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How independent are independent escorts?
May 24, 2012 | About escorts, For escorts
Although many escorts get into the industry so they no longer have to be dependent on another person (a spouse, lover, parent or other), the independence they feel as an escort is really a myth.
Every person is dependent on others for something. And everyone answers to someone else. There is always someone more powerful, wealthy or influential.
However, with that being said, it’s necessary to examine the limits of the myth about independence.
U.S. residents, including escorts, depend on other U.S. residents for protection, legal and otherwise. Escorts also rely on family, colleagues and friends for emotional support. The very nature of being human makes us dependent on others.
Economic independence is not possible when you’re an escort. Even though many escorts feel as though they’ve hit the jackpot on being able to take care of themselves and avoiding reliance on others, they really have set themselves up so they are quite the opposite.
For the woman who has stated, “I will never depend on a man to take care of me, again” that is exactly what she is doing. Female escorts who primarily have male clients are relying on men to take care of them. If not for the income generated from their encounters with men, they would not have any money. Escorts are directly reliant on their clients and are, to a degree, slaves to their preferences, wishes, whims and desires. Escorts use other people’s services in their line of work – drivers and protection are just the two that spring to mind.
The purpose of escorts is the pleasure of others, which effectively puts an end to any speculation of independence. Escorts create an image that will attract and please others and entice them into becoming clients. They become the “girl next door,” “naughty librarian” or “biker chick” in order to draw in clients. They go to great lengths to create biographies, personalities, physical looks and characteristics to bring life to the images they’ve created for others. They are dependent on others’ desires in order to determine who they want to be on any given day. They role play as doctor/nurse, cop/prisoner and teacher/student just to make clients happy.
Escorts spend money to carry out the fantasies of others. They purchase designer clothing and accessories to enhance their images. They pay to rent and furnish incalls that match up to who they are as an escort, but never who they are as a person. They create ads and websites, and pay for them, that promote the image they are trying to project, which is in reality nothing like who they really are.
They work their own hours, just as long as those hours coincide with their clients’ schedules. Independence would mean that they would work the hours they want to without any restrictions. But, that’s simply not possible when you’re an escort. You have to make yourself available when your clients have time. Escorts may pick and choose their hours, but they are usually within windows they know their clients require. They often change their days off to accommodate clients, spend the night when they hadn’t planned to for extra cash and break personal plans to see that big tipper.
Independence is truly ironic, especially in the escort industry, where one’s income is directly reliant on his or her clients.
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