to hear more? Or does he want to move into something a bit more attention grabbing?
If your john is ready to move on to the next level, then it’s time to add more physicality to your routine. Begin to use your hands at this point. Feel free to see what his spots are by interacting with a few specific places on his body. The neck, the thigh and the stomach are three places that can tell you a lot about a man.
Start with the neck, and see if he’s ticklish or sensitive in that area. Many men like it when a dude brushes his face against their neck. It’s sensual and sexy and very erotic. Is his shirt unbuttoned on top? Why not try and unbutton one more. Don’t go too fast just yet, but at least here you can begin the process of moving forward. Does he have a hairy chest, is he smooth, or does he trim or shave? All this is excellent information for how best to proceed.
A hairy chest usually means the man is either wild or lazy. Both can be useful to observe and will point you in the right direction of what to do next. If he’s smooth, you’re gonna have to take over, but be gentle because he’s likely to be a little newer at the game. If he trims, let him take the lead. He’s tamed his wild side and is an action-oriented person who’s interested in going for the gold. If he shaves his chest, be prepared to take over at a moment’s notice. Normally, men who completely shave their chest are overly critical and will try to start off taking the lead, but will get bored quickly, so be prepared to blow him in the backroom at any moment.
Massage his chest, play with his hair, his nipples. Grab a pinch or tuft or two. Straddle him if necessary. Does he want to let you ride it? Does he want to thrust his cock inside your tight ass? Have you even taken the opportunity to feel what he has in store for you down there?
If you are still in the process of “feeling things out”, then move from his neck to his stomach. Is he skinny, does he have tight, rock-hard abs, a bit of a belly or big belly? All these are also good indicators of how you are going to go about handling your job. Guys with rock-hard abs are usually fun. They will want to play and try all challenging positions, especially since they are paying for your services. They will get bored with just a blowjob in the backseat, they want and need more of a challenge. After all it’s tough to keep that kind of body.
If he’s skinny, they usually love to just sit back and let you handle things. They usually don’t move around too much and your job is usually quite easy. Be careful though, skinny boys are usually pretty quiet when they cum so be prepared to get a mouthful when the time comes without warning.
If your john has a bit of a belly and an average build, I’ve found these guys to be the most fun. They are your typical, average joe. They run the gamut, but often they like a little bit of freak in their play. They will probably like you to go down on them, then they’ll mix it up and maybe take care of you for a while and later jack off on your face. They want to feel like the man. They are not the jocks or the nerds, but just your average dude who needs to be supported and encouraged. I understand these types of guys and so I’m okay with them taking a little advantage when they see it.
Then, there’s the fat guys. It really depends on what you’re interested and okay with, but a lot of fat guys are either real nice or total dicks. Either way, they are surprisingly agile creatures. You wouldn’t expect a 300-pound dude to want to bend you over and pump his Boston cream pie-filled dick into you, but usually they do. You’d think you’d be expected to just blow the guy, but he’s the one who actually wants to face fuck you. He will likely have a small dick, and there won’t be too much work to do to get him off, but in general, he’s going to want to take control throughout and try and show off. After all, he’s got a lot to prove.
After you’ve passed the stomach region, be sure to move onto the thighs. This is where a dude knows he’s gonna get some action. You’re in the zone, the place that is the closest to his dick. You can obviously see how hard he is and what he’s packing, there’s no hiding any longer. Rub his thighs, straddle his lap and ride his dick, grab his pecs and draw his head close to your chest. Whisper into his ears and mess up his hair. Get his juices racing and his blood boiling. You are about to get paid, so now it’s time to move on to the next level.
Visual stimulus
Now that you’ve successfully grabbed his mental, aural and physical attention, now we’re moving on to the easiest of senses. The eyes are usually our first and last most widely used sense. It is so easy to overcomplicate our sight, when there is so much information we constantly take in through our vision. This is why I save this for the last, when we need it the most.
Hopefully, by now you’ve got your john right where you want him. Next, is the opportunity for you to strut your stuff for him in a way that is pleasing him visually. This may take the form of simply wearing the right clothes, walking or smiling a certain way that conjures a flirtatious and intoxicating charm, or even slow dancing a bit for him.
A lot of guys like to watch how a guy moves. Some men are really into go-go dancers, still others like the fact that they’ve paid for their own personal Chippendale’s dancer. Whatever the case may be, make sure you are being compensated handsomely for your time. However, sometimes your sole reason for taking the visual approach is to get the guy off as quickly as possible. If this takes a little dancing, while he slowly strokes himself, then more power to you.
