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Use these peculiar demographic stats to fine-tune your escort career
June 24, 2013 | For escorts, Marketing
Any business owner recognizes the importance that demographics play when marketing to his ideal customers or clients. Being able to create an overall description of the average customer enables a business owner to more effectively devise a marketing plan and implement strategies to attract and retain customers. In terms of marketing and the importance of demographics, the escort industry is no different from other businesses.
Communication methods, appearance, rates and activities included in encounters may vary based on the demographics of your ideal client base. The places you advertise your services, the ways in which you schedule sessions and what you say to clients all depend on who your ideal and average client is.
However, unlike other business owners who can call their local chambers of commerce or refer to the U.S. Census Bureau data, escorts don’t have many sources available for instant demographics of the clients who seek their services.
For the escort who is still trying to determine who will call her, here are some statistics based on the self-reported poll taken by TER.
The average client who seeks escort services on TER is male, predominantly (65%) white and between 31 and 50 years old (52%). He considers himself better-than-average looking, as he ranks himself a 7 or more (60%) on a scale from 1 to 10.
When he was in high school, he says he was either a jock or ran with the “cool” kids (53%) and still ranks his body as being “athletic” (37%). Although he suspects he is a sex addict (78%), he knows he could be an amateur in the bedroom (32%) compared to his escort’s abilities. The chance that he is married is 50/50: 50% are married, 50% single.
Typically, clients seeking escort services have white collar jobs (75%), which means they are employed in professional, managerial or administrative roles. They currently work full time (62%) and are well educated.
38% of clients have master’s, doctorate or professional degrees, while 44% have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from a college or university. 40% of clients earn more than $100,000 a year through their professions, which provides them with the discretionary income necessary to hire escorts. They own their own residences (61%) and are involved in community activities or organizations (69%). Overall, the clients fit the perfect picture of a successful and socially-engaged professional who is community conscious and involved.
Escorts living in various regions of the United States may discover different things about the incomes of their clients, even though The Erotic Review’s statistics provide specific data. Geographic regions throughout the U.S. have higher (and lower) cost of living ratios, which is often reflected through employee salaries and housing costs.
Family life is an important thing to consider when figuring out who your clients really are. 50% of your clients may have no children, but 20% have two. 41% of clients have been married at least once while another 38% have never walked down the aisle.
Of the clients who have been married or currently are, 67% realize that if they were caught with you, their relationship with their significant others would end. But most aren’t really too concerned with this, because 66% of them have never been caught cheating before.
Over half (56%) of your clients consider spending time with you as a form of infidelity. But the remaining 44% feel it’s not the same as having an affair, so it’s not really cheating.
Your clients believe in true love, as 56% of them married in the spirit of it, and 41% of them are still happy with their significant others. So, they are not looking for replacements or someone to love; they are merely looking for companionship in a different manner than they get with their current partners. And, for the record, despite the sex drought with their wives that many of them complain about, your clients are engaging in intimacies with their significant others on a regular basis at least one to four times per month, and sometimes more.
Although your clients enjoy the time they spend with you, discretion really is essential to them when keeping your relationship quiet. Nearly three-fourths (72%) of clients polled indicated that they would never tell their friends about their escapades with you, regardless of how much fulfillment you give them. And, while they think seeking enjoyment with escorts is fine for them, 67% are against the idea of suggesting escorts to an adult son. However, they would accept the concept if they found out their father was a client; 65% said they would not divulge their dad’s secret indulgences. Only a small percent of them have ever been in trouble with the law over an escort: 92% of your clients have never been arrested for solicitation.
Clients spend up to $500 per month on an escort (60%). However, nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents indicated that they fork over between $500 and $1,000 monthly for encounters. Nearly one-third (31%) of clients are willing to pay up to $300 per session, but others readily pay more than that on a regular basis. 21% of escort clients pay $400 or more for individual sessions. Over half (52%) of your regular clients probably see you once per month, but 36% book appointments as often as two or three times a month.
