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8 alternative therapies that can help you be a better escort
February 3, 2013 | For escorts, Health
Being an escort is hard: it’s tiring, emotionally draining and physically demanding. The activities required of an escort may result in the development of several medical conditions, both physical and mental, including sprains and muscle aches and pains, insomnia, anxiety and related disorders like headaches and depression.
While an escort can go see her regular physician for treatment, alternatives exist that may help her without the use of mainstream drugs. Alternative therapies have been around for many years, and have recently begun to get proper recognition by people who want to be responsible for their lives.
Alternative and complementary medicines have been practiced for thousands of years both in the U.S. and well beyond its boundaries. Acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic medicine, yoga, homeopathy, naturopathy are being used more and more to defy the monopoly of Big Pharma.
Escorts can become much healthier with the use of alternative therapies. Here are the top 10 alternative therapies that escorts should consider when seeking treatment for issues that are problems to them:
1. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a therapy that involves the insertion of tiny needles into specific points of one’s skin to stimulate, disperse and regulate the flow of vital energy. Practitioners say it helps to restore the natural energy balance to patients. Hailing from China, acupuncture relieves pain, treats disease and boosts overall health. A typical acupuncture session, costing between $25 and $80, involves the examination of a patient’s tongue, along with evaluation of his or her pulse. Licensed Acupuncturists are degreed and board-certified and may provide additional therapies (such as acupressure, sonopuncture and moxibustion) along with acupuncture. Acupuncture may be used to create pain relief for migraines and other headache, neck disorders and osteoarthritis. The U.S. National Institutes of Health endorses it for the treatment of asthma, insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and smoking cessation. Other studies indicate its effectiveness in treating ADHD, hay fever and hypertension.
2. Feng shui: A Chinese therapy over 3,000 years old, Feng Shui uses the laws of Heaven and Earth to improve life and health by promoting ways to receive positive energy into one’s life. The literal translation is “Wind-Water,” and the therapy is associated with the Chinese practices to bring good health and prosperity into one’s life. Escorts can definitely benefit from positive energy that may help them financially, increase their health and improve their abilities to work well with clients. Additionally, good Feng Shui efforts may help clients, too, when they enter an incall that benefits from positive Feng Shui energy. Ways escorts can use Feng Shui to their advantage include: cleaning out clutter, purifying the air and opening windows when possible, letting in natural light, defining natural energy areas of their incalls. For example, the money energy area in an incall may be in the southeast area, and it should be bolstered with wood and water items. If an escort’s health energy is located in the eastern portion of an incall, it should be enhanced with wooden items, such as bookcases, figurines or other furniture made from wood. If an escort’s birth element is fire, she should focus on incorporating reds, oranges and yellows into her color scheme. Escorts may benefit by reducing stress and increasing their overall health and good fortune.
3. Hypnotherapy: Often used in comedy routines and as a complementary therapy to psychology or psychiatry, hypnotherapy can be used alone to bypass the conscious mind to access the subconscious to increase motivation or alter behavioral patterns. Many patients experience relief for chronic or intermittent pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, asthma and eczema. Others gain assistance for weight loss and learn new relaxation techniques through the treatment. A typical session with a hypnotherapist includes an assessment of the patient’s needs, the hypnotherapy session and an after-interview, determining how the patient feels about the subject post-hypnosis. Many escorts can relieve worries and stress they build up over their secret lives or involvement with clients.
4. Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is the treatment with water for relief of such problems as pain or joint issues. Using temperature and water pressure to stimulate blood circulation, reduce weight and stress on muscles and joints and using water-related weight as resistance, escorts may be able to tone up and exercise their muscles to an extent not available in any gym. It’s a great workout for escorts who engage in extremely physical encounters with clients who require stamina and great flexibility. Additionally, treatment with water jets, underwater massage, mineral baths and whirlpools may be just what the doctor ordered for sore muscles received through encounters with very athletic clients. An escort may be able to administer her own type of hydrotherapy at home in a hot tub, as well, as seeking professional attention for her ailments.
5. Massage therapy: Escorts may receive great health benefits by visiting a massage therapist, who will manipulate and massage their muscles and body tissues to increase circulation and work out sore muscles. There are many different styles of massage therapy including: Swedish massage, hot stone massage, Reiki massage, deep tissue massage and Shiatsu massage, among many others. Escorts may increase flexibility, reduce pain, increase energy and focus on specific problems when they get a massage. According to a study conducted in 2003, back pain patients reduced their needs for medication by 36 percent after undergoing treatment through massage, and cortisol levels may be reduced by over 50 percent, helping patients cope with anxiety and other stress-related problems. Patients reporting headaches and depression also saw favorable results after getting massaged, according to other national studies.
6. Chiropractic: Chiropractic medicine is a complementary and alternative discipline concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects these disorders have on a patient’s general health. Patients who seek out help from chiropractors receive manual therapy, with emphasis on manipulation of the spine to ensure that their bodies are lined out properly so they can function correctly. Lower back pain, caused by strenuous activity with clients, headaches and other joint-related pain may be alleviated or relieved with a visit to a chiropractor who can realign an escort’s body so it performs properly. Chiropractors often incorporate methods standard to Western medicine in their therapies, by employing diagnostic imaging techniques such as X-rays and CT scans to assist in the management of patient care.
7. Yoga: Yoga is a commonly accepted term for the mental, physical and spiritual disciplines originating in ancient India. Brought to the Western world in the late 19th century, yoga may be effective as an interventionist for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma and heart disease. Long-term yoga practitioners in the U.S. have reported musculoskeletal and mental health improvements as time progressed. Additionally, the practice is believed to reduce stress and make the spine supple. It can be used as a complete exercise program and a physical therapy routine. It has effects that have proven to be beneficial for asthma sufferers, and its habits including meditation and relaxation have reduced symptoms in heart disease patients. Escorts can reap the benefits of yoga through improved flexibility (which clients will appreciate wholeheartedly), increased stamina and reduced stress. The meditation associated with yoga may help escorts to relax and take their lives one moment at a time, which may make them much better at meeting the needs of their clients.
8. Herbs: Herbal therapy is often debated among medical professionals, but certain benefits cannot be ignored. Escorts who may be having difficulties getting in the mood with clients can rely on certain herbal remedies provided by homeopathic medicine. Several herbs may help an escort get “ready” for her clients. Some include: 1) Daminan: contains alkaloids that stimulate blood flow and increase sensitivity; it also relaxes the body and reduces stress; 2) ShatavarI: battles internal dryness and nourishes the female reproductive organs; 3) Muira Puama: provides benefits for all kinds of sexual therapies; 4) Ginkgo Biloba: increases the blood flow throughout the body, which raises sensitivities.
While official medical practices are a indispensable in emergencies, they are not well suited for healing or health management as they are based on “rob Peter to pay Paul” principle. If you want to improve and keep your health – and thus be a better escort, – look to the East.
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