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How do escorts use age to their advantage?
July 24, 2012 | For escorts, Marketing
Growing old gracefully is easier said than done, especially when one’s career is based, in part, on looks and appearances. Men are said to become dignified as they earn a little silver in their hair or crinkles around the eyes. But women are often thought to be simply old.
Sexiness, beauty and allure are assumed to fade with age. With that being said, though, there are many, many mature escorts out there who make phenomenal livings, despite their “advanced” ages. How do escorts fight the age dilemma better than the average woman? They address it head on.
1. Be realistic in your marketing information. Don’t list yourself as “20-something,” if you’re obviously “40-something.” Have the confidence and comfort to list an age that is near your own. Shaving a few years off is one thing, but being completely dishonest with your clients may give them cause to complain about your age. Yes, there are unwritten rules in the industry, but honesty is a strong selling point. Just try and see whether it works for you.
2. Use the fact that most clients don’t need a teenager escort. They are looking for an escort who can match them in intelligence, experience and/or age. They appreciate maturity and insight that comes with years.
Project yourself as a confident, capable woman. You can’t play off being young and dumb any more… so, it’s best to adjust your image to one that is suitable for an escort who is a little wiser and more sophisticated. Clients will be attracted to you for your years of experience and knowledge, rather than your nubile 20-year-old breasts.
3. Market to those clients seeking experience with an older woman. For many young men, making love to an older woman is a fantasy that they don’t get to act out in real life. Providing them with the opportunity to pick up a cougar or a MILF in a bar or hotel lobby is an experience that many, many young men dream of. Plenty of money can be made by mentoring young clients in the bedroom.
4. Stop competing with younger escorts. They provide themselves, you provide services on top of that. A masseuse doesn’t compete against a doctor for business, even though they both attempt to make people feel better. Younger escorts sell different wares. Identify your strong points, and celebrate those, leaving behind other things for the younger girls.
5. Get some work done, if you need it to enhance your ego. You are beautiful just as you are. But, if you need a boost or truly feel that a facelift or a little Botox is the answer to your dilemmas, have some work done. Consult with several plastic surgeons before committing to anything, and obtain references. Don’t sign on with a plastic surgeon based on price; always investigate their previous work and book surgery with a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Trust your guts, not their words.
6. Hire an expert photographer whose main goal is to make you look beautiful. Too many escorts scrimp on photographers and obtain photos that do not do them justice, whether they are younger or more mature. Look though a photographer’s portfolio before booking an appointment. Before you order photos, make sure they are what you want, too. Don’t settle for less than stellar photos for your profile or website.
7. Take a break, if necessary. Taking a little bit of time off can give you time you need to recharge your batteries and feel good about yourself, again. Take a vacation, sleep in, work out, read books, watch movies, go to the spa or do whatever it is that makes you feel good. By taking some time just for you, you may end up feeling much more positive about yourself and your age.
8. Avoid hobbyist forums at all costs. While some escorts appreciate the reviews they receive from hobbyists, older escorts may find themselves insulted simply from reading some of the crass, insensitive comments left by many hobbyists. Hobbyists are sometimes cruel and shallow and criticize every imperfection they can find about an escort. These are not the things to read to pump up one’s ego. Just like you wouldn’t knowingly ingest poison, don’t cause yourself harm by consuming negative information.
9. Engage in positive reinforcement everyday. Look at yourself in the mirror, and concentrate on the good things. Your eyes, lips, breasts… whatever you feel very good about. Focus on your positive attributes and reinforce the fact that you are desirable and beautiful, at any age.
10. Market yourself to clients who appreciate a woman who is in her prime (or is about to be). If you tell the story that you’re a virile, beautiful, sensual woman who is their dream come true, clients may think so, too. However, if you tell a story about a woman who is aged and nearing the end of her career, clients will believe that, too. Through your marketing, paint the picture of yourself that you want others to see.
11. After 30, be very careful with alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and all other drugs
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