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Escort-client relationship: confidante, therapist, adviser
July 25, 2012 | About escorts, For escorts
Even though the general assumption is that an escort is hired to provide that kind of services, an escort really may fill other voids in a client’s life, too. Escorts who see regular clients begin to develop a relationship with them, and while it may not be “love” in the full scope of the term, the relationship becomes very fulfilling to both the escort and client due to what they receive from one another.
So, what do they receive from one another, other than that what you’d expect? The relationship may encompass many things from mutual respect and admiration to a true affection to mentorship. Escorts have much to learn from their clients, just as their clients have much more to gain from their escorts other than the girlfriend experience.
Many escorts become confidantes for their clients. It’s common for a client to share their deepest, darkest sexual secrets with an escort… and it’s often expected. If they have a desire to be whipped like a naughty school boy or to be the hero in a particular role play scene, they should share this wish with the escort, even though it couldn’t be shared with anyone else. They are able to share their most taboo desires with an escort, because they need not be afraid of rejection or judgment. Note that it’s more intimate parts of client’s psyche that can be shared with an escort, not just most perverted fetishes.
Hopes, dreams and fears – everything is a game. Confide in your escort things you love or hate about your current relationship, Kim Kardashian, Congress, polar shelf exploration, the absurd of everyday life. Confess downfalls or misgivings you’ve had with the family or business partners, things that nobody else knows about you. Clients often discuss things with their escorts, once they become regular clients, that they wouldn’t dare discuss with their friends, family or spouse. Escorts provide a non-judgmental ear and shoulder to lean on. This is very important; people need to be able to share and talk with others freely in order to get things off their chests.
More than just being a confidante for their many clients, escorts often act as a client’s therapist. Because they hear all of their clients’ hopes, dreams, fears, misgivings, etc., they really get to know the person. And, because any good escorts is non-judgmental, non-biased and uninvolved, they make the perfect person to offer advice. Providing real world experience as a basis for their insight, escorts often help clients save their marriages, protect their relationships with family members and work out difficulties they have with people they work with. Escorts encourage clients to get in touch with how they feel about pressing issues and discuss various outcomes with them. Non-licensed therapy may not always be what a client is looking for, but many indicate that they appreciate their time with escorts as much for the advice and insight as they enjoy the physical affection they receive during their sessions.
Clients often consult escorts about interpersonal communication issues, because escorts are communication experts. That’s one of the main components of an escort’s business: to communicate with others and reach clients on unique levels. Being able to do this, requires escorts to become experts on people. They can usually help a client resolve issues with hard-headed business adversaries or demanding colleagues. They offer tangible advice that helps the client get to the core of the problem in order to resolve it.
While the client usually is the one to receive services and benefits from time spent with an escort, the reverse is sometimes true, too. Escorts often realize their clients are powerful, knowledgeable, experienced, with years of education and real-world application. Numerous escorts have acquired business advice from their clients. They’ve solicited advice about attracting investors to business opportunities, how to start up a business endeavor, methods of organizing and managing their business prospect, effective marketing techniques and ways to network within the community. Often, escorts have realized that “it’s not what you know, but who you know” and have taken advantage of the resources they have as clients.
Clients are more than happy to assist their escorts in the world of business. Many refer the escort to other colleagues or connections they have as a way to help the escort network better. Some clients even go so far as working with the escort and serving as her mentor if she has ambition, a mind for business and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Opponents of the escort industry try to suggest that the business is simply glorified prostitution. However, the dynamics are simply different and based on different needs by both the client and escort. The relationships built through the client/escort experience are often long-lasting, familiar and authentic.
Escorts and clients get to know each other intimately, both physically and mentally, and do what they can to assist each other due to mutual respect and genuine appreciation for one another.
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