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Ways for escorts to approach potential clients in the hotel bar
November 8, 2011 | For escorts
Patrons catching a nightcap or a happy hour drink in the hotel bar after a long day at a conference or in a business meeting may be looking for a “friend”. However, you won’t know that unless you approach them in the right way. A hotel bar can be a hotspot for client recruitment for an escort, if the escort has a good relationship built with the hotel bar staff and management. Additionally, certain cues and traits must be present to make it worthwhile to approach a potential client. This is a great idea for an article here, should be linked to.
One of the most important things you can do when using a hotel bar as a place to meet clients is to look and act like you belong there. Dress and act the part. Dress well, act sophisticated and carry yourself with a sense of pride. Blend in with the other patrons by looking and acting like them. Appropriate behavior and appearance will help you work the bar much more efficiently.
Establish a relationship with the bartender and other bar staff and management. Tips, gratuities and commissions for introductions, referrals, leads, protection from the law and security from unsavory prospects are common practices between escorts and bar staff. Through your relationship, you not only become a regular at the bar, but you become business partners with the staff. As you have more success as an escort, you may be helping their bottom line, too, through increased bar tabs and extra cash that goes into their wallets. If the bar staff feels that your relationship is a mutually beneficial one, they are usually happy to help you out in your efforts to approach clients.
After making friends with the bartender, it’s likely that you’ll want to sit at the bar and wait to be approached. Usually, if a bar patron is interested, he or she can more easily make casual contact with you if you’re sitting at the bar. At the bar, you’re much more accessible than if you were sitting off in the corner at a table.
Observe other patrons, casually. Make eye contact with other patrons and smile. Your smile may appear to be innocent, however you will know you are hoping to lure them into spending time with you for the evening. After making eye contact, move closer to your targeted prospect and start up a conversation. If you get the feeling he or she is attracted and interested in spending more time with you, allow the conversation to become more intimate. However, if you don’t feel that you have the patron’s attention, move on to another prospect after casually excusing yourself.
Buy a drink for or accept a drink from a prospective client. This is one of the oldest (and most successful) ways of meeting someone new in a bar. This is an icebreaker than nearly always starts a conversation and allows you to find out if the patron is a potential client.
Look for signs of wealth in other patrons, as you analyze the bar for potential clients. Some examples of signs of wealth include:
• He or she is wearing expensive jewelry. Look for expensive watches, jewelry with diamonds or other accessories (such as a money clip or tie clip) that appear to be expensive.
• Determine if a patron is wearing a designer or tailored suit. Men (and women) who wear quality, tailored clothing often have more discretionary income to spend.
• Watch for large amounts of cash or a significant number of credit cards in a patron’s wallet as he or she prepares to pay for a drink. Lots of cash on hand could mean that it’s available to help fund an enjoyable evening with you as their escort.
Always use caution when approaching patrons in the hotel bar. Law enforcement officials may canvass bars, hotels and other upscale establishments when looking to fill their arrest quotas with escorts. Never, ever bring up the subject of sex. Refrain from specifying services beyond your companionship. Never discuss your fees; you don’t charge fees. However, you may discuss accepting “donations” or “gifts” for your time. Always use your head when discussing the escort/client relationship with new clients you meet in a hotel bar. Use caution. If a potential client’s story doesn’t ring true or he can’t keep his or her details straight, avoid spending time with him or her. Risking your freedom and reputation is not worth one appointment.
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