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Escorts’ cover stories
May 7, 2012 | For escorts
While the need for a cover story may not be as great as if you were spying, many escorts find that a good cover story can divert attention from their odd schedules and helps to smooth things over with friends and family members.
While some family members and friends are wise enough not to judge their loved ones, others simply can’t wrap their mind around the idea of their daughter, niece, cousin or friend being an escort who spends time with clients for money.
Here are some stories that real escorts use to keep the peace:
• Temp agency work: Many escorts find that telling people they work for a temporary agency working to fill in the gaps is a way to explain why they work odd hours. Filling in at restaurants and bars that need additional wait staff for specific days or to fill absences at the last minute seems to be
a reasonable job that might take a woman out at varying hours. However, use caution when you’re leaving the house dressed to the nines in your best designer gown. It’s rather hard to explain that you’re going to the neighborhood pub to waitress wearing your little black dress.
• Successful business professional or consultant: Because your lavish and luxurious lifestyle may support this story, the image of being a business woman is a believable one. Often, business executives are called out of town unexpectedly in order to deal with mini crises or to seal deals with other
professionals. Your attire and lifestyle must support this story for it to be reasonable.
• House cleaning: Some escorts claim to be housekeepers. They clean at night or early morning, so as not to bother the homes’ residents. Some escorts say they work in housekeeping at large corporations or businesses and clean overnight. Be sure to avoid being seen leaving the house in your designer
clothing, though. Housekeepers rarely make an income to purchase those; and, they also rarely wear designer clothing to work.
• Sitters: Many escorts claim to be house, pet or baby sitters working odd hours, staying overnights and being out of reach. Stories about keeping track of others’ belongings or loved ones can be believed. There is no way to call and check out your story, and incomes from this type of work vary.
• Boyfriend: A few escorts invent imaginary married boyfriends they run off to meet in the wee hours of the morning or night. While this story may raise a few eyebrows casting you as the “other woman,” it’s sure to cause less tongue wagging than revealing what you really do for a living.
• Event Coordinator Assistant: Working at events as an assistant is a believable cover story for escorts. Attending nice galas or charity events, planning the activities or seeing to logistics and covering last minute details seem like tasks that could require you to be gone at odd hours and dress
ell. Out-of-town events would cause you to travel overnight, and late events would create a schedule where you got home late regularly.
• Unemployed: Many escorts simply report to others they are unemployed when asked what they do for a living. Usually, the nosy questioner becomes embarrassed and doesn’t ask much more. However, you do run the risk of being offered significant amounts of unsolicited advice about how to find a job or
file unemployment.
• Technical, boring job: Some escorts create some absurd title or adopt a highly-technical title that sounds boring in nature. Often, as the escort begins to describe her “job,” the family member or friend cuts her off to discuss “more interesting” things. People always prefer to talk about
themselves, anyways, so it’s a good way to bore them into changing the subject.
• Be honest. A number of escorts actually tell the truth about their careers. However, most people rarely believe it. So, escorts are sometimes allowed to carry on without feeling guilty about lying about their jobs.
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