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Do all clients realize it when they are hurting the escort?
July 18, 2013 | For escorts, Health, Safety
Some clients who seek escort encounters are quite inexperienced with women and the female anatomy. While they may have kissed a girl a time or two in their lives, their involvement never extended much past second base. They didn’t have the opportunities (or the desire) to learn how to please a woman in a gentle, appropriate way.
Escorts run into clients of all types. And, many of them present challenges to providing fulfilling and positive encounters. Much of the time, escorts can find something about the encounters that was pleasant or enjoyable. But, when an escort runs across a client who is rough or awkward as he attempts to pleasure her, the encounter becomes nearly unbearable.
So, what are you supposed to do when you incur a client who is rough when he touches you intimately? What are the appropriate steps to take to correct the situation? Here are some things to consider when you have a client who doesn’t realize he is hurting you:
• Know that some clients just aren’t aware their actions are undesirable. They’ve watched extensive amounts of porn and think that slapping at, erratically rubbing or aggressively fingering your lady parts is the key to turning you on. They probably don’t realize that their clumsy attempts are
only drying you out worse and making you sore, the reverse of what they’re really trying to do. Most men don’t really comprehend the sensitivity of the female genital area. It is rare that a client really intends to hurt you.
• Many escorts hesitate to correct rough clients. Because they fear offending their clients, many women endure painful foreplay from clients who really don’t know any better. Escorts are afraid of hurting their clients’ feelings. These inexperienced clients have finally built up enough courage
to call on an escort for help fulfilling their fantasies, and escorts hate to burst their bubbles by telling them that their efforts don’t feel good. Some clients would be so embarrassed and humiliated that it would be difficult to carry on with the rest of the encounter, or so some escorts
think. Meanwhile, they allow their clients to continue to clumsily finger them and rub their clitorises to the point of numbness.
• Escorts should realize that they don’t have to allow a client to hurt them. Even if it is unintentional, clients should never inflict pain on an escort, and she should speak up if she experiences discomfort. If a client hurts you through other means (grabbing you harshly, hitting you or
causing painful intercourse), you would definitely complain about it and insist that the actions cease. However, because escorts attempt to be sensitive to their clients, they allow painful foreplay to continue. You should never accept behavior that is causing you pain or will leave you
unnecessarily sore. You have the right to avoid discomfort.
• Consider reversing the pleasure for your client. It is rare that a client will turn down oral sex. Offer to perform a blow job as a “thank you” for all of the enjoyment you received from his attempts to please you. Avoid giving him much of a chance to resist; make the offer quickly and
position yourself so that you can start giving him oral sex immediately. Once you’ve touched his penis, it’s very likely that your client will forget all about what he was doing to you. Move the encounter along from this point, never really giving your client another chance to touch your
genital area. You’ve solved your problem without offending your client in any way.
• Demonstrate the right way. If his clumsiness is too painful to endure any longer, stop your client in mid stoke and suggest a new way. Most of the time, clients want to learn how to please a woman, but they’ve never really had a chance. Demonstrate by showing him how you like to be touched. If
necessary, do it yourself for a bit so he gets the idea. Then move his hand to where yours was to continue the motion. If he still doesn’t get it, show him again. Most clients are willing learners, especially if you exhibit patience with them. And, keep in mind that his technique doesn’t have
to be perfect. The objective is to get him to stop hurting you. If his attempt is not uncomfortable, do what you have to do to convince your client that he’s doing a good job.
• Explain to your client that your lady parts are over sensitive. When a woman gets really turned on, her clitoris becomes enlarged and extra susceptible to touch. Tell your client that he’s got your motor running and that his efforts are just too much. Most clients will take this as a
compliment. They will feel that they’ve done a good job in getting you aroused, so they will be pleased to move on to some other intimacy. If necessary, really play it up that you’re nearly to the point of orgasm. Tell your client you want to wait for him, and make a move to change positions
or transition into intercourse.
