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No matter how slow the business, escorts should never take these 11 risks
August 9, 2013 | For escorts
During a slow economy, it’s extremely common for an escort to experience a reduction in the number of encounters she books. And, during the course of the year, a natural fluctuation of business can be expected, with certain times of the year being slower or producing more business than others. However, if you find yourself in a predicament where your number of clients is consistently dwindling to a point where you’re not able to pay your bills, it’s definitely time to take action.
Desperation often takes hold when an escort gets to the point she feels she must do something to increase client traffic. However, desperate acts aren’t always well thought out and can be risky. Be aware of these top 11 risks you should never take regardless of how bad business is:
1. Accepting bookings from clients who didn’t pass your security screening can be dangerous. You have implemented a screening process as a method to preserve your personal well-being, in addition to avoiding clients who might be trouble in other ways. Clients who don’t pass your security checks are often hiding something. They may not have revealed their real names, avoided giving you information that would allow you to find criminal background details and purposefully gave you false data in hopes of tricking you. You should never entrust your safety or freedom to a client who can’t pass screening efforts. Not only could a client be dangerous, but he might be a police officer. Either way, your desire to earn some quick cash could cost you considerably more when you ignore your own security check results.
2. Over communicators should be blocked, despite how badly you need the money. Clients who successfully book an encounter with you should have no need to continue further contact unless plans need to be changed. However, some feel an instant “connection” and want to build on that. Others are so happy for the attention from a beautiful woman, they take the need to text or call too far. These clients become too much work and result in a very small fee for the amount of time they take from you. Sometimes, these very over-communicative clients cancel appointments at the last minute, having already gotten significant attention from you. If they don’t cancel, be aware that they are not afraid of pushing your boundaries. In person, they may be even more tempted to test your limitations. Avoid lowering your standards to accept clients who will drive you crazy with endless attempts to chat and possibly more.
3. Do not agree to visit crime-ridden neighborhoods for any amount of money. Clients who live in sketchy areas don’t always recognize the dangers associated with their homes. Escorts who agree to meet clients in risky areas of town may not only incur security threats as they travel to and from the client’s home, but they may also experience property damage, mugging or verbal assaults. If a client books an encounter and requests you to visit a dangerous outcall location, attempt to persuade him to visit you at your incall or any other mutually agreeable location. You may be able to salvage the booking by changing locations. But, it’s not worth it to risk your safety or property for the fee for an hour booking.
4. Agreeing to reduce your booking time to 30 minutes starts a snowball effect you can’t undo. Clients who can’t/won’t pay your full fee may suggest that you book them for half of your minimum or some other amount of time, with an appropriately discounted rate, too. Even though your pocketbook tells you that some money coming in is better than no money, allowing clients to book in 30-minute increments is not going to be good for business, ultimately. You will start a trend that others will want to take advantage of. Before you know it, the majority of your clients will be interested in booking shorter encounters, eventually netting you much less money for your time and efforts. When you consider how much time it takes you to prepare for an encounter, travel to and from it and clean up afterward, a booking for only 30 minutes doesn’t have a rate that adequately pays you for your time. And, reducing your encounter time increments compromises the quality of services you provide. An encounter is about not rushing and enjoying your company. One-half hour bookings don’t provide adequate time for the full experience associated with your reputation.
5. Accepting bookings with clients who make detailed sex requests is not a good idea. First of all, clients who are so unsavvy that they initiate a conversation about sexual activity as they book an encounter are very inexperienced or not very bright. Dealing with such a client could be challenging in a number of ways. He may not understand the importance of discretion, fail to follow instructions and expect more than what you’re willing to offer. Secondly, conversations that involve the mention of sexual intercourse or other sexually-intimate activities are big red flags for law enforcement officials. Simply talking about money and sex during the same phone call could get you arrested for prostitution, even if you’re not exchanging intercourse for cash. Even if you need the money badly, avoid this client at all costs.
6. Avoid pulling clients off of your blocked list when you need to increase business. You put these unpleasant clients there for a reason. They should stay there. No level of desperation should make you want to book another encounter with the client who constantly smacked his lips or the one who cancelled four times in a row. Regardless of why you blacklisted them, do not think that resurrecting a connection with them will bring you satisfaction. They were the source of trouble or unhappiness previously; they won’t be the answer to your current problem now. You only risk more issues with them in the future by encouraging contact.
7. Resist the urge to advertise on questionable marketing sites. Many websites exist that will help you get the word out about the services you offer, in addition to being able to share photos of yourself with interested clients. However, sites you know are patrolled regularly by law enforcement should be avoided. Additionally, if it appears that the status of escorts who appear on the site do not meet up to your standards or level of expertise, the site might not draw the kind of clients you’re after. Do some research about the general demographic of the clients who utilize a site before advertising on it. Instead of increasing your business, you could simply be maximizing your headaches and disappointment, in addition to attracting some really sketchy characters.
8. Watch out for agency scams. Being desperate for income can put you at your most vulnerable point, increasing the chances you could be susceptible to escort agency scams. The ones that advertise for escorts, because they have many more clients than they can service with their current escorts are going to be scams. Agencies that require you to pay an application fee, get professional photos and give them other sums of money are not going to get you any additional business. Be wary of agencies that hire you on the spot or make you audition for the job with the general manager (or any other male employee). There are a number of other agency scams out there, and it’s most possible to fall for them when you are really at rock bottom, yourself. Don’t allow your desperation about money to cloud your good judgment. Use your head when applying at any agency and ask questions that will indicate whether you will be better off working for them or staying independent. If an agency won’t answer your questions, avoid them like the plague.
9. Car meets are dangerous and should never be an option for you. Escorts who are talked into meeting a client in his automobile and driving somewhere for some intimacy are asking for trouble. Getting into a car with a stranger relinquishes all control you have over the situation. You are powerless to defend yourself against an attack or to influence where your client takes you. The possibility of rape or murder is very genuine. Car meets are perhaps the most risky of encounters and are not worth any amount of money. (Usually, clients who suggest car meets often expect a discounted rate, anyways.) Subjecting yourself to dangerous situations like this can cost you more than money.
10. Letting your security partner go to save money is not a viable option. Some escorts think they can operate more efficiently without a security partner, especially when they figure out the amount of money they could save. However, your security is something you can’t put a price on. If you have another option for security that is just as effective and cheaper, it’s something for consideration. But, otherwise, you shouldn’t think that this is a good risk. Maybe you’ve never been assaulted or robbed during an encounter. But, the presence of your security partner may intimidate any clients with ulterior motives from acting on them. Staying safe is not an option, it’s a necessity.
11. Compromising your personal boundaries is risky behavior that can result in your career downfall. Many escorts who stick to the policy that all clients are required to wear condoms during intimate acts can see that their less strict counterparts may get more client interest. It’s a fact of life that men, generally, don’t like to use condoms. However, as a precautionary method to protect not only your sexual health, but also the health of your clients, condoms are a necessary evil. Escorts may be tempted to offer bareback services as a way to lure in more clients, especially if business is lean. But, if you contract an STD as a result, you will be unable to work and have to find another source of income, in addition to paying medical bills associated with your illness or infection. If you contract a curable STD, you will still experience downtime from working, in addition to possibly exposing other clients to your infection, which does not bode well for business.
Risky behavior might have short-term benefits in some situations. But, these hazards could result in long-term issues that will derail your career and life.
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