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10 surprisingly sexy things an escort can do with a whip
October 7, 2013 | For escorts
In the kink community, whips are tools that nearly every lustful follower has in her bag of tricks. Black snakes, standard bullwhips and stock whips all have uses for which they work best when incorporated into sessions with willing clients.
Escorts who want to spice it up with a bit of whip play will want to consider the many different things that can be done with them. In fact, whatever you decide to do with them will be sexy; but some ways of using them can really turn a client on.
Injecting these 10 activities into your routine can really boost your rating:
1. Punish your clients. Working on the traditional spanking or pain theme, use the whip to lightly hit your client’s skin. From the derriere to the back, your client will enjoy every minute of your light (or heavy-handed) spanking efforts. Keep in mind that you don’t want to permanently injure your client (or leave marks that his wife may discover later). The secret is to lightly whip the client with the device, so as to inflict enough pain to create passion. However, other clients won’t care if you leave welts. But, be sure that your whipping isn’t going to draw blood. It’s fairly easy to get carried away with the whip, creating more harm than initially intended. Many escorts report that not only is the whip exciting for clients, but they also get turned on by the reddened skin of their clients and getting to play a powerful role as a punisher for their clients being “dirty boys”.
2. Crack the whip for excitement. Sometimes, a whip doesn’t even have to touch the body to create lust. The sound, alone, can cause one’s hormones to start racing in anticipation. Clients who have engaged in whip use previously may be somewhat trained to react lustfully when they hear the crack of the whip. It’s a unique noise that is unlike anything else, so it’s immediately recognizable, despite what else is going on in the room or if a client is blindfolded. And, while it may seem like a simple task to crack the whip, it actually requires some skill and practice. Depending on the type of whip you use, different techniques are required. However, it’s always wise to allow plenty of space for twirling the whip around to crack it; and, you should never flip it toward someone as you are planning to crack it for effect. It can hit your client much harder than you anticipate, especially if you aren’t experienced in using it.
3. Tease with the touch of the whip. Escorts don’t have to spank or crack the whip in order to create a fantasy with it. Sometimes, just the sight and touch of it can spark passion that will last the entire encounter. Rub the tip and edges of the whip along your client’s genitals and other sensitive areas. Slowly trailing it along the thigh or around the butt cheek can cause anticipation of what lies ahead for a client who is anxious to get things going. Tantalize your client with it by dragging it along his chest or draping it over his private areas. The touch of the whip may seem smooth and cold compared to the other things in the room, creating enough contrast in sensations that clients might even reach an early climax.
4. Tie your client up. Even if the scarves and hand cuffs are handy, it’s more daring to use your whip to tie your client’s hands or feet up to the bed posts or other location. Make a big deal about holding onto his wrist as you wrap the whip around it and then tie it to a firm spot to keep it immobile. Your whip might be long enough you can use it to tie both wrists up at the same time. The leather feel of the whip will be quite different from the softness of the scarves or the metal of the handcuffs, and your client may enjoy the new thrill. Be careful, though, just as you are anytime that you tie your client up with anything. Make sure his wrists are not tied so tightly that you have cut off his circulation or that you’ve put him into a position that is uncomfortable, especially if you plan to keep him there for an extended time. The leather from the whip can mark his skin, just as the metal will, so make sure it’s not so tightly wrapped around him that you will be leaving ligature marks.
5. Lead your client around with the whip. Like a dog owner uses a leash, your whip can be used to guide your client around the room or to draw him into you when you want him close. There are many parts of the body that you can wrap the whip around including the waist, arm, wrist, torso or legs. As you gently wrap the whip around your client, pull on him to indicate you want him to move. You can lead him around in efforts of humiliation or domination, or pull him to you in a seductive fashion. Acting as though you can’t get him close to you quickly enough and resorting to pulling him in may get your clients motor going and make him think you’re the sexiest escort in the world.
6. Choke your client. Clients who are into erotic asphyxiation may be enthralled with the idea of incorporating the whip into their passion for the high they get through reducing their airflow. Sexual arousal through restricted oxygen to the brain creates unique sensations, but because you can’t feel what your client is experiencing, you should only do this with clients you trust and whom you have excellent communication with. This type of play can result in serious health complications, including death from accidental strangulation. Perform this activity in short intervals, limiting the time you spend on it. And, use extreme caution when using the whip to choke your client. While it’s not common that it becomes knotted or difficult to untie, you don’t want to have trouble releasing its hold on your client’s neck when you need to allow airflow, again.