• Be honest. Some clients simply can’t take a hint. For these guys, it’s best to come right out with the message that they are hurting you. Be clear, direct and nice. Tell your client that his efforts are appreciated, but they are extremely painful because it’s not how you like to be touched.
It’s okay to inform him that you prefer gentler stimulation or a more tender caress on your clitoris. Unless your client is a complete cad, and some are, he will understand that he needs to simply stop what he’s doing…now. If he doesn’t stop, you have every right to be unkind or harsh and
insist that he quit touching you. Depending on the situation, it could even be grounds to call the encounter off and leave.
• Prefacing the encounter with a warning about being sore could help you avoid painful situations. While it may not sound sexy to talk about previous clients at the beginning of an encounter, it is appropriate to quickly mention a rough experience with one in order to deter painful foreplay.
Tell your client that a previous guy was rough and clumsy as he attempted to arouse you, leaving you extremely sore. Tell him that you’d appreciate him being extremely gentle or avoid touching your lady bits altogether. Most clients will take the hint and happily make detours. And, this client
might even take the hint that he should be gentle with women, for fear of making them sore. He surely wouldn’t want to be the client talked about later.
• Create some foreplay through dirty talk, describing how you’d like to be touched. Essentially, you’re attempting to give him some directions for when the clothes come off. Talk about what you want him to do to you, explicitly talking about gentle caresses and soft touches. Make sure that he
gets the idea as he begins to touch you through your clothing. If you suspect that he’s still going to be rough, quickly move past this part of the encounter and on to something that you will enjoy more.
• Masturbate in front of your client. If you suspect that your client will be rough with you, completely take this activity out of the encounter. Most clients enjoy watching an escort bring herself to climax, so it’s a great way to avoid a painful experience and get him turned on at the same
time. Your masturbation session may alleviate some efforts you would have to make to get him turned on, otherwise, which can speed up other activities associated with the encounter. And, you get some enjoyment out of the experience, too. As you touch yourself, make sure you explain to your
how it feels and why you like a particular kind of touch. If this client becomes a regular, maybe he will learn the finer art of turning you on.
• Substitute his penis for his fingers. When a client begins to awkwardly poke at you, suggest something different. Position yourself so you are straddling him and use his penis to masturbate with. Not only will it be a softer touch, which won’t hurt you, but it will also arouse your client. You
won’t have to endure his rough jabs, feeling like he’s digging for gold…and, it might even reduce actual intercourse time. Because the head of the penis is extremely sensitive, he may come close to climax before intercourse even begins.
• Set firm boundaries ahead of time. Some escorts refuse to kiss their clients or to engage in anal sex. You could ban particular clients from their attempts to finger you. Establish this as an unapproved activity from the very beginning if you suspect that you’ve got a client who is going to be
rough or cause you pain. Simply taking this intimacy off the table will help you avoid the situation altogether.
• Tell your client about another act that really turns you on. Men are usually eager to please, and if they discover something that instantly turns you on, they will want to do it ASAP, often abandoning any other action they are engaged in. They easily take the suggestion that kissing your neck
or licking your belly button will instantly get your motor running, almost to the point of climax. They will likely drive you crazy with the new activity, but it will get them away from your vulva and clitoris. Just be sure that you give them an alternative that won’t cause you discomfort in a
different way.
• Be weary about bacteria and germs from a client who insists on touching your vaginal area. Your genital area is extremely susceptible to infection and upsets in pH balances. Make sure that your client has washed his hands before he begins to touch you intimately. Additionally, if he appears to
have jagged, dirty nails, tell him that he can’t touch you until he cleans and trims up. Jagged nails can cause scratches or tears, which can get infected. Dirt under the nails can spread germs. And, any client who attempts to anally stimulate you and then touch your vagina needs to be
stopped. Bacteria from your anus should never be spread to your vagina; it can cause severe infections and discomfort for you.
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