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Escorting is a lonely career
May 15, 2012 | For escorts
Despite the fact that escorts may correspond with several clients on any given day and have appointments with several within the span of a single week, being an escort can make a person feel isolated from the rest of the world.
The world of escorting is entirely different than getting up every morning and going to work at the office. Due to the nature of the business and other concerns, being an escort can be very lonely.
Firstly, the escort industry is not usually an acceptable profession for most people. So, talking about your job with your mom, sister, cousin or best friend may not be an option. Sharing with a family member that your profession is to spend time with men for money is not usually met with positive reactions. After a hard day at work, you can’t talk about the client who tried to stiff you, the guy who didn’t know what he wanted or the time waster you spent three days courting only to find out he wasn’t ever going to show up for a date. Also, you can’t share the pride you feel in what you do or ask for advice about a difficult client. The support system that most people find within their families or circle of friends doesn’t usually exist for an escort. It can make you feel unappreciated, misunderstood and unaccepted.
Other escorts know what you’re going through. However, you may not have a good relationship with other providers in your area. Much like owners of competing stores or shops often dislike one another and try to run each other out of business, escorts are often competitive and fail to get along.
Some women work with agencies, where they become friendly with other escorts who work for the agency, too. Being able to compare notes about clients, funny situations, problems and general feelings toward the industry is helpful. Most escorts who work together at agencies forge friendships. Yet many escorts find that mixing these friendships with other friends from outside the industry is very difficult.
Many escorts resort to online support and friendship. Forums, discussion groups, blogs and other areas on the Internet provide opportunities to connect with others who work in the escort industry and know what you’re going through. Still, despite the number of virtual friends you have, surrounding yourself with online support may make you even more aware of how isolated you are from the real world.
Leading a double life, like many escorts do, makes it difficult to keep relationships intact. If you’re capable of spinning a good enough to story to keep your friends and family members fooled, you may be guilt ridden about lying to them. Living a lie is difficult, just as avoiding the truth is, too. Your friends and family members are likely to realize that something is not legit when something in your story doesn’t add up; facing up to their disappointment when the truth finally comes out can be scary. It can result in isolation or further conflict.
The group who understands you best is the group with whom you’re likely to be the most competitive.
Sometimes the inability to trust others inhibits an escort’s ability to form long-standing relationships and friendships with others. Never knowing who to trust is hard. Always wondering if someone is connected to law enforcement or will turn you over to the law definitely makes a girl hesitant to meet new people outside of her client list.
Many escorts flourish in larger communities, where they are able to meet up with others who have similar interests or are open minded. Communities that have larger populations often have more outlets for activism related to sexual topics, open forums discussing more risqué subjects and art or literature festivals that highlight the more erotic side of life. Blending in to this counter culture in a large community is much more easily done in a large city than it is a small town.
Finally, many outsiders argue that escorts have a wide range of support from their clients. However, even though there may be genuine affection and concern as a part of an escort’s relationships with her clients, it’s not as deep as true friendships are. Your clients are still your clients; they only know the “you” that you allow them to know. You give them their illusion or dream girl. They never get to know the real you, so your interactions with them are somewhat superficial.
Women who work every day in an office or other location develop working relationships with coworkers that usually develop into friendships. Your interactions with clients rarely develop into a friendship where you can call them up to go to lunch or a movie with on a weekend because you’re bored.
Although it may be a lonely career choice, many escorts feel that the lifestyle is conducive to what they want from life. They can lead a successful life with financial freedom to do nearly anything they please.
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