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12 wise ways for an escort to benefit from being “one of the guys”
October 10, 2013 | For escorts
Being “one of the guys” may not have always garnered you the adoration and admiration of the men you wanted, but it nearly always equated with being respected as an equal and being included in the group. Tomboys who can swig beer, swear, play ball, watch sports and keep up with the guys have always held important roles, in addition to being able to hold their own with their male counterparts. However, as you evolve your persona into that of an escort, it’s wise to retain your tomboy image as part of the marketing draw you use to attract clients.
Even though you may think you lost out to “girly girls” during your formative years, you will find that a significant number of prospective clients really dig an escort who can hang out and prove herself in a group of male peers. It really is good for business, and here is why:
1. Clients seek out escorts with similar interests. If your clients are “manly men”, they undoubtedly like typical “guy stuff”. Whether that involves the NASCAR chase, NFL Sundays or just a good game of darts, the type of guys you will get along best with are the ones who indulge in manly pastimes. And, in turn, they appreciate an escort like you who can engage in their hobbies or interests, along with them without seeming disinterested or confused. At the same time, these are your perfect clients, because you don’t have to pretend to be interested in what they are involved with; you already enjoy the hobbies, yourself. Being able to enjoy the hobbies you discuss with your clients makes the time with them all the more enjoyable for you. Also, it doesn’t require any extra work from you to seem genuine or research during your spare time to discuss topics intelligently. Embrace your inner tomboy and let her work her magic on your clients.
2. Tomboys have always been a challenge to men. Even though you probably didn’t know it, many of your guy friends probably thought you were too much of a challenge to pursue. They knew you were a prize and may not have felt worthy. Many of your clients, though, will see that your persona makes you a challenge. It’s a personal quest for many men to turn the head of a tough gal who makes it her mission to never “need” a man. Because they see you as a challenge to pursue, it’s even more fun and intriguing to book an encounter with you. Extend the challenge with a “hard to get” attitude (while still tempting your client enough to book time with you) and you’ve got him lured in. Clients can’t resist a woman who is sure enough of herself that she insists that a man convince her why she should give him a second look. Men fall all over themselves to prove themselves to women all of the time; it’s no different when they deal with escorts. They enjoy the chase; and, a mischievous tomboy gives a great target for pursuit.
3. Your insight to the male psyche can be used to enhance your marketing and communicate effectively. Because you’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with the guys, you know how they think and what motivates them. You’ve likely even engaged in conversations about other women with them, so you are aware of what amps them up in a sexual relationship and why they choose to date certain women. Utilize this knowledge when you create your online escort profiles. Tease and tempt through your verbiage in your profile, and create alluring photos of yourself that will push just the right buttons in the clients you are hoping to attract. Appeal to their “guy” sides with sporting slang, images and attitude. Your inner knowledge of what they talk about during a night out, especially when a beautiful woman walks by, can help you create a profile that will attract a guy who is looking to be challenged by a fun-loving escort.
4. The transformation from tomboy to sexy siren is hot! Every guy loves a woman who can go from one low-key look to beautiful in just an instant. Create a look for yourself that features a very simple, casual image that exhibits youth, athleticism and fun, and then find a way to easily transform it into sexy with a quick transition. Of course, wearing a lacy bra and panty set under your jeans and t-shirt is one of the easiest transformations possible. Other ideas include bringing along a sexy dress to change into or throwing on a bit of make-up and putting on a pretty sweater with your jeans.
Regardless of how you transform yourself, realize that it’s a fantasy of a man to have a woman who is so flexible in who she is. Being able to go and get dirty playing outside and spend only a few minutes freshening, all the while transforming into a “hottie”, will blow a client’s mind. Demonstrate to your client the multi-faceted personality you have, focusing lastly on the sexy side he wants to get to know more of before the encounter is over.
