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How escorts can blacklist a client
June 8, 2012 | For escorts, Safety
Most escorts have wonderful clients. However, from time to time, there will be one who is disrespectful, rude, greedy, stupid, oblivious to hygiene or possesses some other trait that makes it impossible for him to remain on an escort’s regular client list. And just as there are many types of clients, there are many ways that an escort may go about blacklisting them:
• It’s okay. First, give yourself permission to blacklist a client simply because you don’t want to see him, again, for whatever reason. You don’t have to give every client a second chance in hopes that he was simply having a bad day. If a client isn’t on his best behavior the first time he sees
you, you can guarantee yourself that his behavior will only worsen the better you and he get to know each other. Don’t give him the benefit of the doubt that his yelling at you wasn’t really directed at you or that you deserved it. Additionally, know that it’s acceptable to refuse to see a client
for any reason: he may have threatened you or simply got too close with his stinky breath.
Consider informing the client that you will not see him again. This works wonders with some clients. They are so deeply offended by your rejection that they will skulk away like a shamed puppy dog. However, other clients become argumentative and try to engage you in a discussion about why you
won’t see them. You don’t owe them any explanation. Be brief and concise when you inform a client that he is being blacklisted. Refuse to let him drag you into further discussions or arguments about the issue. You don’t need the extra drama, and it isn’t going to change your mind, so it’s a waste
of your time. However, be cautious when you inform a client you won’t be seeing him again. Some clients become violent or abusive. If you suspect that a client may become this way, inform him over the telephone or in an email. Avoid a confrontation with a potentially volatile client.
• Ignore the client. While some escorts choose to directly inform the client, others ignore the client, in hopes that he will get the hint. Program his number into your mobile phone under “BLACKLISTED,” “IGNORE,” “RUDE” or “DO NOT ANSWER.” When he calls using his number, your phone will
immediately remind you that you don’t want to answer his call or text. Simply ignore his attempts to communicate with you. Many times, clients will get the picture after a few failed attempts and move on to another escort.
• Use a call/SMS blocker. Many smart phones have call blocker functions that you may use to stop his attempts to communicate with you from ever going through to your phone. His texts and phone calls simply don’t go through, so you are never left wondering whether you should respond. By using a
blocker, you never even know when he attempts to communicate with you. Additionally, many apps are available that will block calls or texts, too. Look for Google Voice and its alternatives to keep your real phone number private and screen calls.
• Try explaining you are too busy. Some clients get the subtle hint when you tell them repeatedly that you are booked up. If they ask you for an appointment, tell them you are booked solid for three weeks. If after three weeks he attempts to call you again, tell him that you are still booked.
Suggest that he find another escort who has more time for him.
• Report your blacklisted client to your agency if you work for one. It is important that the agency schedulers know to no book you any appointments with your blacklisted client. Typically, the agency won’t require a reason for the blacklist, but if the agency officials do, inform them why you
have chosen to not see him again.
• List your blacklisted client on the National Blacklist website and other forums that identify timewasters or other questionable clients. List your client by his full name (and any aliases you know him by). Provide a physical description, along with any other details he may have provided you
with. The National Blacklist provides space for blacklisted clients who have abused, ripped off, pranked, threatened or wasted the time of an escort.
• Share details about your poor experience with other escorts to save them from a bad experience. If you belong to a network of escorts in your area, warn them about your client, especially if he’s a deadbeat or violent.
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