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13 motivation boosters after taking a break from escorting
June 10, 2013 | Finances, For escorts
Whether your break was for the duration of a long weekend or for several weeks, it’s often difficult to get back into the swing of things after having some time off from any job. Escorts may have particular challenges becoming motivated to work, again, due to the nature of their profession. They often feel their careers are stigmatized, judged and unaccepted by their families and friends. However, just like any job, it’s necessary to “get back into the saddle” and return to work once vacation is over.
Escorts can rely on the top 13 ways to get motivated after taking a break from escorting:
1. Use being refreshed from your vacation as a springboard to gain momentum on your career. Many jobs create burnout in their employees, reducing performance and satisfaction. The escort industry has a high level of burnout, because women may choose to work schedules that are difficult to maintain long term and allow society’s judgments to weigh heavily on their consciences. As a result, escorts get tired of their jobs easily. But, coming back from a vacation with a fresh perspective may be exactly the type of attitude you need to rejuvenate your career with creation of a new profile, posting different photos or developing a renewed attitude. When you return to work, you shouldn’t be as jaded or critical of your career. Use the happiness you created for yourself when you were on vacation to instill pleasure into your career.
2. Focus on the money. Sure, your vacation was a lot of fun. But, it cost you quite a bit of money, too. Not only did the vacation, itself, cost something for your airfare, hotel and activities, but it also cost you in terms of lost income. While you were off, you weren’t bringing in any money from encounters. Your break created a double-whammy on your pocketbook. When you return to work, it’s essential to get your head into the game in order to get back on track financially. Adjust your budget to offset your losses, and move forward with a new financial mindset including the amount of money you need to make over the coming months to recoup your vacation losses. Many successful escorts use money as their main motivating force, because it’s one of the primary reasons they became escorts in the first place.
3. Set goals for the future. Setting career goals for yourself is one of the best ways to get in gear and become motivated after an absence. The most obvious goal would be a financial one, to ensure your expenses are taken care of. However, there are several other goals you can focus on, too. Some escorts determine their success by the number of clients they see weekly or monthly. Establishing a quota for the number of encounters you book is a measurable, true indicator of how well your marketing is doing and your level of attraction to clients. However, instead of a goal of clients or numbers of encounters, some escorts determine their success according to the number of hours they book with clients. (This helps to cover clients who book multiple hour, extended encounters.) Perhaps, you’d prefer to set goals that reward you for your hard work, instead. Select a high-end purchase you would like to make in the future as your goal, and work toward it by figuring out how much extra you have to make weekly or monthly in order to afford it. Long-term goals are good, too, but are often less motivating initially because they are not realized as quickly.
4. Focus on your good clients. When escorts come back to work, they often dredge up memories of their least favorite clients or encounters. Don’t do that! Focus, instead, on the ones that make you feel special. Many clients truly appreciate their escorts and the services they provide to them. They lavish compliments upon them and make their escorts feel beautiful and admired. Some clients are, in fact, quite good looking, have amazing personalities, are brilliant and laugh contagiously. These are the clients you should think of when returning to work. It also helps if you can schedule your first few return encounters with some of these special guys.
5. Get back into your routine. Routines are traditionally good for your health. They cause you to get up each morning, eat a healthy diet, exercise and go about life. These routines naturally lead you back into your regular working habits. As you drink your morning coffee, you may habitually check on client emails or communications, glance at your profile and tend to other administrative tasks related to work. Allowing the progression of your normal routine will provide you with some motivation to get back to work. Otherwise, when your routine is broken through no encounters to go to, you feel like something is missing or out of place. That empty feeling may motivate you to get back on track with your clients.
6. Stop feeling lazy. After a vacation, it’s easy to get stuck in the unproductive rut. It’s nice to laze around in your pajamas all day and watch inane daytime television. However, after awhile, it becomes extremely boring. When you find yourself getting bored, it’s definitely time to get busy doing something productive. Getting busy with work-related tasks is the easiest way to become productive, again. However, because you’re accustomed to being a bit leisurely, ease back into work gradually. There is nothing stating that you have to jump back in where you left off. Slowly get your schedule booked back up and get used to the demands of your career, again. The important thing is to increase productivity so that eventually you are running full-tilt, again.
