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5 steps to better escort rates
February 20, 2012 | For escorts, Marketing
In the tradition world of work and professional careers, people can expect to receive raises and salary increases with growing experience and abilities. The adult industry professionals, like their counterparts in other industries, deserve more compensation for work well done. Experienced escorts have more to offer in technique, people skills, services, and expertise than escorts who are new to the business. However, plenty of escorts feel they become pigeon-holed into the rates they are currently working at. Here are some ways that escorts can give themselves raises:
1. Concentrate on marketing: Escorts must ensure their marketing matches up to the stories they are selling. Their advertising, photographs, biography and services must match up to the images they project of themselves as high-end escorts who deserve to be paid premium rates. Escorts who receive premium rates provide higher quality encounters and more emotional energy to each client they see. They are able to do this because they see fewer numbers of clients and have more energy for each one of them. The marketing of a high-end escort needs to share with the potential client why his or her experience with the escort will be a special one worth the higher rates. Marketing that doesn’t indicate to the client that the escort is unique and upscale is failing in its purpose.
2. Increase rates gradually: Escorts should never increase their rates by huge amounts all at once. A jump of doubling one’s price or increasing it by more won’t keep clients interested. Many escorts increase their rates with the number of hours booked. For instance, if an escort charges $500 for two hours, she might charge $900 for three hours and $1500 for four hours. The hourly rate goes up a bit with each hour of a booking. (And, the initial hourly rate may have increased by $50 to $100 in the beginning.) Rates that increase gradually in increments are not going to alienate a client, nor will it create new price points that are out of a client’s ability to pay.
3. Have savings for support for a couple of months: Escorts should have access to funds that can support them for at least two months while they are trying out their new rate structure. It may take up to two months to determine if a rate increase will work, and an escort who has at least two months of support built up will be able to financially survive during the interim period of trying out the new rates. During this time, it’s possible that clients who are used to the old rate structure will fade away. As an escort loses old clients who refuse to pay new rates, new clients should take their places.
4. Consider grandfathering in loyal, regular clients: Many regular clients have been loyal to escorts and provided their support as they were starting their businesses. Some escorts choose to reward their loyal, regular clients with the option of being grandfathered in under the old rates. Most escorts create some standards about which regulars to include in this process, such as a regular who has booked appointments at least three or four times within the past 12 months. Some escorts allow previous clients to pay the old rate indefinitely, while others require loyal clients to begin paying the new rates after three months. Each escort must create her own standards for grandfathering in loyal clients concerning rate increases. While grandfathering in loyal clients may feel like a good thing to do customer service-wise, it can be a record-keeping nightmare for the escort. It may be very difficult to keep track of which clients get what rate and for how long.
5. Take a chance: Escorts should feel empowered by the fact they own and run their own businesses. You should feel good about the fact that you are confident enough to think you deserve a raise. Trying out a rate increase is a risk; but, it’s a risk that could pay out significantly. If the rate increase doesn’t work, an escort can always go back to her original rates. She can also contact any clients she may have alienated with her higher costs and encourage them to become clients, again.
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