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Can escorts coast through on good looks alone?
March 13, 2013 | For escorts, Health
Of course, one of the unspoken requirements to being an escort is to be blessed with beauty. While not every escort is goddess-grade beautiful, most women who enter the industry are attractive, pretty or cute at the very least. Yet there are many other traits and skills that escorts should have in order to become successful as a professional companion.
Unfortunately, some escorts don’t fully think through how they will acquire success; they simply assume that their good looks alone will get them by.
This is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Any escort who relies on her appearance as her main way to attract clients will fail in the long run. Despite having a short run of success, escorts who don’t continue to put in the effort required to remain profitable will never reach their potential. Coasting through on your looks may get you some perks, but it takes much more to accomplish a prosperous career. Consider these ways that your looks may let you down:
1. Your looks aren’t going to last forever. Although a woman may be lucky enough to have great genes, she isn’t going to look 20-something for the rest of her life. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, skin may lose its elasticity and sun spots may show up out of nowhere. Dark circles, bags under the eyes or other side effects of stress may demonstrate themselves on your face. Despite your best efforts to retain your beauty and youth, your good looks will mature. And, while you may still be beautiful, your appearance won’t be that of your youth. Many escorts try to stretch out their beauty for as long as possible with the aid of cosmetic surgery, but the fact remains that beauty fades over time. An escort who relies solely on her looks is decreasing her chances for success in the long haul. If you are depending on your looks to put money in the bank for you, disappointment may be the end result in a few years.
2. Clients need something other than your appearance to draw them in. Most of the escorts out there are good looking. They may all offer something that varies: hair color, complexion, body type, eye hue, heritage or other physical attributes that differentiate them from others. However, as a client is making choices about which escorts to choose, he appreciates something more than just blonde vs. brunette as criteria to use in his decision. He wants to know if an escort is light-hearted or serious, innocent or naughty, and smart or ditzy, for example. He often looks for an escort who sees herself as more than just a pretty face. Women who rely exclusively on their looks are usually stereotyped as vain and self-centered. If you can’t project something else about yourself other than your beauty, clients may not line up at your door for bookings. While your beauty is a definite trait in your favor, it won’t guarantee your success.
3. Your appearance can’t compete with great marketing. Even if you’re the most gorgeous escort in your region or city, you must be able to market yourself effectively in order to attract quality clients. Other escorts become marketing specialists as they promote their services to interested clients. They spin an appeal to clients that features all of their best traits along with emphasis on their beauty in order to create a package, so to speak, that clients can’t turn down. They learn how to draw clients in, how to play up their best attributes (physically and otherwise) and ways to promote themselves that your good looks, alone, won’t do for you. If you fail to reach out to prospective clients in powerful, marketable ways, you will lose them to escorts who are willing to put in the work to craft a sense of allure around themselves and what they have to offer.
4. Beauty can’t apologize for disorganization. Seasoned, successful escorts know the importance of being organized and prepared. Scheduling clients is sometimes challenging, working around their routines and obligations and still meeting your available slots. It may take creativity and flexibility; but, it most importantly requires organization in order to ensure that you aren’t overbooking or double-booking yourself. Keeping track of clients is hard, too, but it’s necessary in order to weed out timewasters, creeps and security risks. Clients may ask for special services that require preparation or planning to provide. For example, a client might ask for a special role-play scenario that requires you to bring along a sexy outfit as you meet him for an outcall. Forgetting to bring the costume makes fulfilling the client request impossible. Additionally, escorts have to keep themselves organized to ensure they have plenty of condoms and lube with them, along with other supplies or clothing necessary for encounters. Wet wipes, make-up for after the encounter and a change of clothes is often helpful to have along with you when outcall bound. And, finally, organization is required to know where/when you’re supposed to go for outcalls. Knowing the address, how to get there and how long it will take ensure on-time arrival. Disorganized escorts often see clients unprepared and late. Clients don’t often forgive this type of unprofessionalism just because an escort is pretty.
5. Good screening skills trump good looks. Escorts have to be able to keep themselves safe in order to be successful. Experienced escorts develop screening methods that research the background of clients to check them out for security threats. The client’s name, address, profession and other details are researched to prove that he is actually who he claims he is and to verify if he has any criminal history record. Escorts who don’t rely on a screening process leave themselves open to all kinds of risks including robbery, rape, assault, murder, and, even, arrest. Escorts can’t just naturally assume that their good looks will keep them safe; their beauty might, in fact, attract someone who might want to hurt her. So, it’s important to develop proper and strong screening skills to avoid risky situations. (Of course, even the best screening methods may miss something, and a client may slip through who is dangerous or threatening.)
