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Top 7 reasons escorts shouldn’t book dates with virgins
April 16, 2012 | For escorts
It’s an age-old practice: adolescents or young men hiring ladies of negotiable affection to help them lose their virginities and “become men”. Since the times that prostitutes first appeared in documents produced by the Sumerians, young men have been contracting with escorts to help them pop their cherries, so to speak. Today, though, many escorts choose to avoid these encounters and unload them to someone else. According to many escorts, virgins are simply too much work and are mentally exhausting. Here are the top 7 reasons escorts shouldn’t book appointments with virgins:
1. Virgins don’t know what they want. One of the most important things an escort can do with a client is to communicate about his wants and needs prior to the beginning of the appointment. However, many young virgins don’t know what they want. Some have never been past first base, so their sexual experiences haven’t helped them to understand their bodies enough to know what they want or need in order to have a good experience with an escort. Because the virgin doesn’t know what he wants, it leaves the escort to guess and act on a trial-and-error basis in order to make the virgin feel good. Escorts usually base the entire encounter on what the client has asked for; if the client doesn’t know what he wants, the escort is at a significant disadvantage of being able to provide the best encounter possible.
2. Virgins are often nervous wrecks or full of anxiety during the experience. They don’t know what to expect and make it difficult for the escort to help them relax. Some virgins are too excited to calm down and enjoy the experience. They ask lots of questions, are paranoid about the cops finding out and are in a rush. Escorts aren’t used to operating like this, and it completely changes the dynamics of the experience provided by the escort.
3. Virgins lack discretion. Locker room talk and bragging about his (long-awaited) conquest, virgins have a tendency to want to get in on the sex talk with their buddies and share details and information about an escort he shouldn’t. An experience with a high-end escort is usually a discreet encounter that is not intended to be bragged about or discussed lightly. Whether an escort wants the publicity from her client or not, a virgin client is apt to tell all of his buddies about it.
4. Virgins become emotionally attached. No-strings-attached sex is difficult to teach a virgin. Losing one’s virginity is a huge milestone in one’s life; it is an emotional event, along with a rite of passage. Regardless of whether it’s “special” or not, you always remember your first time. Many virgin clients end up texting, calling and following an escort afterward, hoping for a more serious relationship. Being simply a client isn’t enough for a virgin who fell in love with his escort. Just like distancing yourself away from other needy clients, it’s best to just avoid virgins so you can avoid all the drama.
5. Virgins can play on your conscience. A person’s first time is supposed to be special and with someone he or she loves or cares about very much. Because you know your client will always remember his first time, it may entangle you emotionally a little bit more to know you are deflowering a young person and that he will remember that instant for the rest of his life. You may feel as though you have to make it more special. Most escorts choose to avoid the responsibility of making someone’s first time memorable.
6. Virgins are extra work. It is sometimes difficult to get regular clients to relax and feel comfortable, but virgins require much extra work to prepare for the encounter. Additionally, virgins often require teaching. Due to their sexual inexperience, they want you to teach them and show them tricks for the future. Many escorts don’t get into the whole teaching aspect, as that’s not part of the usual encounter. Unless you’re up for extra work, avoid booking an encounter with a virgin.
7. “Virgins” sometimes lie. There is no sure-fire test to determine if a client is a virgin or not. Many men lie about their status in hopes of getting a freebie or discounted session. They ask for extra services or additional time. They sometimes lie about being a virgin to excuse away any sexual inadequacies they expect to have during their session with you. If they know they are a “two-pump chump,” they may say they are a virgin so as to avoid embarrassment.
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