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10 adult video games escorts should know about
July 30, 2013 | For escorts
Many escorts work with clients who are avid gamers. Many of these gamers are much more comfortable in their online gaming environments than they are in person with a real, live escort. Even though you may go the extra mile to draw out your client, your communications with him may still feel awkward. And if you fumble for conversation, it’s very possible that any physical interactions will be clumsy and unpleasant for each of you.
Some escorts have discovered that they can engage their clients and entice them through playing games with them, especially games that include sex
Sex and video games have gone hand-in-hand for many years. Ever since the 1980s, nudity and sex have been included in games. The first game may have been the text-based Softporn Adventure created in 1981 for the Apple II. Japanese developers jumped into the arena and produced the majority of titles and advanced the genre with sexually-explicit graphics, called eroge.
Today, a couple of different terms are used to define online sex games. MMOEG stands for “massively multiplayer online erotic games” and tend to be centered around foreplay, seduction and arousal. Games focused on oral, anal and vaginal intercourse are termed MMOVSG (“massively multiplayer online virtual sex games”). Single person versions are available, too, and are indicated by SPVSG and SPEG. These kinds of role playing games allow you to control your avatars within scenes and direct them to engage in specific sexual acts. You can find online role-playing games by using a search engine or asking your client for suggestions.
Accessories for sexual role play games exist, too. They can be synced with the programs and elicit erotic sensations when used. All aspects of sex are represented: BDSM, orgies, transsexuals, role play and fetishes, in addition to more traditional sexual practices. Incorporating these technological accessories could be an excellent way to seduce your client. While many sexually-targeted games are currently available for PC or Mac use, several more are getting published as phone apps.
At least one developer is working on ways to make 3D sex games compatible with the Xbox Kinect, so users can “touch” the avatars. Most games serve the straight male demographic, although versions do exist for gay men, heterosexual women, lesbians and members of the fetish community.
A few games give users the opportunity to produce their own erotic scenarios, use unique camera angles, write musical scores and emphasize body parts with large sizes. Technology provides many options for the sexually-desirous gamer. In order to engage your client consider any of the following games:
1. Traditional games that include sex scenes: Your gamer may be accustomed to playing popular, mainstream games. If so, indulge his habits by playing one with him, and encourage him to get to the sexy scenes quickly. Options might include: Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect 2, Grand Theft Auto: Hot Coffee, God of War 3 or The Witcher 2.
2. Bonecraft: Producers coin it as when Sci-Fi meets fantasy for the ultimate 3D sex game. You and your client can direct Captain Fort Worth and his crew as they encounter naughty elves and racy robots for sexy romps. Sensual content is available throughout the game and is enjoyable for both you and your client.
3. Seduce Me: The game includes five mini-games based on real world card games. You can choose from four seducable characters and 10 supporting roles to explore the luxury mansion and look for erotic scenes. This is not as popular of a game, but the graphics aren’t bad. Some gamers will balk at its simplicity, but it’s a fairly easy game to get through so you can enjoy more action together in real time.
4. BoneTown: Action Adventure Adult Video Game: Claiming to be the first porn video game, BoneTown has been compared to SecondLife, but with much more gratuitous sexual content. It’s a single player game, so you will have to hover as your client plays it and maneuvers through the naughty role-play scenarios that include sex, drugs and debauchery. Reviewers suggest its comedy is a bit off-kelter, so reserve this game for a client who won’t be offended.
5. Jenna Jameson Strip Poker: Portraying the traditional game of strip poker, this game triggers different strip tease sequences as various card combinations are acquired. Actually, any strip poker game will suffice for getting your client loosened up, even if he isn’t really into card games.
6. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude: The seventh in the Leisure Suit Larry series, this game requires the player to prove his seductive wits by obtaining tokens of affection from 16 different coeds on campus through free exploration mode. It’s a little cheesy, but its humor and ease of play should inspire your gamer client to want to indulge in some affection of his own.
7. Polymorphous Perversity: A 2D role-play game, your client gets to play a sexually-disturbed hero who must deplete others’ hit points by having sexual intercourse with them. The plot is quite simple, as most sexually-centered games are, but it’s fun for your client for a little while.
8. Second Life: Celebrating 10 years of play, Second Life enables players to interact in a virtual world where they establish the plotlines. The game really has no objectives or rules, and various levels of play exist including an adult status that features overt sexual activity and nudity. If you have a Second Life profile, you can play with your client, while spending time together in real time, too.
9. Red Light Center: Designed to resemble Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the game features an online community site that offers virtual hotels, movie theaters, nightclubs, bars and stores. Membership, as of March 2008, was estimated at over 1.5 million profiles. As an escort, the role of a Working Girl would be perfect for you, and you can interact with your client through sexual activities or simple conversation, whichever he is more comfortable with.
10. 3DX Chat: Virtual sex is possible through this online role play game, and features realistic graphics your client will surely enjoy. Customization is possible with this game, so your client can spend time adjusting his avatar so it looks just right prior to interaction with you, if he so chooses. Updates are added nearly every day, including new sexual positions based on real-life action from porn actors and actresses. Users can chat, invite and interact with others at the virtual beach, bars or other game locations.
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