Some men just like to be held closely. Feel his cock rubbing up against yours, your leg or your butt. Help continue to create the story for him that will bring him to the ultimate level of satisfaction. Have you talked about any specific fantasies he likes, any celebrity crushes he has or any dance move he likes the most? Doing a strip tease really isn’t all that much hassle at all. If you don’t like to dance then don’t do it, but if you don’t mind a bit of solo work to get him going, then by all means.
If you are not much of a dancer, that’s totally fine, just make sure you dress the part and now how to provide him with his own private porn viewing session. Recreate your favorite porn movie, but slowly undressing yourself in front of him. A lot of guys also like to watch. Enjoy the attention. Make sure there are boundaries, make his wait and work for it.
Have his sit on a chair and you take the bed. Slowly take off your clothes and start to touch yourself. Ask him to do the same to himself. This will be great because you won’t really have to do any manual labor. You are now just the show, which can be quite freeing and terrifying depending on the escort. I would recommend staying with the discomfort for a bit, while you begin to appreciate how freeing and encouraging it is to have a man watch you pleasure yourself.
Remember there’s always an additional touch fee. If your patron wishes to touch you, it’s always extra. Of course, it depends on what you’ve agreed to. If you’ve agreed to have sex, that’s different, but if you’re being paid to put on a show for him always make sure you charge extra if he wants to touch you. That’ll increase your sales and still keep you safe.
Most men love jacking off to porn. It’s their favorite past time. I know some guys who masturbate three to four times a day. I don’t have that kind of devotion, but to many it’s a way of releasing tension and perhaps breaking up a stressful workday. For them, they merely click on the computer and up pops two sexy dudes getting it on right in front of him. He gets off and moves on. He retains the most vivid scenes for his on-the-go library, when he doesn’t have the ability to access porn online. That’s where you come in.
You can be his muse, his personal, private sex god. Helping use the visual stimulus may be just what the doctor ordered to bring your client to his climax quickly. There are also other techniques used to facilitate a quick cum. The following are just a few ways in which you can maximize your efforts in the shortest amount of time, to increase the likelihood of a larger payoff in the end.
Master techniques
The head of a man’s penis is very sensitive. If when push comes to shove, you are having a hard time getting a guy off stick with the head and go to town. Of course, make sure not to get your teeth involved, but a couple of simple slurps and jerks can begin to do the trick.
Mix things up. Use your hands to twist and turn his cock, rub around his head to polish off his prized trophy to perfection. Get your neck involved. Make it an interactive experience. I find that the more I listen to a client the better. When he moans you stay there and keep doing exactly what you were doing. He’s bound to orgasm at some point. Even if he doesn’t, you can still use the other three techniques above to assist the process.
When you’re riding your john’s cock, make sure to take time to ride it to the top of his dick down to the top of his balls as much as possible. Really get in there and take it out every once and a while. Show him who’s boss. Then let him show you! If you’re taking it from behind, see if he likes a little squealing and moaning. Tell him how much it hurts so good, tell him how big his dick is, make him feel even more powerful than he is or may be.
If you’re jacking him off with a condom, twist that sucker around. Use the material and the lubrication to help you in the process. If you’re blowing him, make sure you are using your hands as well and concentrate on the head intermittently. Grab his nipples and pecs and chest and stomach; anything that will bring him down to Earth to experience his moment with you.
You can even try a few slaps here and there and see if this is something he likes. Does he like a little pain, a little emotional or verbal abuse. Don’t take it too far, but sometimes a client is asking you to play a part in his fantasy that he knows will bring him to the edge. Perhaps, you are his old gym teacher in high school, or his English TA in college, or maybe his last boss that he wanted to get even with. Either way, know what you’re up against and what you’re working with.
If you are already knee deep in the dirt with your john and you into the realm of anal sex, don’t be afraid to go there with him. Is he slapping you on the ass, do you like it, is he being too rough? Tell him so, but give him alternatives. If he’s being too rough, pick a different position to switch it up and take your control back. It’ll give him the opportunity to see things a bit differently and it may distract him enough for your to get your bearings straight again.
If you have to pull out your trusted dildo for a little ass play, then by all means. You wanna get that guy off and get paid, don’t you? Is he asking for it, is he afraid of it, but still interested? Tease him with it, but make it more about the experience than the apparatus. Use your trusted condoms or gloves to protect yourself and if a little finger play is in the cards then find that prostate and start massaging.
Pull out all the tricks to get a guy off faster. Use your smarts to know which technique will work best for certain situations. Talk dirty, talk soothing, use your hands, use your brain and use your imagination. He is paying for your time and you are the star in the movie you both are creating together. Make it worthwhile, and the pay off you seek will most assuredly be just around the corner.
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