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11 scents escorts can use to arouse clients
September 25, 2012 | For escorts
Your sense of smell plays an integral role in attraction and sexual arousal, which is a concept that has been endorsed for centuries. The Kama Sutra, written as a sex manual by the Hindus in the fifth century, said that the beauty of a woman was not determined by her physical appearance, but by her scent. The Indian word for “kiss” means to smell, and members of the Inuit culture rub their noses together instead of kissing on the lips (i.e. Eskimo kissing).
Rachel Herz wrote in her book The Scent of Desire: Discovering our enigmatic sense of smell, that scent is the most influential factor when it comes to sexual arousal for women, and the second most important element for men. As a result from her research and thousands of years worth of people anointing themselves with pleasant-smelling scents, it’s obvious that our senses of smell have a huge impact on sexual attraction.
As an escort, you want to enhance your clients’ experiences as much as possible. Not only does this include your client’s sense of touch, sight and hearing, but it also involves his (or her) sense of smell. There are many ways you can appeal to your client’s sense of smell: perfume or cologne, scented lotions or oils, candles, room oil diffusers, flowers or food. But, the most important things to know about aphrodisiac scents is what aromas tend to create sexual arousal. Here are some possibilities that have been used over the years:
1. Ylang-ylang: Also known as cananga odorata, Ylang-ylang is an essential oil historically used in Asia during marriage ceremonies to express love and desire and is spread upon the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia. The chemicals contained in the oil interact with the body to increase hormone production. It is considered to be an arousing Oriental scent that is used commonly in aromatherapy and perfumes (including the famous Chanel No. 5). It is often combined with other essential oils such as lavender or jasmine. Escorts may want to wear perfumes containing ylang-ylang or use lotions with it in them.
2. Lavender: An essential oil that commonly is used in aromatherapy to produce relaxing results, lavender may help your clients to reduce stress when they come for their encounters with you. By reducing stress, they may avoid any performance-related anxieties or other worries. Additionally, lavender (accompanied by other scents such as pumpkin pie) has been proven by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation based in Chicago to be most sexually arousing for men, acting as a true aphrodisiac by increasing blood flow to their genital areas. Lavender candles or room scent would be perfect solutions for an escort’s incall.
3. Jasmine: As the flowers are often worn as hair ornaments by women in India, the flower is used in many rituals surrounding marriage and romance. Cultivated for the perfume industry, due to its aromatic properties, jasmine must be gathered at night due to the odor being most powerful during the dark hours. In India, the flower is known as “Queen of the Night”. Jasmine essential oil production is popular in India, Egypt, China and Morocco. As an aphrodisiac, jasmine is strongly linked to sexual arousal in both men and women. It induces euphoria and increases sperm production in men. It is commonly combined with other scents such as rose or patchouli to intensify results.
4. Patchouli: Cultivated in tropical regions of Asia, including China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, patchouli is commonly used in perfumes and as incense. Its medicinal properties are also utilized in holistic and alternative medicine practices. Gaining popularity in the U.S. during the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the scent is also used as an aphrodisiac to help boost the libido and resolve erectile problems. The aroma of patchouli, while preferred by many, is extremely strong. Use with caution until you are confident your clients enjoy and respond well to the scent.
5. Sandalwood: An aphrodisiac for women, sandalwood is said to heighten sexual excitement by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is dominant during sexual arousal. The Buddhist and Hindu monks use sandalwood for their religious practices and meditation, and historically the aroma has been reported to effect human pheromones, which aid in sexual attraction.
6. Neroli: Derived from the orange blossom, neroli is known for its aphrodisiac properties, because it soothes and calms while increasing circulation. As your client’s blood gets pumping from the neroli, sexual arousal is much easier to achieve. Neroli has been historically used in Victorian weddings to stimulate romance and is used in more than 12% of all modern perfumes.
7. inger: Known to increase circulation, ginger can be used to get your client’s blood flowing and help to increase sexual arousal. Used in perfumes for centuries, ginger has long been known to be a stimulant and to increase awareness of all things, including increasing sensitivity to the touch. Furthermore, chemicals found within ginger are known to increase saliva production, which may lead to wet, sloppy kisses, and also may increase the body’s own lubrication, which is good for you as an escort.
8. Rose: Prized for centuries by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, rose is used to produce an essential oil long associated with love and romance. Used for years to seduce lovers, the scent of rose oil is relaxing and reduces anxiety, which opens up the body and mind for arousal.
9. Vanilla: Sweet and welcoming, vanilla has an euphoric effect on clients and is not overly powerful. Its scent helps to deter sexual performance issues and increases sensitivity by opening up the nervous system. Sexual stimulation is enhanced with the use of the aroma. Used widely in the manufacture of perfume and aromatherapy products, it’s widely accepted as a sexually-attractive scent.
10. Musk: Musk is said to resemble the scent of testosterone, which is incredibly attractive to women. Female clients may respond to musk candles or cologne with sexual arousal and may achieve orgasm more quickly when exposed to this aroma.
11. Cinnamon: Its spicy scent is said to increase blood flow and cause sensations of peace and relaxation. Increased blood flow can help speed up sexual arousal. Relaxation and stress reduction can help clients avoid anxiety or stress over performance-related worries.
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