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How long would an escort last without the sense of humor?
June 4, 2013 | For escorts, Health, Safety
An escort’s lifestyle consists of daily challenges ranging from scheduling obstacles to unpleasant clients, in addition to normal irritations that are bound to happen to anyone. And, like any other career where you deal with people, a sense of humor is required in order to keep the peace and your sanity. Escorting is a profession that puts you into any number of awkward situations, causes you to have to think on your feet and requires a great deal of patience to get through encounters, little lone an entire day.
Being able to laugh at your work and life, in general, is a necessity. As proof, here are the top 11 reasons to have a sense of humor as an escort:
1. Sex is funny. There is no doubt about the fact that anything that involves bodily fluids, natural body noises and weird limb positioning is going to be humorous. Even though sex and physical intimacy is a very serious issue, especially when pleasure is concerned, there are many things about sex that are often perceived as funny when you’re in the middle of the act. Escorts see their clients contort and twist their faces in odd ways during the point of climax, which is sometimes extremely funny. Sounds associated with sex are often embarrassing (vaginal flatulence, or queefs, and a client’s strange grunting noises). But, the embarrassment can often be laughed away with a simple joke or smile. Escorts may become impatient with their client’s proclamations during orgasm (“Oh, God, Oh, God!!!”), but they can usually become much more tolerant when they are able to find humor in their words. Actually a ridiculous physical act when you really think about it, sex is hilarious, and escorts have a front-row seat to all the action.
2. Clients say and do weird things. Humor helps escorts to accept the actions and statements of clients that might otherwise be offensive or hurtful. Often, clients are nervous, so they do awkward things and forget to display the respect or consideration they do in everyday life with others. They may show up to an encounter with an anti-social attitude or say rude things to an escort, as a result of a bad day or week. However, being able to laugh at the client’s behavior helps to make a bad situation an acceptable one. And, when an escort gets a particularly odd client, it’s much better to find a bit of good-natured humor in his actions or looks than to think negatively of him or the encounter.
3. Humor relieves stress associated with being an escort. Escorts incur a lot of stress due to many issues. They worry about their secret lives being revealed to the public and discovered by their loved ones. Escorts deal with clients they don’t always find to be the most pleasant. They stress over how to best please their clients to create the best encounters possible. Significant social stigma is attached to escorts’ professional careers, which can be a cause for stress and concern. Overall, there is a lot to worry about when you’re an escort. But, laughter is scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote overall health. When you laugh, you increase your oxygen intake, which not only stimulates the lungs, heart and muscles, but it also increases the endorphins released by your brain, helping to relax you and make you feel better. Laughter also increases circulation, which helps to loosen tightened muscles.
4. A sense of humor helps an escort connect to others. Escorts often have clients who are extremely nervous or uncomfortable during encounters. They are often quiet and hesitant to open up. It’s essential for an escort to get her clients to relax during a session in order to help them have a great encounter. She may use conversation, affection, massage or other methods to reach a distant client, but humor often works the best. People instantly connect when they laugh together or find humor in a shared situation. The common ground over a shared joke expands to an increased comfort level that both the escort and client can work from to establish a good relationship. Whether an escort uses humor to make fun of herself or something in the surroundings during an encounter is irrelevant. It’s the act of laughing together that bonds an escort and her client.
5. Life’s mishaps are funny. Everyone has embarrassing situations they find themselves in, but escorts often find their way into more of them, simply due to the nature of their work. Crazy requests, untimely minor accidents or slip ups and scenarios that would only be imagined in the movies are often regular occurrences for escorts. At best, life is unpredictable. Despite how prepared you are, escorts know that you can never be ready for everything. As a result, you can either cry about frustrating chains of events that occur or you can laugh at them. Escorts who are experienced in the business have learned to laugh off many of these scenarios. By being able to find humor in these minor obstacles, life’s simple frustrations rarely frustrate an escort for long.
6. Creating a positive attitude is essential to being a good escort. A sense of humor is required in order to have a good outlook on life and work. Being able to see the humor in life and activities with clients helps you to be in a better mood the majority of the time. Clients look for escorts who help them see things in a brighter light, too. They want to be around someone who puts a positive spin on life and makes them feel better about their own lives. Maintaining a good mood most of the time can be a challenge. It requires the ability to look for the positive, which often means finding the fun in any circumstances. When you can do this, you are a much more pleasant escort to be around. Clients will respond to your efforts to put on a smile and muddle through obstacles by booking encounters with you repeatedly. They appreciate someone who isn’t trying to bring them down and helps them return to their lives with a better outlook.
7. A bit of laughter throughout your encounters causes fewer wrinkles than frowning all the time. Even though some escorts may have quite a bit to frown about when life isn’t going as smoothly as they would like it to, there is no need to frown all the time. Frowning, especially when repeated over time, creates deep creases and wrinkles in your forehead, brow line and around your eyes. And, while laughter and smiling may cause a few crinkles at the sides of your eyes and around your mouth, these wrinkles are not as deep and pronounced. All escorts should be concerned with keeping their skin in top-notch shape and attempting to reduce wrinkles when they can. Incorporating more laughter and smiling into your daily routine can be a way to help.
8. Defuse awkward situations with humor. Some psychologists are incorporating humor therapy into their practices as a way to deal with difficult subjects or patients who have hard times opening up. When you have a client who is finding the encounter to be difficult, you may be able to use humor to loosen him up. Embarrassing situations with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, the inability to climax or other issues could make a client so humiliated he would never call you again for an encounter. However, if you handle the experience with tact and a bit of humor, your client may feel so relieved that he wouldn’t consider calling any escort, besides you! Humor can go a long way in making a bad situation a good one.
9. A sense of humor can discourage you from taking yourself so seriously. When you’re a popular escort, it could be pretty easy to develop quite a large ego. Your impression of yourself can be easily inflated due to client compliments, agency marketing hype and appreciative glances you get when you walk into any room. However, it’s important that you keep your attitudes about yourself in check. There’s a difference between having self-esteem and being egotistic. But, when you have a sense of humor, you can typically laugh at yourself and identify flawed aspects of your personality or appearance. Additionally, implementing humor into your encounters is also a way to keep your clients grounded and in check. When they know you may find things they do humorous, it’s easier for them to view things as funny, too, including their own actions or statements. This is very important with some clients who tend to be a bit full of themselves or quite pompous.
10. Clients look for an escort who can have fun. An integral part of having fun is laughing. Light-hearted encounters are often just what many clients are looking for, as an escape from their ever-serious lifestyles they normally lead. Taking a break with someone who easily finds humor in the world is like a mini vacation for clients. Furthermore, many clients think they are funny, too. These men are excited by a woman who laughs at their jokes and seems to enjoy their senses of humor. It makes them feel appreciated and worthy.
11. A sense of humor can reduce the self-criticism you give yourself. Just like other women, most escorts criticize aspects of their appearance or personalities. An escort may hate her nose, butt, big toe or any other body part that doesn’t suit her ideal “normal.” However, if you can find something funny about the things you don’t particularly like about yourself, it may be a way for you to embrace your flaws. Being able to laugh at your imperfections is a way to shrug off anything about yourself that isn’t exactly as you wished it could be. It’s a way of telling yourself not to sweat it. And, it’s also a form of acceptance that helps to boost your self-esteem.
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