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Group bookings vs parties: 13 precautions for escorts
October 3, 2013 | For escorts, Safety
In the adult entertainment industry, some participants are involved in group sex interests and may want to engage in parties or group bookings. For an escort, these two events are completely separate activities with different parameters and guidelines for expected behavior.
Is this a party or a group?Although many clients may think that these events are the same thing and consider escorts’ differentiation silly, escorts keep themselves clued in to what they are getting themselves into by using clear language about the activities.
Special considerations have to be made anytime that an escort books a group or agrees to be a member of a party. Of course, safety is of the utmost concern, but other issues about organization, rates and level of service are specific items that need addressed when planning such events.
Escorts should be aware that group bookings and parties differ in the following ways:
1. Ratios differ between the two events. During a group booking, you are typically the only escort, unless you opt to share your encounter with another escort. As you book a group, they are usually working only with you. They consult with you for entire event and expect you to do the work. So, the ratio of provider to clients is 1 to how ever many clients will be included in the group. For instance, if five men are going to attend the group encounter, you should expect to have sex at least once with each of the five men. During a party, however, the ratio usually varies considerably. Several escorts are booked to “do” parties together. Escorts may not always know each other at the beginning of a party, but they usually get to know one another if they become frequent party providers. Escorts are called in based on the size of the party, but the ratio is always much smaller than those with group bookings.
2. Relationships of the men at the events are different. When an escort books a group encounter, it is common that the men involved all know each other well. They are friends, colleagues, teammates or involved in some other activity that connects them in some manner. Often, the men get together to plan the encounter, discussing what they hope/want to happen during the actual appointment. Even though most men do not have bad intentions, others may conspire together to take advantage of an escort. Parties, though, are much different in that most of the participants are unknown to each other. They are complete strangers until they meet at the party for the first time. Typically, an organizer plans a party and advertises it to potential attendees, charging a fee for each of them. Clients who go to parties are not usually part of a common group and come from random sections of the community.
3. Security is handled differently at the two bookings. As you schedule a group encounter, security is an issue that is left entirely up to you. The group of clients who will be enjoying your time aren’t concerned with whether they are safe; they will know everyone there except for you. Their security isn’t at risk. However, your general well-being could be endangered by a group of men you can’t trust. It’s not really an issue of whether you should or shouldn’t incorporate security into your booking; it’s just a matter of working in the details. You may just choose to inform the clients that security will be present…period, instead of asking permission for someone to be allowed in with you. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to negotiate it into the details of the arrangement. Feel it through with your clients and make the choice based on what will work best. Security isn’t usually an issue with parties, though. Most of the time, party organizers set up a way to manage and monitor their attendees to ensure that escorts (and other party-goers) are safe. However, as you agree to provide services at a party, it’s always wise to verify that security will be in place for the entire time you are present.
4. The length of time for the events vary greatly. Often, escorts find that groups like to squeeze their encounters into as short of time as possible, so they are charged less. Lasting between one and two hours regularly, group bookings are short, sweet and to the point. There isn’t much time for getting to know each other or other activities, besides what the clients are present for. However, parties last twice as long, often ranging up to four hours. During this time, party goers have time to socialize and visit, play exciting games and participate in other more intimate acts together. Observation is also a big part of what happens at parties, so extra time is often provided so that attendees have time to watch others enjoying themselves.
5. Activities featured in the events may be different. Group encounters typically involve a lot of group engagement, bondage and bukkake. (Bukkake is the practice of several men ejaculating on one woman at the same time.) An escort gets little time to recover from acts engaged in with one man as another prepares to enlist her skills doing something with him. She literally goes from man to man, without stopping, often pleasuring more than one at once. Rough oral sex, double penetration and other porn antics reserved for orgies may be included. However, parties tend to be less severe. Escorts are provided opportunities for breaks during the span of the party, not only to clean up, but to also catch their breaths. Sexual contact is regular, but it is not constant during a party environment. Escorts may choose which attendees they engage with and what activities they allow.
6. Location determination is part of the plan for both, but is considered in unlike ways. When an escort books a group encounter, the clients usually plan where the event will occur. They set up a hotel room, private residence or other location for the group meeting. As a result, the entire location is under their control, which many escorts aren’t always comfortable with. Your safety, protection from law enforcement and comfort may be compromised at a location your clients select. (Sometimes, though, their choices are excellent.) Party locations are often designated by the party planner, who holds events at specified locations repeatedly. However, if a planner is closely connected to an escort, he may ask for input about a preferrable location for his events. Additionally, some party planners book events for recreational vehicles (brothels on wheels, of sorts) and boats.
