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Look your best as an escort = make more money
February 14, 2012 | For escorts
It probably goes without saying that the better you look, the more a client will be willing to shell out cash to spend time with you. And if you’re just settling into the industry, one of the reasons you made it in is because you’re probably pretty attractive to begin with. But the longer you remain escorting—even if it’s just a few months—the more you should have a presentation regimen that is relatively fast, painless and affordable.
Here are some considerations:
Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?
First off, don’t wear a wig unless asked to. While it may have worked for Vivienne in Pretty Woman, it’s probably going to shock the crap out of a client if it comes off in an inopportune moment. Use your own hair, and use it to its best capability.
In general, blondes receive more attention from prospective clients. This could be because of the old “blondes have more fun” saying or realistically because lighter hair catches the eye more easily in photographs. If you have naturally blonde hair, take your skin tone into consideration. Is your shade of blonde really doing you justice?
If you’re a brunette in an area where there are not a lot of blondes, you may consider going lighter. Find a colorist you trust and work gradually: you don’t want to be bleached and distraught with a color you have to spend loads to correct. Consider your skin tone and lighten gently—think golden honey colors rather than Barbie Doll yellow.
If you have naturally red hair, you’ll definitely be in demand and should consider boosting your natural color up a shade.
In general, you want your hair to look natural and striking—not fake and too put upon. Take a good, hard look at your skin tone and style, ask for opinions from those you trust, and then don’t be afraid to go a little bolder than what you’ve got.
Body art
If you’re currently tattoo free, try to keep it that way. If you’re inked, don’t attempt to cover it up in pictures. While your art might have personal and creative significance to you, the kind of clients you ideally want (those who will take you out to dinner and shower you with attention and affection) will most likely want you to be more of a clean slate upon which you can, together, shape your time. If you have many piercings and visible tattoos, you’re not leaving much up to their imagination.
Similar to the idea of body art, you should try to present yourself as subtly as possible, especially if seeing your client in a public setting. Garish, fake, layered jewelry gives the client more opportunities to choose whether or not they like your presentation or if you’ll fit into the social atmosphere of the appointment. Also the more you have on, the more it will get in the way and possibly lost during an appointment. Do you really want to wear a beloved necklace and risk never seeing it again? Choose subtle, tasteful jewelry that you won’t be brokenhearted if you lose, and in general keep things to a minimum.
While you might think your perfume makes you smell romantic and exotic, there’s no way to tell what your client is going to think, and he’s probably not going to want to take it home with him. So choosing clean, fresh scents that are rather feminine and neutral are your best bet. Go with scented body washes and matching lotions, unscented deodorant and clean-rinsing hair products. Anything that sits on your skin and wears into your clothes means that it will just as easily wear off of you and onto him—which he may not particularly appreciate.
In general your client is going to want you to smell clean and fresh, not necessarily like a vanilla bean or Chanel 5. Keep it simple and sweet.
This can be tricky for new escorts, especially when getting the hang of the varying kinds of appointments you’ll be booking. If you’re being seen socially with a client, you obviously don’t want to standout as being a seductress or mistress. Nor do you want to look like you just came from some big corporate office or like you were out getting groceries.
Just like above, the keys here are simplicity and femininity.
If you’re going out to dinner with a client, you’ll know beforehand the part of town you’re going to and the kind of ambiance you’ll be in, so try to dress accordingly. Obviously you want to look attractive, but not so lusty that a chance run-in with someone he knows from work would assume you’re hired company.
Pick a color palette that suits both your skin tone and your personality: you should feel comfortable in your clothes and able to blend in a variety of environments. Jeans and sneakers are a definite ‘no’ across the board, but you don’t need to look like you’re stepping out to a Vegas club if you’re taking an in-call in Pennsylvania.
Find clothes that flatter your shape, that are rather simple and that leave enough to the imagination: you want your client to fill in the blanks as to what kind of woman you can represent for him.
Fake nails are for strippers and prostitutes. Long nails leave marks. Chipped paint just looks trashy.
Harsh? Maybe, but true.
Keep your nails clean, trimmed, and classic, and you’ll be once again presenting yourself as neutrally as possible.
Out the door check-list
Hair clean, well-cut and simply styled?
Clothes clean, flattering, neutral and feminine?
Nails trimmed and looking crisp?
Body smelling lightly scented and soft?
Jewelry understated and secure?
Whole package feminine, pulled-together, classic and casual and ready for fun?
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