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What escorts should know about date rape drugs – and why
July 23, 2013 | For escorts, Safety
Escorting can expose you to clients with bad intentions. Although they may know that you’re a “sure thing”, that doesn’t mean that they are willing to play by your rules. You have to look out for your safety during each encounter, especially with new clients. While all clients want to indulge in their fantasies, some fantasies may include robbing, injuring or assaulting you.
Occurrences where escorts are drugged by clients with date rape drugs are not overly common, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself from possible situations involving them. Date rape drugs are used to incapacitate a person and render them temporarily unconscious and unable to recall the details later. The prevalence of their use is increasing at clubs and raves, in addition to reports on college campuses. Many executives are also using them recreationally or to induce sleep. China has recently seen a rise in the number of incidents of “bar girls” spiking drinks of Western businessmen in order to rob them later. It’s not out of line to assume that these drugs could be used on escorts, too.
Similar situations have been reported where escorts were physically and sexually assaulted by not only their clients, but by other men who accompanied the criminal to the scene. They have also been robbed.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Women’s Health, there are three most common date rape drugs in use. They are Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine.
1. Rohypnol: The trade name for Rohypnol is flunitrazepam, and substitutes such as clonazepam (Klonopin) and alprazolam (Xanax) may be used with similar results. Rohypnol is commonly known by several names including: Circles, Forget Pill, Lunch Money, Poor Man’s Quaalude, R-2, Rib, Roofies, Whiteys and other names. Illegal in the United States, it is trafficked in from Europe and Mexico, where it remains legal. Usually in pill form, Rohypnol dissolves in liquid and is usually tasteless and colorless. However, manufacturers have included an additive in some pills that causes clear liquids to turn bright blue and dark liquids to turn cloudy when diluted with the drug. (Old pills will not have this effect.) If you’ve been slipped Rohypnol in your drink, it will usually take 30 minutes to begin affecting you, and the symptoms will last for several hours. To another person, you might simply look and act drunk, but something very different will be going on. You will have trouble maintaining your balance, so standing will be difficult. Your speech will become badly slurred, you may lose muscle control, experience dizziness and have difficulties seeing correctly. Nausea and other stomach issues may accompany other symptoms. Eventually, you will pass out and experience memory loss when you wake up.
2. GHB: Gamma hydroxybutyric acid is a legal substance in the United States, but its distribution is highly restricted. Extremely potent, the drug is also known as: Bedtime Scoop, Cherry Meth, G, Gamma 10, Georgia Home Boy, Gook, Goop, Liquid E, Liquid X, Salt Water and Vita-G, among many other names. It is often made in home or street labs. It usually appears in liquid form, but it can be produced as a white powder or in a pill. It adds a salty taste to a drink. Many criminals will make sure the victim is drinking a sweet or fruity drink that will disguise the salty taste. Effects of GHB set in within 15 minutes and last for three or four hours. Because of its strength and varying chemical composition, overdose is common and can be fatal. Drugged victims experience extreme relaxation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, breathing difficulties, sweating, vomiting and a dream-like feeling. Some extreme symptoms include convulsions, tremors and full-blown seizures. Most people wake up with no ability to recall what occurred after their last drink.
3. Ketamine: A legal anesthesia for animals, Ketamine has several street names including: Black Hole, Cat Valium, Green, Jet, K, Special K, K-Hole, Kit Kat, Super Acid and several others. It is often distributed in liquid and white powder forms. Veterinary offices and animal hospitals are robbed frequently for this drug. Ketamine is a fast-acting drug that may make a victim unable to move or speak, despite being aware of his or her surroundings. Distorted sight and sound, loss of time and identity, out-of-body experiences, impaired motor function, breathing difficulties, vomiting, numbness, convulsions, loss of coordination, slurred speech and the general feeling of being out of control are common symptoms of the drug, in addition to blacking out with memory loss the next day.
While not one of the most common date rape drugs, Fry Cigarettes are prevalent on the scene, too. They are cigarettes laced with marijuana and coated with or dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde). Commonly called Water-Water, Drank, Amp and Wet Daddy, Fry Cigarettes create psychosis, hallucinations and delusions for those who smoke them. Often, people who smoke an entire cigarette will pass out and experience memory loss about what they did while under the influence. They taste like rubbing alcohol and smell like gasoline when lit, but most who take a drag from one think it’s just a joint. The Network of Victim Assistance indicates they may also be laced with PCP. Cigars laced and dipped the same way are often referred to as Smurfs. Fry Cigarettes made their debut in North Carolina in the late 1990s and are used by abusers who want to convince a victim to accept a laced drink more easily. They make you much more susceptible to suggestion and may even increase your sex drive and vulnerability.
While there is no sure way to avoid being drugged by a client, there are some precautions you can take to avoid the situation. Most date rape drugs are administered through a drink. To avoid the risk of being drugged, always make or open your own drink – and watch it. Pour your own wine or champagne. If you can’t prepare your own, carefully watch your client as he pours it for you. Never leave your drink unattended while you go to the restroom to freshen up – take it with you. Avoid any drink that tastes or smells funny. Ask for a new one or go without.
Most victims report that they begin to feel overly drunk for the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed. If you begin to feel woozy on a few sips of wine, take precautions quickly. Call your security partner or a friend, make arrangements to leave or contact the hotel concierge for assistance. If you wait too long, the drug will take full effect, rendering you incapable of helping yourself. Whatever you do, attempt to leave or get out of your situation immediately. Don’t bother to make excuses about leaving; just get out.
If something happens and you wake up from an encounter feeling hung over (despite drinking very little with your client), be aware that something may have happened. If you feel disoriented and can’t remember what happened after you drank from your beverage, it’s a significant sign that you may have been drugged. Pay attention to your surroundings. Do things appear to be in proper order? Are they as you would have left them? If things seem out of place, take note that you may have been drugged. Additionally, if your clothes are not on correctly or they are torn, it’s a sign that things weren’t going right at some point during your last encounter.
If you sincerely suspect that you’ve been the victim of a date-rape drug incident, seek help immediately. Go to the closest emergency room. Leave your incall or hotel room without urinating, douching, bathing, brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Don’t change your clothing or eat or drink anything. Consider calling the police from the hospital. Ask the doctor at the ER to take urine samples to test for drugs.
The doctors at the ER will likely administer a rape kit to test for sexual assault, collecting semen and hair they find on or near your genitals (and clothing, etc.). This will help them track down the person (or people) who assaulted you.
When you return home, do not move or empty wine or drink glasses, as they may still have residue from the drugs on or in them. They can help lead investigators to the person who drugged you or prove that drugs were administered to you without your knowledge.
In addition to sexual or physical assault, there may be other things to worry about if you’ve been drugged during an encounter. Your client may have had unprotected sex with you that could’ve spread an STD or other infection to you. Additionally, unless you are on birth control, you could become pregnant. In addition to sexual aspects of your attack, the date rape drug could have significant side effects for you, such as heart failure, stroke, seizures or other problems sometimes associated with these drugs or overdoses.
Despite how you may fear your situation will appear to police or investigators, do not avoid calling the police because you think they will arrest you. If you’ve been drugged, you’re the victim of a crime. You did nothing wrong except to trust the wrong person. Even though your screening methods are thorough, it’s impossible to detect someone who will stoop to such measures to rob and assault an escort. Unless he had a prior criminal record that you overlooked, you had no way of knowing that your client would end up being a psychopath.
Remember that apart from yourself nobody is either responsible for nor concerned about your safety, no matter what they say.
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