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11 ways to a have a great escort career last into maturity
April 9, 2013 | For escorts
You may know and accept the fact that escorting careers usually have shelf lives that do not provide support as a woman matures. Many escorts hang up their stilettos when they reach 40, others stick with it until they hit 50. However, some escorts manage to work well into their 60s and 70s managing a successful career in the industry. How do they do it?
For some women, they are fortunate to have crazy genes that seemingly prohibit them from aging. Others, though, make it a goal to create an escorting career that endures, grows and evolves as they do. These flexible careers are the ones that are able to stand the tests of time.
In addition to proper planning and goal setting, society plays a huge role in the longevity of an escort career. Because we live in a culture where 40 is the new 30 and 50 is still considered young, clients are more accepting of mature escorts. In fact, the onset of “cougarism” has opened up an entirely new market for escorts, that seemed nearly scandalous back in the days of the Hollywood movie Mrs. Robinson.
Implement these top 11 strategies to ensure your escorting career will support you throughout your life:
1. Stay fit and healthy. This goal should be a priority for any escort, regardless of how long she plans to stay in the industry. Being an escort can be hard on your body: long hours, rigorous physical demands, strong mental requirements, emotional stresses and irregular schedules. Working under such conditions causes many to lose control of any fitness or health routines they may have had previously. It’s imperative, though, that you maintain regular health habits that will keep you in top form. Exercise regularly, incorporating both weight training and cardio exercises for best results. If you don’t know how to put together a good workout routine, consult with a personal fitness trainer or purchase structured DVD workout plans. In addition to staying active and fit, a healthy diet is necessary. Incorporate whole, natural foods when possible (such as locally-grown fruits or vegetables), lean meats and a healthy balance of carbs and fats. Maintain a healthy weight; consult your physician if you have questions about your ideal weight. Additionally, take care of your skin. It’s going to be the first giveaway to clients as you age. Don’t tan excessively, expose yourself to the elements without protection or fail to moisturize it regularly.
2. Market your services to clients seeking mature escorts. There’s a whole group of men out there hoping to find an older escort who will rock their worlds. Many are looking to learn a thing or two. Others are simply into the fantasy of being at the will of an older, more experienced woman. Some clients are older, themselves, and appreciate the common interests and memories that a mature escort can offer. Regardless of which category of client you are hoping to attract, it’s essential that you develop a marketing strategy for these men. Incorporate into your profile that you enjoy younger men because their passions equal yours (or something equivalent to let clients know you enjoy sex). Provide examples of the active lifestyle you lead, demonstrating that you are youthful despite your years. To draw in older clients, emphasize that things get better with age and wisdom. As long as you stay fit and maintain your beauty routines, you should have plenty of clients interested in fulfilling their fantasies with an older woman.
3. Rejuvenate with cosmetic surgery. All the celebrities do it, why not you? If you’ve got a few crinkles or some sagginess in the bust, all it takes to fix your problem areas is a visit to your local cosmetic surgeon. Facelifts, removal of crow’s feet, bust lifts and liposuction are common procedures with quick turnaround times that will get you back working quickly. Most surgeries are non-invasive and are becoming more affordable with time. Sometimes, all it takes to give a few more years to your career is a little fine-tuning. Consult with cosmetic surgeons in your region for ideas and input concerning the work you should have done to restore you to your glory days. To ensure you visit a quality provider, ask others in the industry for any referrals they can provide. (Odds are that some others who have been in the business awhile can easily give you their recommendations.)
4. Retain your regular clients. Client retention is essential for the success of any escort, but it’s even more imperative as you age. As many clients get older, they seek out younger escorts. However, if you are able to satisfy them completely, they may not feel the need to look for anyone younger. Make sure that you provide excellent service, attention to detail and personalized conversation for each and every one of your regular clients. If you can’t remember discussions and activities from encounter to encounter, take notes immediately afterward that you can review when prepping to see your client next time. Being able to continue past conversations, asking about important events in a client’s life and knowing his favorite intimate act will count for a lot when a client makes the decision to continue booking with you. The more regulars you can move into maturity with, the more successful your career will be.
5. Avoid overworking yourself now. If you’re planning to work in the escort industry into your maturity, you’ve got several years left ahead of you. To make sure you’re fit for those years, take care to maintain reasonable schedules in the present. Working overly strenuous schedules now may greatly impact your appearance later. Late nights, little sleep and partying with clients will leave you looking less-than glamorous as you get older. And, if you work schedules that provide little time off now, you may become so burned out as you get older, that maintaining an escorting career will be the last of your priorities. While it’s important to have a schedule that pays your bills, make sure that you have time off to enjoy life and take care of yourself.
6. Invest your earnings well. As you age, your encounter schedule will likely slow down. But, it’s perfectly alright for it do that, if you have additional income available. Work with a financial planner to make wise investments that will pay off as you get older. Whether you choose to buy stocks, invest in a 401(k) or put your money into an IRA (or other products), make sure that your money will be accessible when you expect your career to slow, such as in your 50s. Even if the money you receive from your investments is not enough to cover your bills entirely, it will help fill in the gaps where your escorting leaves off.
7. Grow your business. As you get older, your schedule may slow down, which means your income will, too. But, you’ve gained extensive knowledge and contacts that will go to waste if you don’t utilize them by expanding your business to include additional escorts to pick up where your encounters fall off. Hire two or three women in the beginning, and market them using the same strategies you used to obtain clients for yourself. Establish a commission for your efforts for each encounter your escorts acquire through your newly-formed agency. As their schedules get busier and the client list builds, feel free to add additional escorts. While you may not be out and about actually spending time with clients, you are still actively participating in the business, implementing your skills and expertise. As a result of your success by being an escort, you can be an even bigger success working behind the scenes.
8. Stay up to date with technology and marketing methods. As time progresses, the methods you utilize currently to manage a successful escorting career may become obsolete. Social media may expand; marketing techniques may become more personalized; and, the ways in which escorts attract clients may differ greatly in 20 years. You must stay current with technological advancements in order to take full benefit of trends that may help you remain a viable commodity. Additionally, marketing strategies may implement new tracking methods that will make it easier to target specific client demographics. Regardless of how things change, make sure you’re keeping yourself current and in-the-know.
9. Consult for a living. There are many independent escorts who are attempting to create successful careers of their own. Once you reach an age where you don’t desire to book encounters any more, you may be able to complement your income nicely by giving advice and direction to others. As a consultant, you can advise less-experienced escorts on everything from marketing, bookkeeping and recordkeeping to lingerie selection. You can help them determine best photos and poses for their online galleries. You can teach a new escort not only the importance of screening clients, but also how to do it. Essentially, you can instruct escorts how to survive in the business and act as their mentors as they progress in the industry.
10. Write a book. In a society that feeds on gossip and scandal, a book that reveals an insider’s view to the escort industry will be coveted. Your book should include the business angle of your success, but it must contain racy details, too, to maintain public interest. Some memoirs name celebrities or high-profile personalities in their books, and you can, too, if you wish. Of course, you know that divulging your clients’ names will be an invasion of their privacies, so it may be best to share stories only of clients who have passed away. The success of one good book about your escapades as an escort could set you up for life, if you have a penchant for writing or storytelling. (If you don’t write well, you may be able to hire a writer to pen your story for you.)
11. Marry well. Although this doesn’t extend your “actual” escort career into your maturity, you could still be providing services in exchange for valuables, such as a home, jewelry and other luxuries. Rarely does a lasting romance occur between an escort and her client, but it does in unusual circumstances. If you have such a situation, taking advantage of it will make life much easier in the long run.
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