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10 reasons why hillbilly escorts are getting more business
January 24, 2013 | For escorts, Marketing
“American Hoggers”, “Duck Dynasty”, “Swamp People”, “Hillbilly Handfishin’” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, along with many other shows, have sky-rocketed to the top of the ratings charts over the past couple of years, causing a surge in the popularity of all things rural, Southern or country. This trend didn’t go unnoticed in the adult industry.
From the highly-educated “Rocket City Rednecks” to the precision, expert skills of “Sons of Guns”, hillbillies and rural sages are not only featured, but they admired as highly skilled professionals at whatever they do, even if they do happen to have a bit of twang in their speech as they do it.
The popularity of these rurally-fashioned shows have helped to spur the creation of redneck porn videos with titles like “Ozark Sex Fiend”, “Biscuit Barn Bangers”, “Roadkill Ranch”, Hillbilly Honeys” and “Forklift Fetish”.
Hillbillies and rural pop culture icons have a way of appearing when the nation’s economy seems to be hitting rock bottom. During the 1930s, quite an obsession with hillbillies and backwoods lifestyles became prevalent. During the late 1960s, shows like “Hee Haw”, “Green Acres” and “Beverly Hillbillies” became popular additions to prime-time television. Today, with the dollar devalued, jobs outsourced, prices up, trust down, society is reviving the thoughts of downshifting to its raw roots.
The escort industry is a part and a model of the entire culture. Escorts whose images reflect country, southern-heritage or old-fashioned redneck sex appeal are finding their services in high demand for the following reasons:
1. People want to connect with people. Clients are smart enough to know that escorts usually personify an image they think their clients desire. However, clients often like to think that “country girls” are sweet and innocent enough that they are not deceiving anyone with their images. Cowgirl escorts are considered salt-of-the-earth. Clients may be looking for an escort who is real, authentic and upholding no false pretenses. Clients regularly deal with colleagues, business partners and social acquaintances who have nothing under the fake plastic surface made of premium grade political correctness. When they call an escort with country roots, they are hoping to find someone who is what she appears to be: uncomplicated, raw, genuine, and most importantly, sincere. They aren’t looking for three-inch long gel nails, caked on make-up or an obviously fake tan. They are looking for something real. recently reported that redneck porn titles have increased over 250% since 2010
2. Clients identify with many characteristics of rednecks. Down deep, past their polished exteriors and perfect manners and grammar, clients feel a spark of something raw and free, much like they think they find with escorts who claim to be simple country girls. They secretly dream about opportunities to grow bushy beards and live off the land. However, because of their addiction to the city and endless debt, they don’t think they can ever break free of their “civilized chains”. As a way to combat this and get a moment of freedom, they seek out unfettered moments with women who make them feel like men and swoon with a southern twang. They can briefly experience a time with a woman who isn’t gushing about designer brands and would much rather be strolling through the woods. They identify with simple wants and needs and approach redneck escorts hoping to feel more carefree and happy.
3. Clients are seeking out something drastically different. In their worlds of backstabbing friends and partners, they are looking for someone different. For some, the rurally-based culture is such a huge departing from their normal mindset that it seems exotic and alluring. They are curious about the hillbilly escort just as they might be about a Swedish or Malaysian one. The sex appeal of a country girl escort can feed a client’s desire to experience a new culture or explore a new genre of escort. They may be used to escorts who are accustomed to room service and the finer things in life; it’s refreshing for a client to visit with an escort who isn’t reliant on designer clothing, high-dollar accessories or expensive make-up to look good. He appreciates the fact that she’s grateful for room service and is impressed with the expensive hotel. (Even if she isn’t!) He may ask lots of questions about her hobbies and activities in order to learn more about her culture and lifestyle.