7. Opportunities for screening your clients differ when you’re attending a group booking or a party. Most of the time, you won’t get the chance to screen participants of a group booking. As the group enlists more men, getting each of them to provide their names is nearly impossible. If you can require the names of your clients up front, try to do so. And, make sure you screen each and every one of them in order to clear them for the booking. Don’t be surprised, though, if clients you’ve screened don’t show up or others you haven’t screened appear out of nowhere for some fun, too. When you attend a party, screening is the responsibility of the party planner. He should be an expert in the industry and comprehend the importance of screening. Nevertheless, make sure that each of the participants will be screened for your safety. If nothing else, they should have a minimal background check before being allowed into the event.
8. Deposits may be required for group bookings, but they are usually impossible to get for parties. Escorts who book group encounters should require a 50 percent deposit for the entire gig in order to hold the date. Consider that you will need to block out an entire day so that you’ll have the energy for the group encounter. And, often, you will need to recover from the event the next day, too. Since the group booking will be taking so much of your time, you need to be guaranteed that your clients aren’t going to back out, leaving you with two entire days without revenue. It’s standard to ask for a deposit for these events, so asking nicely for it shouldn’t ruffle any feathers among your clients. However, don’t expect to get a deposit for your time when you plan to attend a party. It just doesn’t work this way. But, you should expect payment for the party up front, as you arrive. Do not allow yourself to be quickly ushered into the party without first being paid.
9. Plans sometimes change during a group encounter, which is different than a party. Unless a party isn’t at full capacity, it will go on despite anything else. Once it’s booked and you’ve verified you will be there, expect for it to occur as planned. And, know that the guidelines rarely change midway through a party event. However, plans change regularly when you book a group encounter. Often, the number and names of the men involved will vary. Sometimes, a group won’t even show up or will cancel at the last minute. Other times, when they actually show up, their plans for the activities may be different than were discussed originally. Negotiations for different services and rates may be attempted, but stick to your guns unless you’re being offered a better deal. And, don’t allow your clients to change what options you allow half way through the encounter, either. They often think that once you’re there and naked, you will agree to most anything they propose. This is where your security helper comes in handy to reinforce the original terms you and your clients agreed upon.
10. The way in which you charge your rates may vary when attending group encounters and parties. Usually, as you book a group encounter, you charge per client, based on the encounter length, especially knowing that you are expected to provide intimate contact with each client in attendance. Most of the time, instead of accepting an offer, escorts set the prices for such activities. For instance, if your normal booking fee is $150 per hour, you might charge $100 per client for one hour. If there are five clients, you could easily charge $500 for the event. There really is no hard and fast equation for calculating your fees, except for charging what feels right to you. However, when you provide services for a party, the organizer usually sets up his own fee schedule, based on his costs and margin of profit. Some parties pay escorts extremely well for their involvement. Others, though, seem to lack the luster that they should in order to attract quality escorts to their events. If you feel that a party organizer is offering you too little for the amount of work you are expected to provide during the activity, do not accept his offer. Many escorts get sucked into providing services for parties, because they need a quick lump sum in order to pay a bill or fund a special need.
11. The regular occurrence of the activities are different. Group bookings are usually one-time events. An escort may get a call from a client who is planning a bachelor party, a deployment event or other activity that they feel would benefit from the assistance of a pretty girl. Most of the time, the group booking isn’t something that is booked repeatedly, as it is often a special event or celebration. However, parties occur often. Many organizers host one every third Friday of the month (or on some other designated date every month or two) and attract the same and new clientele to the events. If a participant can’t attend a party one month, he may be able to catch the next one in the future. Also, many escorts begin to rely heavily on these regular events as major consistent sources of income. If you and the organizer get along well, these events can be fun and great money-makers.
12. Both can be bogus opportunities. Even though escorts really like the idea of making a big sum of cash in just a few hours, they shouldn’t buy into every opportunity that comes along without first doing their research. Unfortunately, many group encoutners are scheduled by fantasists who cancel at the last minute, having already gotten their climax from discussing the event with you. And, some party organizers want to hire naive women for a little bit of nothing, choosing to pocket the majority of the profit. Either way, escorts lose out to bogus bookings.
13. A few rules are important for each type of event:
a. Keep your eyes and ears open for trouble. Watch your clients carefully for supsicious behavior and listen especially carefully if they begin to whisper to one another. You never know what they are planning. Being aware of your surroundings and the people in it can help you avoid unsafe
b. Trust your instincts. If you arrive at a party or group booking and feel that something is “off,” do not feel that you are obligated to stay put. Escorts develop that “sixth sense” that keeps that out of dangerous places and away from threats. Listen if your gut begins to speak to you.
c. Take plenty of lubricant and condoms with you. Because you may be engaging in repeated intimacies with different people, you want to keep yourself as comfortable as possible, which can be done through proper lube use. Additionally, do not rely on anyone else to provide adequate numbers of
condoms. Don’t risk going without protection, because you run out. Bring extras with you.
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