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Fair trades in escort trade
February 16, 2012 | Escort business management, Finances, For escorts
As in any business where services are traded as a business commodity, clients may try to bargain with an escort and trade for certain services, gifts, items or trinkets they can get easily and cheaply. It’s common practice for a client to offer jewelry, gift cards, airline vouchers and other items in exchange for an escort’s time and services. Escorts should carefully consider each and every offer of trade in order to ensure they are compensated adequately for their time. Here are some tips escorts should use to figure out if a client is offering a fair trade for escort work:
1. Determine if the item being traded is something you want or need. Many clients will offer items to escorts in exchange for time spent, but if a trade includes an item that is not of value to you, then it’s not a valuable trade. The item being traded for must be significant and needed or wanted by you. For instance, any client who offers a new car (if you need/want one), a new place to live (if you need/want one), new appliances (if you need/want them) or an extravagant vacation (if you need/want one) is attempting to compensate you at a level that is worth your time. However, someone who wants to trade out plumbing services to snake out your kitchen sink drain isn’t valuing you at your level. The item being traded must be something you want and need and be of significant cash value.
2. Evaluate whether or not the item being traded is redeemable for cash. Some clients will offer gift cards or airline vouchers as trades for time spent with an escort. Escorts should investigate immediately to find out if the item is redeemable for cash and the amount of cash it will net. Gift card balances should be checked on before trading, as well.
3. Negotiate well in order to get what you’re worth. Escorts should haggle with a client to get items that add up to the worth of her time. A client may offer for trade items that were easy for him to acquire. Airline vouchers, discounted goods and free gift cards are often easy for business professionals to come by. Because these items are easy to come by, they are not worth the amount of cash to a client that you are requesting. In order to make a fair trade, many escorts enact a triple trade rule. They require that a client provide up to three times the value of their time in tradable items. For instance, if a client wants to spend time with an escort that would normally cost $300, he should be willing to provide up to $900 worth in tradable merchandise. Most clients will go along with this deal or choose to fall back to the good old cash.
4. Take your time to consider all trades carefully. Escorts should properly think through each and every trade a client offers. Some trades require a long time to pay off (such as a trade for a car or house). Consider what could happen during that timeframe and how the trade could affect your life. Take the time to brainstorm any outcomes (both good and bad) that the trade could result in. If the trade still seems like a good idea, go with it. However, if you question the validity or worth of the trade after analyzing it, reject it.
5. Get the item up front. Request your client to provide the tradable item before exchanging time for it. By getting the item up front, you are ensuring that your client will follow through with his or her promise and that the item is as expected.
6. Don’t be afraid to make your client mad. Some clients may be disgruntled if you won’t allow them to trade some item they value for your time. Attempt to explain to your client that you don’t need another piece of jewelry, a new toaster or an imitation Coach purse. Share with your client items that you are willing to trade your time for, and demonstrate to him how his trade offer doesn’t meet your usual standards or expectations. Don’t belittle him or laugh at his trade attempt. Be nice, gentle and firm about your decision, though. However, always keep in mind that he is a client and that he deserves your respect and consideration. But, if he gets mad that you won’t accept his trade, so be it.
7. Think ahead about whether accepting a trade will set a precedent with a client. If you feel that accepting a trade from a client will start the ball rolling where he will expect you accept a tradable item for payment each time you spend time together, then feel free to refuse the trade. Accepting a trade from time to time with a client may be a good thing for both parties, however it shouldn’t be the standard transaction.
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