6. Your good looks can’t help you think on your feet. Across the board, successful escorts have one trait in common: common sense and the ability to think quickly. Running into all sorts of situations as an escort, you must be able to come up with solutions to challenges quickly and convincingly. Escorts are stopped at reception desks at hotels all the time, with the hotel manager inquiring about their presence there. They have to be able to quickly think of a story that will get them upstairs without any suspicion. Clothing malfunctions, scheduling conflicts and unexpected client requests may leave escorts temporarily baffled about what to say or do. But, because they are accustomed to working off the cuff, they can talk their way out of nearly anything. However, an escort who simply relies on her appearance to get her by will be extremely disappointed when her looks fail her.
7. Communication skills are much more necessary than attractiveness. An escort may render a client speechless with her beauty, but she had to be able to communicate with him in the first place to schedule the encounter. Some clients require a lot of persuasion or coaxing to schedule that first booking. Others need some encouragement at the beginning of a session to move past that awkward first-meeting discomfort. Sometimes, clients need instruction about how to do something, including how to get to your incall or ways to pay your rates. Escorts have to be able to clearly and concisely communicate with clients about all things ranging from services to expectations to general interests. An escort who is uncomfortable chatting up a client may lack success, because she is unpersonable or shy. A client may think she’s stuck up or overly reserved, choosing to contact a different escort next time, instead. And, clients who don’t understand the whole escort/client routine may get mixed messages or unclear instructions from an escort who can’t clearly communicate her thoughts.
8. Good looks won’t put money in the bank. Escorts who can’t count their pennies or attend to basic business concerns will find themselves lacking a career they can rely upon. Business matters are an essential element to a successful escorting career. From managing website hosting to making wise investments to coordinating your banking accounts, you have to have a head for business (or learn about the required tasks to make your business function). Paying bills, saving money, filing taxes and keeping necessary paperwork are integral parts of keeping your business legit and creating a reliable way of doing business. Escorts who fail to treat their profession as a business will find themselves in trouble with the IRS or under other intense scrutiny. Even the best looking escort has to file taxes. She also has to save for a rainy day (or slow months). Business sense may be inherent or acquired, but it’s as important to a successful escorting career as your appearance.
9. Intelligence and general smarts will get you much further than your looks. Clients may initially be attracted to you due to your beauty, but they will become long-term clients because of your stimulating conversation. Most clients want an escort they can talk to intelligently and who understands various subjects. Your general intellect will allow you to converse about many topics, especially if you take some time to do a bit of research ahead of time. Furthermore, your street smarts may keep you out of trouble. Street smarts may be defined many ways, but it boils down to being able to read people and their intentions. A comment that could be taken innocently may actually mean something much more serious, and it takes that sense about people to be able to infer the true significance. Experienced escorts can tell many things about a client right off the bat, just from watching and observing him. Their street sense and intellect allow them to put together what they know and what they see in order to assemble a large-picture view of a client. It helps you know what to expect. Often, it gives you warning to cut a client short as he progresses into activities that you don’t want to be a part of or suggests services you aren’t willing to provide.
10. General beauty is nothing compared to kindness and patience. Sometimes, escorts work with clients who are damaged goods. They have been unlucky in love, rejected by those who should love them and don’t know how to romance a woman. Escorts must exhibit kindness, patience, compassion and generosity for these ugly duckling clients who are simply looking for affection and a place for acceptance. Unless you serve a niche where kindness and compassion don’t fit in (as a dominatrix, for example), your main goal for clients is to give them pleasure and kindness. If you are unable to offer these things, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are. Clients won’t come back to see you if you don’t make them feel appreciated and important. Take your time with them, give them affection and allow them to feel as though there is no place you’d rather be than with them. Combine that with your beauty, and you’re set for success!
11. An escort without a sense of humor is about as useless as one without condoms. Escorts meet up with all sorts of characters through their careers. From odd and creepy to handsome and charming, clients run the gamut of stereotypes and personality traits. They have unexpected fantasies, fetish requests and emotional issues that may create challenging encounters. Though many experiences may be unsettling or uncomfortable (even maddening), it’s better to laugh about them than to dwell on them. Also, sex is funny. Bodily fluids, naked genitals and humorous sounds are all part of sex, which can be downright hilarious if you look at it with a sense of humor. Clients appreciate an escort who can laugh at herself and the situation. Additionally, many are attracted to women who are witty and funny. (They also secretly want a woman to laugh at their jokes, regardless of how bad they may be.) So, when you factor in the humor of sex, the situations you may find yourself in and just joviality, in general, being able to laugh is necessary and is much more important than being a beauty queen.
It’s obvious that an escort’s appearance may be the first thing a client notices. However, your appearance, alone, doesn’t ensure that you will find success as an escort. And even though being hot doesn’t hurt, it takes hard work and many traits to consistently attract clients for a long-term career.
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