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10 tips for escorts to avoid being ripped off by regulars
November 23, 2012 | For escorts
After you’ve seen a client a few times, you may choose to consider him a regular, especially if she tends to date you on a consistent schedule (weekly, monthly, etc). The way in which escorts rely upon their regulars is very similar to the way that a sales professional might depend upon her base salary without commissions.
Fingers crossed behind backEscorts usually come to trust and maintain a give-and-take relationship with their regular clients. It’s easy to let a few rules slide and to be a little slack where security is concerned when you feel like you know your clients. Understandably, it hurts most when one of your regular clients burns you by ripping you off or trying to take advantage of you.
Even though you may have a positive relationship with your client, it’s still best to take precautions that will save from nasty surprises. Here are some ways to avoid being ripped off by your regulars:
1. Count your money before the session proceeds. If you haven’t been doing this, it may seem awkward to begin the practice, again, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to do it privately. But it may save you much frustration (and a late rent payment) later if you do check the envelope for the correct fee. It’s not uncommon for a regular client to all of a sudden attempt to get by with a “discount” by shorting you by $20 or more. When caught, his excuse may be that it was a complete accident. It is, very likely, true, but no more than once. The ideal scenario is to count the money while your client preps for and freshens up for the date in the bathroom. If the amount is incorrect, you can calmly inquire about it when he returns from the bathroom. You can ask him if, perhaps, he was wanting only one hour, instead of two? Or, you can phrase it in another way to make sure there is no accusation in your question.
2. Keep your money in a safe place. After you’ve counted your money, put it away to remove temptation. Despite the fact your good client has never stolen from you before, there’s the first time for everything. Even the best people have their own unimaginable reasons to do unpredictable things. Trusting your client to treat you respectfully is one thing; trusting him when it comes to money is another. Put your payment where you know it will be safe.
3. Continue your security efforts. It would be understandable to lower your security level with a regular client. He’s a regular, right? True, but again, as with the previous point, there is always the first time. Escorts have been robbed and stolen from by clients they believed to be regulars. Clients can see that you make a significant income, and if they learn that you have a wad of cash available when they see you, they could be tempted to come back for it. Don’t get slack when it comes to your personal safety. Keep your security intact at all times, regardless which client you’re seeing.
4. Check for counterfeit bills. Most of your clients won’t have access to funny money, but getting false notes is a possibility. Not only can it impact your income severely, but it can cause you interactions with law enforcement that you might otherwise like to avoid. Law enforcement authorities will question where you got the bills, for what services/goods and from whom…all questions you would surely like to avoid incurring. Several things can tip you off that you may have counterfeit money: unclear or smudged lines in the borders or portraits, misaligned or unevenly spaced numbers and poor quality paper. Check the United States Secret Service website for more information: If you deal with cash often, you may benefit from a special counterfeit bill detection pen.
5. Refuse gifts or other items offered in lieu of your fee. While gifts are great as tips or additional incentives for great service, they don’t pay your electric bill, purchase your groceries or get your daughter a new pair of basketball shoes. And, unless you’re a jeweler, property assessor or other expert, you may be taken advantage of by your client. He may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes and offer you a gift that is of less value than your fees are. For instance, a client who attempts to give you a diamond tennis bracelet in exchange for your fee may be giving you a string of glass beads. Unless you’re a jeweler or a serious jewelry buff, it’s often difficult or impossible to determine that a piece of jewelry is a fake. The same goes for antiques, designer purses or shoes, event tickets and many other valuables.
6. Don’t expect tips. Feeling ripped off by a client when he stops tipping is not a valid complaint. A tip is a gratuity offered in addition to your fee. Your client may express his appreciation or gratitude through giving you a tip, but whether to tip or not is their choice. Any tip is a pleasant surprise. You should never feel shorted if your previously-generous client quits giving you tips. If you press him for a tip, it will become extortion. Extortion is not a skill that will land you high-quality clients. An escort who aggressively presses for tips is incredibly distasteful, which may go against marketing efforts aimed at presenting the escort as exclusive, fine, high-class, sophisticated, etc. If you want more money, raise your rates. Demanding a tip is a quick way to find out how easily replaceable you actually are.
7. Pay attention to behavior shifts. Clients often foretell their efforts to rip you off through their behavior and actions. If a once easy-going client all of a sudden becomes paranoid or edgy, you should expect that something is up. Let your intuition be your guide, and pay attention to your gut’s instincts. Clients behave differently than usual when they are preparing to act out in a way that is unusual for them. They may be afraid of getting caught, feeling guilty for what they are about to do or are anxious about the situation in regard to their upcoming actions. Behavior shifts will always tell you that you should be on the alert for something. Session stretching is the most popular way for escorts to be ripped off by regular clients
8. Keep a close eye on time, always. Clients like to stretch their time out by spending more time in the bathroom, staying extra long to share “just one more story” or lingering over “one more drink”. As far as you should be concerned, the clock starts ticking the minute the appointment is scheduled to begin and time is up when the encounter should be over. For instance, if a one-hour date is set to start at 4 p.m., you should have him leaving by 5 p.m., no excuses. Clients who begin to lose respect for your time boundaries get more than what they’ve paid for. They need to be carefully and nicely reminded that their time ends at a designated hour and extensions come at a regular fee. Many escorts find themselves in positions where they’ve let the time specifications slip by a couple of instances – only to discover that their regular client expects that to happen every time.
9. Do not allow your client to take advantage of you. Many regulars often expect “extras” from their escorts. They may expect “special” services, including BBFS or activities that you blacklisted. They may assume that they are “special” and the standard rules don’t apply to them. Regular clients may expect you to fit them on a short notice into your tight schedule, shuffle your appointments for them and drop everything else. Many regulars think they should have better access to you, because of their loyalty as a client. They may nag you with texts, emails, calls around the clock. Some even have the nerve to think they’ve earned a freebie. Or two. In other words, regular clients may push the envelope quite a bit when it comes to rules and personal relationships. Don’t allow them to do this; be nice, but firm. Keep boundaries in place, enforce your rules and establish precedents through maintaining consistency for all clients.
10. Avoid taking your regulars for granted. (This point is also an answer to the question “How do escorts have regular clients?”.) Your regular clients are your bread and butter. But just as in any relationship that is steady, strong and consistent, we often take our closest ones for granted. Never quit showing consistent appreciation and gratitude for your regular clients. Make them feel significant, important and needed. Show them affection and enthusiasm. Continuing to make your regular clients feel like you’re excited to see them each and every time you hook up for an encounter should ensure that they will never be tempted to rip you off or take advantage of you. Never give them an opportunity to feel shorted or like they didn’t get the encounter they expected. Always give them better service than you did the time before. If you do, they are apt to return time and time, again, with a smile on their faces and your fee in the envelope.
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