4. Clients call country girl escorts for fun. Many escorts who are city girls, world travelers or from rich, social circles may lack that fun factor that many clients are looking for. The redneck revolution depicts country folk as being carefree, wild and fun-loving. They are spontaneous, live for the moment and don’t bother being prissy. These clients like these escorts because they don’t care if their hair or make-up gets messed up. They laugh a lot. They are exciting and up for an adventure. Their attitudes indicate they feel that life is a fun ride and they are ready for its ups and downs. When a client calls an escort, he is looking for an outlet from the real world. Hooking up with a fun-loving redneck is about as far from his normal day-to-day life as he can get.
5. Clients are looking for an escort who is more open-minded. Many clients seek out escorts who won’t judge them based on their requests or preferences. Clients who want something out of the ordinary (or what they perceive to be out of the ordinary) may search for a country girl escort as a way to seek acceptance. Because rednecks are considered different, themselves, they may think they are more likely to go along with their weird requests. And, because backwoods activities are different than those in the “civilized world”, clients may feel their requests aren’t that far from customary. Since rednecks are often featured with a “go with the flow” mentality, clients may feel that escorts will be more inclined to help them fulfill their odd requests.
6 Clients book encounters with hillbilly escorts because they are sexy. The farmer’s daughter, kissing cousin and Southern belle are all images brought to mind when thinking of a country girl. They are usually depicted in short, cut-off shorts, halter tops or other sexy down-home attire. They are curvy, sun-kissed and may have a “kick-your-ass” attitude. All of that reads as sexy when you’re a client looking for a sweet treat. Escorts who post pictures of themselves busting out of tied up button-down shirts, raveled denim cut-off shorts and free flowing long hair may receive lots of calls from clients looking for a corn-fed cutie. Hillbilly girls are considered sexy not only because of their physical appearances (which is thought to be natural beauty), but they are sexy also because of their attitudes and abilities to take care of themselves, unlike their city-slicker cousins.
7. Clients like redneck escorts because they know what it’s like to have money troubles. With the economy in a hurt, it’s not uncommon for clients to feel the pinch in their wallets, too. They may not be as flush as they commonly are, and they are looking for an escort who knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. Popular culture paints rednecks and country folk as types who are consistently working to make a dollar in order to pay bills and provide for their families. Because many clients are worried about these things now, too, an escort who is understanding and not always talking about her Mercedes or diamonds may be preferred. Escorts who understand that the market is tight for everyone will be much more sympathetic to their clients who are unable to book their usual three hours and have to drop to only two.
8. Clients prefer country girls because they are more enthusiastic. Their innocence makes them excited about little things. They don’t require grand gestures, and they are pleased with attention from clients. Clients are made to feel that they are important, fascinating and powerful. Country girls make them feel worldly and experienced. These escorts are excited to learn from their clients and experience new adventures with them, even if it’s as small as dining on strawberries and champagne. Clients seek out simple experiences with country girl escorts and are excited by their bubbliness and enthusiasm for all things.
9. Clients feel they don’t have to impress redneck escorts. For some escorts, they are only impressed with clients if they learn of their seven-figure stock portfolios, see their penthouse suites and can boast of their CEO titles. However, clients who see redneck escorts often do so because they feel they can be themselves around them, instead of having to pretend to be a big shot. They know their escorts will like them just fine for being a common guy, without having to drive a Porsche or owning a yacht. They want to be appreciated for their sexual powers, senses of humor or their charm. Because they feel that redneck escorts are more simple and unsuspecting, they may choose them because the encounter is simpler and more genuine.
10. Clients want an escort who doesn’t play games. Country girls or hillbillies are thought to exemplify the “what you see is what you get” philosophy. They are who they are, whether their clients like it or not. Their sweet, simple charm is enough for them, which makes them all the more appealing to certain breeds of clients. Hillbilly escorts say what they mean; follow through on their word; and tell you what they are thinking. They don’t expect their clients to be mind-readers, and they don’t tolerate clients who are timewasters. Clients like knowing they are dealing with straight shooters and will schedule encounters with them time and time again.
And, perhaps, the biggest and most important reason of all that clients are calling up less refined escorts: country girl escorts are nice. Some escorts are not nice; they have chips on their shoulders and think the world is out to get them. Simple, country girls are sweet and kind, both with their words and actions.
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