Safety of their health is reported as a huge concern to clients, as 59% of them indicate they are worried about catching a sexually transmitted disease. 86% report that they’ve never caught an STD from an escort, and 56% say they’ve never contracted an STD from anyone. (But whether this report is entirely accurate is questionable, when 50% of responding clients have never been tested for STDs.) On the bright side, 29% of clients report they get tested yearly as part of their annual physicals.
While clients report they are worried about their sexual health, they are still willing to take risks. Over half (56%) of responding men indicated they had received full bareback service, and an unsurprising 89% say they would prefer an escort perform a bareback blowjob than a covered one. So, just because they say they are concerned with safety it doesn’t mean they are. This further demonstrates the importance of you holding tight to your boundaries about always using condoms during encounters!
While each of your clients may like different things during your time with him, there are some trends you may want to consider. Clients prefer to book encounters on weekday (80%) afternoons (32%), and 25% like evening sessions.
71% have never scheduled an overnight booking. Night and morning encounters are not popular with clients. They like the one-hour increment for encounters (67%), but nearly 1/5th (19%) of clients reported that they schedule two hours with an escort when they can. They prefer the initial contact be made over the telephone (46%) and like to receive a hug (35%) or a kiss (31%) when you meet for the first time. Speaking of kissing, three-fourths (76%) of your clients like to French kiss you during an encounter.
Don’t be surprised when your client shows up at your door without gifts or flowers: 53% never bring anything for their escorts. They indicate they book encounters because they are horny (68%) and enjoy foreplay during time with you (64%). They seek out the GFE (63%) and rate your sexual performance as more important than your looks (60%). When role-playing, the most popular outfit by far is the school girl costume (47%). And, while they may like to fantasize about it, they are not interested in experimenting with BDSM (37%). They enjoy it when you are submissive during an encounter (50%), and they expect to climax twice during a session (46%).
Even though they like to climax twice during a session, only half try to help their escorts reach orgasm and 13% simply don’t care if the escort climaxes or not. 47% report the longest non-stop sexual session they’ve ever engaged in during their lifetimes is one to three hours. 63% do not use Viagra, and 78% would never engage in drug use with an escort. They like doggie-style sex the best (37%), and most have never had a strap-on used on them (82%).
Preferences about their escorts vary, but clients typically don’t care if you are married (68%) or whether you have children (69%), as long as you are younger than them (63%). Your physique is more important than the beauty of your face (58%), but clients don’t really like breast implants (58%).
Escorts are expected to neither have piercings (47%) nor to smoke tobacco (49%). You should maintain an athletic body (37%), be between 18 and 25 years old (30%) and have blonde hair (38%). Blue-eyed escorts are most popular among clients (47%).
Half of clients prefer that an escort shave her pubic hair completely, while others indicate they liked the partially shaved look much more than a natural appearance. Escorts who wear lingerie (29%) or casual attire such as jeans (27%) are most requested according to polled clients.
Independent escorts are sought after more than agency girls, according to 90% of responding men.
Relationships with clients are taboo for most escorts, but some clients indicate they have fallen in love with (38%) and have had their hearts broken by (32%) an escort. A big percentage of clients (79%) would date an escort, given the chance, and 56% would actually marry a provider if they fell in love. So, even though all escorts know that Pretty Woman is really a myth, many clients have thoughts from time to time about seeking a life with their escorts. It’s wise to tread carefully if you suspect your client’s heart has become involved.
Keep in mind that while these statistics demonstrate various traits about escort-seeking clients, every individual is unique. You may attract clients who are much different than the ones who responded to The Erotic Review’s poll, so their preferences and demographics may vary greatly from those demonstrated in this article.
Regardless of whether your clients fit this mold or not, identifying basics about them will help you become a better escort and enable you to target the kinds of clients you want on your list.
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