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12 things you do that scream “I am an escort”
September 30, 2013 | For escorts
Escorts usually attempt to lead fairly covert lifestyles, carefully veiling their professional identities from their friends and family members. However, despite their best efforts, they sometimes reveal more than they intend to unintentionally through what they say, their opinions and their habits.
loud-n-clear People close to escorts who carefully observe them may easily catch on to their secret careers by putting two and two together. As a result, escorts need to be aware of things they do unwittingly that provide clues to the puzzle of their real careers.
Here are some revealing habits or actions that escorts demonstrate that may give hints they work in the adult entertainment industry:
1. Buying condoms or lubricant in bulk at the “big box” store is a telling sign that you’re not just having recreational sex. Obviously, escorts go through condoms and lube much more quickly than their non-working girl counterparts. And, even though purchasing your contraceptives may be more economical at the discount bulk store, it’s not the most secretive method. If you’re making purchases near your home where you may run into people you know, it’s probably best to consider other alternatives for your supplies. Online resources offer many opportunities for discreet purchases of items you require for your career. Most chain discount stores have online ordering available, and the perk of getting it delivered directly to your door is an added convenience. Additionally, you might find an online vendor that offers the items you need at a more affordable price, even after you figure in shipping charges.
2. Hanging your lingerie collection out to dry may reveal your secret. If after carefully hand washing all of your naughty nighties, you choose to allow them to air dry, you must realize that others may be able to see them if you hang them outdoors. And, while it isn’t a surprise for a woman to own a sexy bustier or thong or two, it will raise eyebrows when neighbors can view your entire collection of leopard-print, sheer, lace and sexy lingerie items. Hanging an item or two outdoors with your other laundry won’t draw attention to them; however, if you hang an entire week’s worth of work undies outside people may notice. As an alternative, attempt to mix them in with other clothing items you want to hang outdoors. Also, you might be best served to simply hang them in our home to dry. They will not experience sun fade nor gain unwanted attention. A last option for you would be to purchase a new dryer with a steam function. According to manufacturers, dryers with a steam function can quickly dry delicates without damaging them.
3. Giving your neighbors a peep show through open windows will fully reveal your covert lifestyle. During your business hours, make sure that neighbors can’t spy in your windows and view what goes on between you and your clients. (This also goes for making sure your activities are out of view of anyone who might be walking by, including delivery personnel and mail carriers.) This may mean that you have to install drapes or curtains that will block the view of anyone who might happen to look in. Or, drawing the blinds while you have clients over might suffice to hinder the view of others. Depending on where you live and how visible your home is through open windows, a simple sheer curtain might veil vision from outside. At night, you can decrease visibility greatly by simply turning out the lights. Don’t believe that simply because you live in a residence located on an upper floor of a building you are safe from voyeurs. For instance, if your building is located near other tall ones, residents of neighboring apartments may be able to see inside, especially if they are the nosey types using a telescope, which is more common than you think. Avoid allowing others a peek into your real life by covering your windows with blinds, curtains or other methods.
4. Doing all of your business in cash is sometimes a tip-off that your business is less than typical. Anyone who makes all of her bank deposits in cash is considered suspicious. And, in this modern era, people who carry cash to pay for all of their expenditures are quite uncommon. Debit and credit cards, along with mobile bank account links on smart phones, are quickly replacing cash in many locations. Your family and friends won’t simply be impressed that you pay for everything using $100 bills. Likely, they will wonder what illegal things you are doing to have all of that cash on you all of the time. Avoid discussions about your cash-carrying habits by making regular deposits into your bank account and using a debit card or other methods of spending your money.
5. Any woman without children who carries wet wipes with her all of the time reveals something about herself. If you’re always the one to offer a wipe to rub out that red wine stain, clean hands or swipe at a spill, your friends and family members may begin to wonder why you always have them so conveniently available. If you’ve given away other tidbits about your personal life, this is another little piece that may help others piece together enough information to determine that you work as an escort. While it’s wonderful to always be the one who can save the day, it may be best to avoid pulling out your big packet of wipes on a regular basis. And, if you do whip it out for a quick rescue, casually explain that you needed it when you babysat for a friend or discovered how handy they were after seeing a friend use them on the go.
