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15 methods to soothe soreness from busy escorting
May 3, 2013 | For escorts, Health
Many escorts will attest to the fact that the industry is often feast or famine. You either wallow in periods where clients seem to be hiding or you are running from encounter to encounter trying to keep up with the sudden demand. After an especially slow period, you will be tempted to book every client you can get, despite how busy it will make you or the number of clients you must see in a day’s time. Often, an escort will book several 15-hour days to just make up for slow times.
Busy schedules that consist of overly-lengthy days with numerous clients will make any escort exhausted and ready for a break. However, in addition to being physically tired, an escort may be physically sore down there. It’s very possible that extensive sexual activity with clients can make your vaginal area extremely sore and irritated. Swelling, extreme sensitivity and redness may be noticeable after repeated encounters, especially if any activities were extra “passionate.”
But, all is not lost just because your lady bits are a bit sensitive. Here are some ways to alleviate soreness associated with a busy client schedule:
1. Rule out any other health conditions. Look for other symptoms in addition to vaginal soreness that might point to another condition. For instance, itching, unusual discharge or a displeasing odor may be signs of vaginitis, which is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. Vaginitis requires prescription medication to clear up. Sexually-transmitted infections often have accompanying symptoms such as discharge or lesions. Yeast infections are usually accompanied by itching, a distinctive odor and thick, clumpy white discharge. Allergies to a new soap, detergent, lube or condom could cause irritation or soreness in your vagina. Additionally, endometriosis, cysts and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease may cause pain in your vagina. Finally, vulvodynia causes misfiring of nerves in the vulva, which creates physical pain in the vagina similar to soreness experienced after sexual encounters. If you suspect that your vaginal pain could be the result of any other condition besides being overworked, see your physician as soon as possible.
2. Take a break for at least 24 hours or more. When your vagina becomes inflamed and tender, it needs a rest. It’s just like any other tissue in your body that needs to heal: it needs a chance to get better without further irritation. Becoming sore and swollen is a sign that your lady bits are overworked and needing some TLC. Continued irritation to your vaginal area will only make your soreness more severe and could cause real damage. After your break, it’s best to ease back into your schedule. Put off any especially aggressive clients until after your irritation has dissipated.
3. Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts. Epsom salt has been used to alleviate aches and pains for years, and it’s also known to reduce inflammation. As you draw your bath, make sure the temperature is warm, but not too hot, because too much heat may irritate your vagina. As the tub is filling, pour in the Epsom salt so it is dissolved by the time you want to get in. Soak no longer than 30 minutes in the bath.
4. Apply heat externally to the area. Place a heating pad set to a medium temperature or a warmed rice bag against your genital region outside your underwear. After ten minutes of heat exposure, remove it for at least 10 minutes. Repeat the process twice, three times a day for maximum benefit. The heat may soothe your pain and tenderness. But, make sure that the heat is not too hot. If it the temperature is uncomfortable, remove the heat source immediately. If you notice swelling in your vulva or vaginal area, avoid any heat applications. Heat may only increase the swelling, causing more pain and tenderness unnecessarily.
5. Increase your use of lube. Your vaginal soreness could be a result of insufficient lubrication during sexual activity. Several things can cause this ranging from dehydration due to a busy schedule to an antihistamine’s drying effects on your body. Additionally, as you age, lower levels of estrogen decrease the amount of natural lubrication that your body produces. If you’re running on empty due to a crazy schedule, lubrication could decrease because your are less focused on your client and preoccupied with everything else going on in your life. Lubrication makes sexual intercourse as easy as possible for you and your client. To avoid soreness (and to alleviate it during the interim if you must work), use liberal amounts of water-based lubricant for every sex act. Your vagina will thank you!
6. Change your diet. Experts at the Mayo Clinic advocate incorporating more Vitamin C into your diet any time that you experience soreness or tenderness in your muscles and soft tissues. Vitamin C promotes healing and decreases inflammation. Additionally, dieticians indicate that a diet high in sugar increases the body’s sensitivity, so it’s best to decrease your sugar intake, especially when you’re embarking on a busy schedule.
7. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen may help to reduce swelling and alleviate minor pain symptoms. Take as directed on the packaging. The two medications may be taken at the same time, if pain persists. If the recommended dosage fails to get rid of your pain, do not take more than the suggested amount. Taking too much of either medication can negatively affect your liver, especially if done habitually.
8. Apply a cool compress to your affected areas. Grab a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack from your freezer and hold it against your privates (outside of your panties, of course!). The ice helps to decrease swelling and bruising and ease pain associated with an over-used vagina and genital area. However, overuse of ice or cold compresses can reduce the healing process. Apply ice for 10 minutes at a time, and wait at least 30 minutes before reapplying it. Ice can also help prevent soreness associated with swelling if applied as soon as you suspect you may have had “too much fun” with clients. Immediately after arriving home from an extra-active session, apply ice as a prevention method for soreness or swelling.
9. Apply an over-the-counter antiseptic cream. Antiseptic creams have antibiotics that will help heal damaged tissue. Many creams include mild anesthetics that relieve pain. Many varieties of cream exist including Sudocreme or Neosporin. Apply it liberally, but look for any signs of allergy or irritation. If any signs become apparent, wipe off the cream immediately. Avoid putting the cream deeply inside your vagina. Put it on only around the outside of your vaginal area.
10. Consider using hemorrhoid cream to reduce swelling and inflammation. Hemorrhoid cream works to constrict blood vessels and draw out swelling. It is a great ointment to use in your vaginal area to ease your pain and decrease uncomfortable inflammation. Apply it several times per day when you notice discomfort.
11. Greek yogurt may provide relief. Many escorts encourage the use of Greek yogurt purchased from the dairy counter at your local grocery store. They indicate that smearing cold yogurt onto your vaginal area speeds up healing and helps to balance out any bacterial issues that are related to too much sex. Whether the yogurt, itself, helps your body to heal, or the coldness from the yogurt provides comfort, many industry professionals swear by this less-than-traditional remedy.
12. Hydrate yourself. Your body must have adequate amounts of water to heal itself when it’s injured. Bruising and irritation in your vaginal area are injuries that need proper hydration to heal. It is especially important if your vaginal area has any tears or rough spots. Additionally, if you’ve been running on a tight schedule, you will need to be well hydrated in order to overcome exhaustion and a poor diet.
13. Avoid scented shower gels or personal products. Scented products contain perfumes and other unnatural chemicals that may only irritate an already irritated vagina and genital area. Use a small amount of a mild, unscented soap and warm water to clean yourself. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Leaving traces of soap residue in your vagina may cause additional irritation and discomfort.
14. Increase foreplay if you can’t take a break from encounters. Some escorts can’t afford to take a break from a busy schedule. (Again, your schedule may be feast or famine…and you have to accept bookings when you can get them.) If this is the case, find ways to ensure that your encounters feature more foreplay that will help you get more in the mood. Encourage your client to watch you masturbate. Or, entice him to help you get warmed up. More foreplay creates greater amounts of natural lubrication and helps to elasticize the vagina, making penetration easier and less stressful on your soft tissues.
15. Perform kegel exercises regularly. Doctors encourage women who experience vaginal soreness after sex to practice exercises that help to tone the pelvic floor muscles, which strengthen the vagina. To do these, tighten up your pelvic muscles as if you were stopping yourself from urinating. Perform three sets of 10 flexes per day for a stronger, more flexible vagina that won’t get beaten up so easily with a busy encounter schedule.
Keep in mind that if soreness, itching or other irritation persists for more than three or four days after your schedule slows down, you may be experiencing symptoms of a more serious condition. Additionally, if soreness, alone, continues to plague you, more serious damage may have been done to your vagina or vulva. Take a look at yourself to ensure everything looks intact. If you suspect that something more may be wrong, consult your doctor immediately. Your vaginal health is nothing to mess around with.
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