7. Consider what and where your clients will go while they’re waiting for you to return. If you fail to begin seeing clients as you originally promised them, they will find a new escort. Most are understanding when you elect to take some time off and enjoy life. However, they expect you to come back within an expected timeframe. If you put them off when you return, they may decide they are tired of waiting on you. When you lose your regular clients, you are left with trying to acquire new ones. It takes twice as much effort to gain new clients as it does to retain current ones. So, you will have to exert extra effort to attract a new group of regular clients. Additionally, you will have to screen each of them and get to know them so encounters are comfortable and you can anticipate their needs. This is quite time consuming and will require extra work on your part. It’s much easier to keep your current clients, and this concept should be quite motivating.
8. Consider what it would be like to go back to your old job. Regardless of how much you may have enjoyed aspects of your previous profession, you switched to escorting for several reasons. Your escorting career is more flexible, pays better and allows you to be your own boss. You determine your working conditions, who you see as clients and what circumstances you work under. Through your old profession, you were likely managed by others, obligated to a strict schedule and paid far worse. When your motivation is lacking, especially after taking some time away, think about the alternative to escorting. Typically, the thought of making less and working more is not one that is inspiring, and escorts have no trouble getting back to work when they address this possibility.
9. Book fun encounters as you return. Perhaps, you have some clients who have talked about doing some fun activities with you in the future. Encourage these interesting encounters as a way to break back into the escorting monotony. For instance, if a regular client has been trying to convince you to come to his yacht, agree to see him there. Suggest a ball game or other out-of-the-ordinary adventure with another client. Maybe, a client wants to explore an interesting role play or fetish. Go for it. Something different may be the motivation you need to get excited about your profession, again. Embrace the encounter and enjoy the experience.
10. Suck it up. Just like anyone else with a job in the world, when your vacation is over, it’s time to go back to work. You may dread it all you want, but the reality is that you’ve got bills to pay, obligations to tend to and people depending on you. While it’s fun to indulge in luxury fantasies, the real world comes back and has realistic expectations of you. Everyone does it; they come back to work after vacations, and they do their jobs. That’s what you have to do. Ignore your feelings of laziness, hesitation or boredom. Once you get back to work, things won’t seem nearly so bad, after all.
11. Buy something new for your encounters. When you can look forward to using or wearing something new that you really like, going back to work is not a chore, it’s an adventure! Consider buying some expensive lingerie that you can wear to feel especially sexy. Or, maybe a new toy is more your style. Either way, incorporating something new and enjoyable into your comeback will motivate you even more to book that first return encounter. As an added bonus, you can create excitement for your client, too, by sharing that you have something new and exciting to show him. The mystery will drive him wild, and creating suspense for your client is sexy for you.
12. Incorporate elements of your vacation into your daily life. When your vacation extends into your regular routine, it doesn’t seem like you’ve left those memories so far behind. Place photos around your incall of your vacation. Prepare recipes from the local culture of your vacation destination or wear an item of clothing (such as a robe) you picked up while you were away. Perhaps, you can create a play list of music that will remind you of your vacation or put up decor items you purchased on your trip. Keeping elements of your happy times visible and present in your life may help you maintain a positive outlook and implement it into your regular world.
13. Pre-book encounters so that you have clients waiting for you when you return. Coming back from vacation and knowing that you have to do the work to book appointments isn’t anything to look forward to. However, if you arrive home from your break, with encounters scheduled within the next couple of days, you are compelled to follow through with your obligations. Motivation becomes much easier, because some of your work is already done for you. Of course, you have to jump back in and schedule additional appointments with clients for the future, but your immediate work is completed for you already.
You should never feel badly about experiencing low motivation levels for your work. It’s a common problem across all industries. However, it’s essential that you find ways to overcome it in order to continue with a successful escorting career. Struggling to make ends meet as an escort isn’t any more fun than when you were scraping by in your other career. When you have the capacity to have a better life through escorting, it only makes sense to conquer your lack of motivation.
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