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How does virtual escorting work
May 21, 2012 | For escorts
While most of the time people think about real in-person encounters when an escort is mentioned, there are dates being had online that are just as steamy and erotic. Gamers and online game enthusiasts are finding that they can get their rocks off through virtual portals, too, such as in the game Second Life and others. Being an escort in an online game environment entails many of the same scenarios as being an escort in real life: you engage in role-playing activities that produce pleasure for your clients.
Second Life is an online game with a virtual world where residents interact with one another. The game, developed by Linden Lab in 2003, allows players to create avatars to represent themselves, interact in three-dimensional ways and to live complete lives in the online environment. Residents have families, work at jobs, interact socially and engage in other common life activities. Many create and trade virtual property through their activities. It’s really not very surprising that erotic activity has become a part of the game, too.
For many players, the game is more real to them than their own lives are. They depend on the persona they’ve created online for social interaction, personal satisfaction and other aspects of life important to them. Others who play the game find it fun and a great form of recreation from life’s stresses.
Many players of online games who are looking for amorous adventures often seek out escorts in games such as Second Life. Escorts dance at clubs, visit bars and walk the streets, just as they do in real life. Escorts spend time going to dinner with clients, visit them in outcalls and perform sexual services. Many online players seek out the attentions of escorts in the game for various reasons:
• They don’t get enough attention in the game: While many players are able to attract attention from the opposite sex in the game, others still have difficulties attracting affection from women. So, instead of putting out the effort required or putting in the time necessary, they seek out
affection from online escorts.
• They are too shy to get attention: Just like in real life, many men are simply too shy to attract the attention of women. They don’t know the right words to say, how to act or what to do in order to make a nice woman want to go on a date with him, little else go home and get frisky with him.
• They are looking for a thrill: Many men would NEVER seek out an encounter with an escort in real life. Whether it’s because they’d be too nervous, they’re in a committed relationship or whatever other reason, they may find that it’s thrilling and adventurous to go through the role-playing of
hiring an escort through an online portal.
Women who play online as residents sometimes become escorts because they want to act out fantasies of their own. Women are trained to be ladies and not to act on their sexual impulses. Many female residents take the opportunity to play out their alter ego online and become escorts. They don’t have to worry about disappointing their families, risking acceptance of family and friends or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Additionally, there is money to be made through being an online escort. The money isn’t significant, but it can add up. If a woman is going to be playing online anyways, it makes sense for her to make a few bucks off of her time. In Second Life $50 Linden Dollars equal approximately $0.50 USD. Most decent escorts charge $1,000 Linden Dollars or more for each date, which equals about $10 USD.
Most of the sexual activity that goes on between online escorts and clients is done virtually through the interface of the games. Instant messaging, chat and voice exchanges are the ways that avatars can communicate. Avatars act out sexual activity on-screen, according to the directions provided by their living, breathing owners. However, some escorts who charge more take their business one step farther and entice clients to engage in activities through webcams or over Skype interfaces, which makes the encounters even more personal and real.
While many people may turn their noses up at the idea of virtual sex, others are embracing it. Kevin Alderman (aka Stroker Serpentine), Second Life sex-industry mogul, said: “It’s interesting how much freedom you get in that you don’t have any inhibitions to restrain you. If you want to be a Gorean and prostitute yourself to a master or become their personal sex slave, then go for it. If you want to be an escort in Amsterdam, or a domme, go for it. So many freedoms — things you couldn’t normally do in real life or that you would love to do — the fantasy aspect is limitless. Probably 60 percent of the women and men that come in-world at least try escorting or use the service because it’s the jumping off point, where you can explore your sexuality anonymously.”
Online escorts and clients get a taste of the taboo through their virtual experiences. For some, they may choose to follow through with their fantasies in the “real” world. Others will keep their encounters to themselves in discreet online environments.
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