6. Proper juggling of your phones may be a challenge that eventually outs your real life. It’s fairly difficult to manage your professional and personal life, but it’s even more stressful to keep track of your cell phones. If you carry both of them with you at the same time, it’s too easy to answer them incorrectly. Picking up the work phone and answering personally is one thing; but, answering your personal phone with your work greeting could really let the cat out of the bag. Always strive to be aware about which phone you’re answering and which greeting you’re administering. Never mix contacts on your phones, and use extreme caution to always give out the right number for business and personal use. If you can, only carry one phone at a time. When you’re not “on call”, put the work phone away, so that it’s not possible to mix them up and respond inappropriately. Also, be sure to lock your work phone so that nobody can accidentally pick it up and view messages between you and your clients.
7. Voicing your very liberal views on sex may give others clues about what you do for a living. It’s probably true that you’ve seen nearly everything there is to see, sexually. Fetishes, extreme sex, crazy positions, porn, toys and everything else are pretty standard to you. The escort industry has changed your view on sex and what is “normal”. When others are wide-eyed, with their mouths gaping open, you probably didn’t even bat an eyelash during a discussion about fetishes or extreme sexual acts. This, alone, may provide others with thoughts that you are not as innocent as you try to act. Additionally, if you indulge in conversation about sex frequently or have extremely liberal views of intercourse and related activities, your friends and family may suspect that you are involved in such activities.
8. Having extensive knowledge of people or businesses that you shouldn’t know about may cause others to wonder about your secret life. Many escorts have extremely high-profile clients who are engaged in industries that are foreign to most private citizens. These escorts may be privileged with information relating to a business or intimate secrets of well-known celebs. However, as far as their friends and family know, they shouldn’t have reasons to know these people or the information. People either suspect that you are lying about your first-hand information or that you are not telling them something. Either way, you are suspected of not being truthful, which leads to even more questions that could reveal information about our covert career.
9. Many escorts automatically think an innocent pick-up line is a proposition of something more. Because you’re in the business of innuendos and communicating through blurry conversations, a pick-up line is easy to confuse with an offer from a client. If a man in a bar suggests that you go back to his place with him, it’s an automatic thought about how much he’s willing to pay. However, it is unlikely that he was intending to pay for your time. If you reveal your thoughts to your friends or family members, they may begin to realize that your business is more than just friendly consulting.
10. Your disregard of modesty may give others information about your real profession. If you feel comfortable stripping down and prancing around naked in front of your friends, they may wonder why you’re so at ease in front of them. Doing this often may reveal to them that nakedness is a way of life for you, allowing them to piece other concepts together to discover your secrets.
11. New partners may wonder how you’re so good at sex. Your bedroom skills will follow you into your personal relationships, and partners will question how you’re so comfortable and adventurous. It’s best to simply explain that you have had some experimental partners or that you’ve always been at ease with your body. However, if your partner pairs this up with your extensive lingerie collection and constant access of wet wipes, it may dawn on him that you’re actually an escort.
12. Your failure to trust every male is a good clue that you are familiar with disloyal ones. In the escort industry, it is certain that you run across cheaters and liars. As a result, you eventually gain the opinion that men are dishonest and incapable of maintaining a steady relationship. Revealing this information regularly and discussing how men cannot be treated not only demonstrates how you lack trust for others, but it also makes you seem bitter. Your friends and family members may begin to worry about you. After they realize that you’ve not been in a bad relationship with a cheater, they may put other things together to determine that you’re an escort and realize that your opinions are the result of your clients.
Escorts often give their secrets away to family and friends without intending to, by simply being free with their speech and actions. In order to maintain your illusion of a “normal” life, you must be aware of what you’re saying and doing around others at all times. Be extremely cautious how much you share and when you share it. And be aware that others may discuss things they’ve noticed, putting pieces together that may tell your tale.
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