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13 reasons you may never stop escorting
May 3, 2013 | For escorts
Becoming accustomed to being an escort may have been a hard pill to swallow. Leading a secret life, allowing strangers to touch you intimately and taking safety risks with each client you meet are difficult things to do in the beginning. However, after awhile, you have become a pro within the industry. Your screening skills are top-notch, your abilities to “read” clients are spot-on and you are very good at what you do during an encounter… and you like it.
Eventually, even the most successful escorts consider leaving the business for one reason or another. Many actually get out. And, the vast majority return to the escort industry. But, why? If so many escorts are dead-set on leaving their careers behind, why do they return to them in a few months or years?
Escorting is a career that is not perfect for everyone. Some women fail at it miserably, and they have no problems walking away. Others, though, are quite skilled at the tasks necessary for success and enjoy a lifestyle they were not able to acquire through other channels. As they walk away from a successful career, they eventually miss aspects of it that draw them back in.
Each escort may have her own reasons for never fully leaving the industry. Here are the top 13 reasons that you may choose to keep your career as an escort:
1. The money is good. Undeniably, the money you can make as an escort is incomparable to the income you will generate working a daily, 9-to-5 job. Realistically, the hourly wage you can command in a “normal” career may be respectable, if you’re educated and have qualifications and experience. You may be able to make $50,000 to $75,000 annually, depending on your background. But, that will usually require 60+ hour work weeks, an inflexible schedule and working for someone else’s profit. If you don’t have considerable experience, you are looking at an income of $40,000 or less, which is nowhere close to the amount you can earn as an escort. Knowing that you can make the same amount of money during one encounter that it could take you all week to make at a traditional job makes the money too good to turn down.
2. You can work a flexible schedule. Unlike a standard career where you report to work daily at 8 a.m., your escorting schedule may be much less rigid. Once you have an established client base, you can usually set your own schedule, leaving room for time to spend with your family and friends. You determine which days you want to work and during what hours you will meet clients, unlike a “normal” job. If you need off to go to the dentist or to run other errands, it’s no big deal. Additionally, regular clients are often willing to adjust their schedules if something comes up and their usual encounter time must be changed. Leaving behind that flexibility is a hard thing to do, especially when trading it in for a strictly-scheduled career choice.
3. Escorting is addictive. Many escorts get a thrill by meeting a client for the first time. Much like going on a first date or experiencing a first kiss, an escort experiences an adrenaline rush by secretly rendezvousing with her clients. Even though romance is never truly involved, it’s exciting to be swept up in a discreet tryst. Escorts also embrace the power they feel when clients putt their reputations, families and lifestyles at risk just for an hour or two with them. Knowing that your beauty, wit and charm have attracted clients who are willing to spend their hard-earned money just to spend time with you is intoxicating. It easily creates an addiction to this feeling of control and excitement.
4. You are your own boss. Anyone who has ever worked for a bad boss can appreciate the relief it is to finally work for yourself. You don’t have to answer to anyone, have someone breathing down your throat or worry about petty details that get in the way of doing your job. You are your own boss and are responsible for all things related to your escorting career. After working for yourself, it’s incredibly difficult to go back to working for someone else. You often forget to ask permission to do tasks, fail to appreciate the hierarchy and resent someone telling you what to do. Many women come back to escorting, because they want to work for themselves, again. And, what better turn-key job is there when you’ve already mastered the process? There isn’t, so they return to escorting.
5. The connections you make are amazing. There are few other careers where you will meet the top CEOs of companies, high-ranking politicians, celebrities and other elite professionals. And, through your intimate connections with these men, you may be able to call in a favor or two, if you ever needed one. You may be privy to insider information or just simply feel like you’ve got temporary star status. It’s a very cool feeling to rub elbows with the powerful players in your community. Not only are they the movers and shakers, but they are also intelligent and interesting. And, it’s unlikely that you would have the opportunity to run in such circles through any other career. When you stray to a traditional job, you are encouraged to come back just for the people that you meet.
6. Escorts develop a unique skill set. The skill set you perfect as an escort is much different than required in most “normal” jobs. As an escort, you are a business manager, accountant, scheduler, marketer, writer, public relations expert, image consultant, logistics coordinator, model and SEO expert, in addition to being your clients’ dream girl. Sometimes, you are a photographer, photo editor and interior designer (for your incall). You wear a wide variety of hats in order to become successful. When you look for a job outside of the industry that requires all of these skills, it’s impossible to find. You have developed a unique skill set that you enjoy utilizing. By transitioning to a job in a different industry, you must leave some facets of your former career behind, which doesn’t always resonate well.
7. Peer pressure brings you back to escorting. When an escort starts to share the news with her clients that she plans to leave her career, they often balk at her announcement. Regular clients may attempt to bribe or persuade you to reconsider your choice to seek a more traditional job. Through money, gifts or other considerate ways, clients may try to convince you to stay. Others who feel they have a lot at stake by you abandoning your discreet partnership with them may attempt to exert stronger pressure on you to continue escorting. They may threaten to tell your family and friends about your career (if they aren’t already aware of it). Sometimes, clients will attempt to ruin an escort’s chances of success in a new career by telling her new boss about her background in the adult industry.
8. Issues with “normal” relationships keep escorts from moving on. When an escort has been providing specific “services” to clients for a fee, it’s difficult to transition to providing the same services for free when in a relationship. Often, terms of intimacy become overshadowed by the business transactions they are when you’re an escort. Being romanced by a client during an encounter is part of the job requirements. Many escorts find it awkward to play out these same roles in real life with traditional partners. Because it’s difficult to maintain intimate relationships with genuine romance as the goal, many escorts resort back to escorting as a way to avoid the hassles they have with dating and intimate partnerships.
9. It’s difficult to get a job when your resume is full of holes. Some escorts can create a resume based on experience gained prior to escorting and utilize the skills they acquired during their industry career to obtain a job. But, if you are lacking true work experience or education, it’s challenging to create a resume that stands up against others when you’re looking for a job. When competition is so fierce in the workforce, a resume that doesn’t demonstrate experience in a particular field will be discarded by hiring managers. Escorts often stay in the industry, because it’s too challenging to move on.
10. Your lifestyle dictates that you remain in the industry. Once you’ve begun to live on your escorting salary, it’s difficult to scale back your life to be able to afford to survive on a standard income. Many escorts obtain high mortgages or leases, expensive car loans or extensive credit card bills. They become accustomed to eating at gourmet restaurants or living elaborately. If you have developed a lifestyle that is based on a higher income, transitioning out of the industry will be nearly impossible. Many escorts do leave their careers, only to find out they enjoyed the lavish lifestyle enough to return to the industry for the benefits.
11. Escorting brings great experiences. Many escorts get to attend exciting events, visit luxurious hotels and resorts, see grand sites and enjoy activities they might never get to be a part of otherwise. Rich and powerful clients take escorts with them to places that average people can’t get into. When escorts leave the industry, they miss the experiences and excitement that they had, which typically brings them back to their old careers and regular clients.
12. Escorts can create their own personas. Through image branding and marketing, escorts can change all aspects of their lives. They can make up stories about their backgrounds and become whomever they choose to be for clients. Often, escorts create personalities that they could never carry out in their real lives. It’s empowering to be able to be someone different. And, leaving this ideal personality behind to join a different career is often unfulfilling to escorts. So, as a result, they return to the industry.
13. They enjoy it too much to abandon it entirely. Escorts like their lives. They like their clients, making them happy and engaging with them. Many escorts have perfected their careers and are very good at them. It’s always difficult to leave a job you like. And, when escorts look for something else that is less enjoyable, they will always come back to the career that made them happiest.
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