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12 tips for creating a sexy escort boudoir that clients will want to return to
December 27, 2012 | For escorts, Marketing
When you invite clients to your incall, some of them don’t know what to expect from a session with an escort. As they enter your bedroom, you want them to be swept off to a different world, leaving behind reality for an hour, two or, with any luck, more.
An escort’s bedroom should be the perfect mix of femininity and romance, without too much frilliness that men traditionally find annoying.
Here are some tips to creating a sexy boudoir your clients will love:
1. Keep your bedroom neat, clean and orderly. An escort must have a bedroom that isn’t cluttered or messy. Clients will never feel relaxed and peaceful in a bedroom that has clothes strung about, mail lying around or magazines or books piled around on dressers. Clients want a respite from the rest of the world and your bedroom should be that escape. Additionally, keep your bedroom clean. A client doesn’t want to lean up against your headboard only to come away from it with dust all over his hand. Nor does he want to spy cobwebs dangling from the ceiling as he relaxes on your bed.
2. Hide all electronics in your bedroom. Even though you may want to watch the occasional movie with your client to get in the mood or listen to some mood music throughout your encounter, your electronics don’t have to be in plain view all the time. Look into buying an entertainment center that will hold your stereo and television, but make sure it has a door to conceal your goodies. Having these items in plain sight take away from the decor of the room and interrupts the mood your furniture, color scheme and bedding give to the bedroom.
3. Maintain a peaceful environment. Regardless of the colors you use, the bedding you put on the bed and the decor theme you’ve adopted, the romantic mood of your bedroom will be interrupted if annoying and distracting sounds permeate the room. If you live in a big city, traffic, trains and city noises may be a constant.A couple getting it on in a bedroomBut they don’t have to be in the bedroom. Use heavy drapes on your windows to help drown out the sound. Install wall-to-wall carpet and put down a quality rug. Do the best you can to insulate your bedroom against the sounds outside. Heavy bedding, pillows and other throws and blankets may help absorb some of the sound, too. Additionally, if your incall is an apartment, hotel or condo, the walls may be thin. If your clients are especially loud, your activities may be heard next door. When you insulate your room with bedding and drapes, you may help muffle sounds coming from your incall, too.
4. Find a bed that has presence. Your bed should be the main attraction of the room. As your client enters the room, the bed must be the most prominent piece of furniture and draw him to it. Regardless of your style (Victorian, Shaker, Mission, Edwardian, etc.), your bed should be stately and big. Purchase a bed that is solid, excellent quality and looks expensive.
5. Invest in a good mattress. Because it will get quite a bit of use, your mattress needs to hold up well. Don’t buy the most expensive brand; don’t buy into the special options that many mattresses have (Sleep number, etc). Buy a name brand mattress of good quality that is not extremely firm or soft. In addition to buying a quality mattress, make sure you always use a plastic protective cover and a mattress pad on your mattress to protect it from any stains.
6. Select neutral warm colors for your bedroom. Although many people believe that cool colors are actually more peaceful and relaxing, warm neutrals have proven to provide more calming effects. Additionally, rich, warm neutrals encourage warmth and intimacy — which boosts the mood-enhancing powers of your bedroom. Additionally, select colors that don’t appear too feminine. Pastels will likely not do much to encourage a male client to get excited. The colors should project the image of a bedroom that belongs to a mature, passionate woman.
7. Light up your room softly. Avoid using an overhead fixture in your bedroom, but opt, instead, for table lamps in various places throughout the room. Install lower wattage light bulbs, such as 40 watt bulbs, so that the light in your room is enough to see by, but dim enough to give off a romantic ambiance. Consider using candles around the room as everyone looks better by candlelight! But be careful about candle placement: keep them away from the bed and anywhere you and your client might end up. Putting out a fire due to a knocked-over candle could ruin the mood.
8. Add a mirror to your room. Mirrors in rooms add depth and make them seem bigger. They also provide you with an additional sexy element that can be used by you and your clients during an encounter. Adding a mirror is not to say that you should install mirrored tiles on your ceiling. Incorporate a decorative full-length dressing mirror into your room’s decor. You can either place the mirror where it can be seen from your bed or purchase a mirror that is somewhat mobile for encounters.
9. Cater to your clients’ sense of touch. Soft, luxurious fabrics should be incorporated into the decor in your room. Buy high quality sheets that are soft and smooth to the touch. Use a comforter that is soft and enveloping. Microsuede or high-quality cotton are great fabrics to consider. Some escorts incorporate faux fur, mink or shearling throws into their room decor. Get rid of anything that is scratchy or rough to the touch.
10.Avoid too many pillows. While women may LOVE throw pillows on a bed, many men find the habit useless and annoying, especially when it comes time to roll in the hay. Focus on two quality pillows for the head of the bed and a couple of decorative pillows. Make sure all of your pillows are usable and not just for looks.
11. Keep personal effects to a minimum. Don’t put up personal family pictures, your children’s artwork or your amateur effort to paint a bowl of fruit. Avoid leaving out that paperback book you were reading before your client got there. And, put away your make-up, perfume or deodorant. Leave all personal aspects of your life as a mystery to your client.
12. Don’t be afraid of a feminine room. Many escorts are afraid that a feminine woman won’t help set the mood adequately for an encounter with a client. However, this is untrue. Clients enjoy being in a room that is decidedly a woman’s. They feel like they are being allowed into an escort’s inner space. However, avoid a room decor that is focused on frilly decoration and full of bows, lace and ribbons. Keep girly knick-knacks to a minimum. While the decor of your room can be feminine, it should still project an image of a grown-up woman, not a teenage Justin Bieber fan.
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