7. Wear the whip as a sexual fashion accessory. Much like Indiana Jones wore his whip, an escort can don the item as an intimidating piece of equipment that also looks great with her lingerie. If you’re dressing up in your dom attire, a whip is the perfect belt. Or, it can be casually looped around your arm. Just wearing or carrying it makes you look sexy and increases your spunk appeal exponentially. Clients get really turned on by a woman who looks tough and has a “bad girl” look. A whip will turn any escort into an instant badass, which equals instant sex appeal. The Red Hot Chili Peppers may have demonstrated it best when they sang about the “calling up a little girl with a bullwhip” in their lyrics for Sir Psycho Sexy.
8. Substitute the handle of the whip as a dildo. Escorts who are interested in multi-tasking with the whip may find that it is functional as a dildo for their clients, too. Many whips feature smooth, firm handles that are just the right size to be used for penetration. If your whip is constructed in this way, it might work to stimulate your client’s prostate and anal regions. However, you should exercise the same standards with the whip handle that you would with any other dildo or penetrative device. Make sure the handle is clean and free from germs. Wipe it down with disinfectant or anti-bacterial cleaner to be certain. Additionally, use plenty of lube when you’re attempting to insert any foreign object into a client’s rectum. He will appreciate generous dollops of lube in order to make insertion more comfortable. And, finally, before you attempt to use the whip in any other way, clean and sterilize the whip handle, again, removing germs and other bodily fluids that are on it. If your whip handle is wrapped with several layers of leather, using it as an insertive device may not be advisable. Germs and bacteria are difficult to clean from layers of leather, creating havens for them to grow and foster.
9. Whip yourself. Even if you’re not really into the spanking scene or getting whipped, lightly tap your rear end with it in an effort to play along. Just the image of you spanking yourself will be enough to rev up some of your clients past the point of no return. Watching you whip yourself will have much the same effect on clients as when they get an opportunity to spy you masturbating or touching yourself in other ways. They like it when they think you are pleasuring yourself; they feel like they are getting to watch something private from your life. (And they feel special that you are allowing them to witness how you like to be touched and your resulting orgasm.) Men like a woman who can take control and demonstrate her own sexuality for the world to see.
10. Invent your own way to apply a whip to you and/or the client. Just because you’re using a whip doesn’t mean that it’s the only tool you should consider bringing out during your encounter with a client. Consider tying him up with the aforementioned scarves, blindfolding him and teasing him alternately with the feather tickler and the whip. The huge range in stimulation may drive him crazy with desire and the sense of the unknown will create passions in him he didn’t know he had. Role playing with the whip can be fun, too, where you use it to save you and your client from the imaginary enemy or any other version that might include its use. And, realize that your client apparently has a very open mind; he’s letting you use a whip on him! Very few other things are off the table with him, probably. (Always ask your partner before trying something new.) It’s very probable that he will be interested in pursuing other kinky acts such as water sports, food sex or other forms of bondage. Dirty talk is a natural when you’re using a whip; allow the feelings the whip gives you to really talk dirty to your client. Encourage your client to ask for what he wants, as long as you are open to such things, yourself.
When considering using a whip with your clients, make sure you buy a quality, leather one with a sturdy handle. Oiling it regularly will keep is supple and avoid stiffness that may make it uncomfortable for both you and your clients. Escorts should practice using a whip in all capacities before venturing out with it professionally. You don’t want to accidentally hurt a client or tear up a room from your inexperience.
And, you should always gain permission to use the whip with your client before pulling it out for the session. Inquire about his openness to the idea and explain how much fun the two of you can have with it. If your client doesn’t seem interested, avoid pressuring him, even if you think he’d enjoy the activity. Also, incorporate a safe word into your whip use, if you plan on using it on his skin as punishment. The safe word should be something off-the-wall different from what you might actually talk about during sexual activities and can be used to indicate that your client wants to slow down or stop an activity altogether.
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