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9 reasons why escorts should grant clients’ weird requests
February 26, 2013 | For escorts, Marketing
All escorts may agree that clients can come up with some pretty crazy things they hope to experience during an encounter. As a result, escorts are sometimes a bit unprepared for their clients’ creativity. Provided that an activity does not compromise escort’s health and safety, putting it on the “NEVER!” list may result in predictable, cookie-cutter encounters.
Wheel of fortune
This is perfectly fine for an escort with a strongly established client list. But escorts who are building up their client lists may be well suited to accept some odd requests along the way.
Additionally, well-established escorts may also find it entertaining and a journey from the “norm” when she fulfills a client’s unique desire.
Here are the top 9 reasons an escort should grant clients’ weird requests:
1. It costs you nothing. Many times, a client will make a request that will not cause you to put out any money in order to fulfill. For instance, if foot worship isn’t really something on your list of services, it still won’t cost you anything to allow a client to lick and suck your toes. Just make sure you wear a good pair of stockings and stilettos. Clients may ask for special treatment or a role play situation that only requires you to use a bit of creativity. Most requests don’t require any kind of financial investment in order to make them happen. Keeping in mind that the encounter won’t cost you a dime, there really isn’t much of an argument against going along with a client.
2. It could be fun. Clients sometimes spend all day dreaming up ideas for escort encounters. They have a lot of creativity and pent up anticipation. They may ask an escort to fulfill an odd request, with the disappointed anticipation already in place that he will be denied. A client whose odd scenario is accepted is going to be the happiest client you see all week. As a result, his enthusiasm may rub off on you, making the encounter the most fun one you’ve had in a long time. Don’t judge an encounter idea as being too silly, juvenile or just plain goofy until you’ve thought it over a bit more. Realize that once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with being goofy.
3. Your client is a loyal regular. It’s difficult to accept an off-the-wall request from a client you don’t know and have never met before. Not only is a first encounter sometimes awkward, but it would be even more weird when it involves a service you’re not accustomed to providing. First encounters should always be comfortable. However, if one of your regular clients has a unique proposition for you, consider it. You and he are used to one another and have a good rapport. You’ve already established your relationship. As a favor to a good client, it’s a wise decision to follow through with his fantasy, unless it crosses one of your personal boundaries. By conceding to his special quandary, you may make him feel special and appreciated. He may even feel that he is your favorite client, which will inspire him into increase loyalty and regularity.
4. The client will pay extra for the privilege. If a client wants to be tied down and tickled with a feather all afternoon, go for it—especially if he’s going to kick in an extra $100. Many clients know their requests are different, and they are willing to pay for the activity and the discretion that goes along with it. A client may want to simply dress up in your lingerie and put on make up with you. Or, he may have something else that is far from the norm for him. Regardless, if he’s willing to pay extra for the task, take him up on his offer.
5. The requested encounter may actually take less work for you. Working as an escort is hard: it’s physically and emotionally demanding. You must be willing and able to perform a non-stop sex marathon for clients if they wish, and also be his confidant, therapist and best friend, all at the same time. But, when clients request special services that are straying from the traditional, they often require less work from you. Sometimes a client just wants to cuddle and watch you pleasure yourself. Others may want you to give him a bath or wash his hair. Don’t look at a request skeptically; most times clients are very direct about their simple desires. And these desires will often require less effort on your part than a full-fledged encounter.
6. Call your client’s bluff. If you’ve established a regular relationship with a client, he may tease you about his “fantasy” encounter, which is full of weird elements. He may expect that you are far too traditional or stuck in your ways to grant him his perverse or taboo request. Surprise your client with your open-mindedness and stretch your services a bit to oblige him. Your client may be so surprised it takes him a few minutes to fully engage in his requested activity. Seeing the surprise on his face may be worth a full week of encounters for your own personal pleasure.
7. Consider it a way you can expand your services. Some escorts get repeat business because they provide unique services. Not every escort is into giving a client a golden shower. If some odd request by a client is something you find you can endure (and maybe even enjoy), you may have found a new line of services you can offer to select clients. You may be able to attract a whole different group of clientele as a result of your new services. And, if after trying something new and different with a client you conclude that it’s not really for you, add it to the “NEVER!” list.
8. You may earn a great review. You should never feel forced into providing any kind of service for an exchange of a good review. However, if your client usually gives you decent ratings, he may provide a stellar review for you if you go the extra mile to grant his oddball request. An escort may even go as far to inform her client that she expects a review that will really boost her ratings as a result of her willingness to try something new to fulfill a client fantasy. Look for the review afterward. If the client follows through, consider being open to his future requests.
9. Business is slow. When times are slow, it’s tempting to take on clients that are questionable in order to make ends meet. Additionally, it may be appropriate to fulfill that odd request from a client that you got a few weeks back. Perhaps, you put him off, in order to think about his fantasy. If business is slow, you should contact him to see if he’s still interested in doing that weird thing he asked about. If he is, make it happen. Slow weeks call for creativity on your part. And, picking up on client requests that you didn’t fulfill in the past is a great way to generate some extra business.
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