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Behave like a lady to be a successful escort
February 8, 2012 | For escorts
Although men are said to like a woman who is a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom, a woman’s behavior can make or break her success as an escort. Men are paying for a fantasy when they hire an escort, and that fantasy includes a woman who behaves a certain way. Escorts should be careful to behave appropriately in order to enhance their images as high-end escorts. Here are some tips for how to enhance your behavior:
1. Ditch the nervous habits. Fidgeting, wiggling, playing with your hair, chewing your fingernails or tapping your fingertips all indicate that you are nervous, bored, disinterested, or preoccupied with something outside of your current date. A client doesn’t want to feel that he is a waste of your
time or that he’s making you nervous. These habits can, also, make a client feel that you don’t care about him or your appointment with him. If you start to feel that you must act out on one of your nervous habits, get up and move. Distract yourself from your nervous habits by moving around the
room or changing positions. (However, doing this too often may become a nervous habit, too. Control your habits by just doing nothing.)
2. Refrain from checking your watch or your phone repeatedly. While it’s sometimes necessary to keep track of time when you’re with a client, repeatedly checking your phone or watch is rude and inconsiderate. It can make your client feel unimportant and unappreciated. If you must refer to your
watch because a client is overstaying his time, simply inform him that his time with you is up for the day and encourage him to book another appointment soon. Additionally, tell them how much you enjoyed spending time with them.
3. Make deliberate, smooth movements. Because you may be nervous, especially with a new client, it’s wise to consciously think through your movements before you make them in order to make them fluid and graceful. Rise carefully from your seat. Walk calmly across the room. Deliberate, calm movements
indicate you are comfortable, confident, and capable.
4. Don’t flash your client (or others!) throughout your appointment with him. Flashing or baring your private parts to a client before it’s appropriate makes you appear trashy and without class. Just because he’s going to see the goods eventually doesn’t mean that you should give him a sneak peek
ahead of time. Flashing simply makes you appear cheap and easy, which shouldn’t be what your image is projecting, unless this is exactly what you are paid to role-play.
5. Talk about what your client wants to discuss. Leave your personal issues off the table. If your client isn’t helpful by providing conversation topics, chat with him about your hobbies, current events or other interests you may have. Don’t ask him about his family, though. He’s spending time with
you to relax. Bringing up their family may make them feel guilty or unhappy through the sheer reminder of them being stuck in a relationship. However, if they bring the family topic up, feel free to discuss it, but only on their terms.
6. Avoid gossiping about others in the community or your industry. It’s never wise to spread gossip or say anything behind someone’s back. Odds are that it will come back to haunt you. It always finds a way of getting back to the person you were dishing on, and from them—to you.
7. Dress appropriately. Always keeping in line with your image, dress to suit the occasion and the date with your client. If you’re attending a charity ball, dress in formal attire. Going to a sporting event would require much more casual clothing. Avoid wearing gaudy, flashy clothing no matter
where you are going. Drawing too much attention to yourself with outrageous clothing is never good.
8. Allow your client to lead how the appointment goes. He’s paying for time with you, and it’s up to him how the time is spent. Don’t attempt to direct the appointment in a different way. Be ladylike and let him take the lead. Unless, of course, he has requested that you dominate or lead the date.
If your image is more of a “take charge” sort, don’t let your client down by being submissive or too meek.
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