5. Clients are looking for a confident escort. They don’t want to have to spend the majority of an encounter lavishing a woman with compliments in order to make her feel good about herself. And, a client also wants an escort who is sure enough of herself that she knows what she wants and can tell him that, too. Confidence is sexy. There is something inherently hot about a woman who knows her own mind and is sure enough of herself to express her thoughts, despite the outcomes or what others think. Most tomboys are relatively self-assured and do not lack the ability to speak their minds. Clients are attracted to these traits. They want to surround themselves in real life with strong-minded individuals; why wouldn’t they want to find an escort nearby like this, too? Women who consistently hang out with “the guys” have to be confident in themselves in order to sustain the degrading banter that usually accompanies socializing as “one of the boys”. Escorts who can maintain their confidence with “the guys” are a big hit with clients when they enter the escort industry.
6. Escorts who classify themselves as tomboys are perceived as less complicated. The women who hang out with “the guys” are usually stereotyped as being more down to earth than their counterparts. More grounded, less petty and non-games playing personalities tend to gravitate to hanging out with male groups, according to a study researched by Cal Tech. The research team’s study proved that in certain situations, women who considered themselves less worried about drama had more male friends than female ones. Clients who seek out escorts that will provide drama-free encounters and relationships may benefit by spending time with tomboy types. They are uninterested in third-party conversations, gossiping and dwelling on details of conflicts. Generally speaking, if you’re a tomboy-type escort, clients automatically assume that you are grounded and easy to get along with. They don’t expect a lot of complicated issues to arise when they book time with you.
7. Tomboy escorts are less easily offended. Much of the time describing themselves as “easy going” or “not taking things personally”, escorts who have always been “one of the boys” roll with life and its events much more easily than others. They are less paranoid and self-centered than other women who have bigger egos or are more self-aware. Tomboyish escorts are not terribly concerned with what others think of them; they are much more worried about how much fun they are having or how funny the last joke was. They tease their friends about humorous matters, often participating in self-deprecating comments or talk. They don’t take to heart and know that people kid around a lot. And, when they do get a genuine criticism or insult from someone, they are usually prepared with an equally biting comment to return. Clients like escorts who fit this mold, because they don’t have to worry about saying something wrong or untactful that might hurt their feelings.
8. The art of banter is a trait that many clients look for. Many tomboyish escorts are quite skilled in being able to banter or throw wit back and forth during a conversation. Puns, jokes, funny sayings and using intelligence to make creative and humorous points are things that many clients look for when they want to spend time with an escort. Being able to be stimulated by a witty escorts is not only fun, but it is also incredibly sexy. Just as women value a sense of humor as a quality that makes a man sexy, men do, too. They enjoy being able to laugh with a woman who not only can snicker at his jokes, but can come up with some of her own, too.
9. Escorts who are low maintenance are in high demand. Generally, tomboyish women are considered to be easier to take care of. They aren’t as demanding, require fewer gifts/trinkets to be happy and don’t need hours to pamper themselves in order to be attractive. Clients who regularly hire escorts know that maintaining a relationship with them can be difficult, sometimes, especially with providers who expect hefty tips or constant compliments. Women who need their egos stroked more than the clients do rarely fare well in the escort industry. But tomboyish escorts who need minimal attention in order to do their jobs well are in high demand. Clients want to know that when they hire an escort, the emphasis is going to be on them (not the escort) and that they don’t have to work hard to impress her, too. Escorts who label themselves as tomboys are usually preferred by clients who don’t want to have to work extra hard to develop a consistent relationship.
10. Tomboyish escorts are thought to be adventurous. They are always up for outdoor activities, sporting events and other “guy” outings. They may drink beer, eat pretzels and play darts. They can wear jeans and a t-shirt out and about for a day of fun. They are open to new activities and adventures, like boating, motorcycles and racing. And, while all of this may be true, many clients take the spirit of adventure one step further with their expectations in the bedroom. Because an escort of this type usually has an “anything goes” attitude, a client may hope that means she’s equally open minded about intimate activities. From anal to fetish activities, clients may expect that a tomboyish escort will indulge his deepest (and darkest) fantasies in ways that other escorts wouldn’t. Escorts need to watch out for clients who just assume that she’s up for anything without asking first.
11. Clients like an escort to be tough, strong and in control. Many clients are CEOs, managers or business owners in their personal lives. They are constantly in control of their environments and the people around them. When they look for an escort, it’s kind of fun for them to reverse roles and allow someone else to be the boss. As a result, escorts who can be in control are highly sought after commodities in the industry. Tomboyish escorts often have great leadership capabilities and can maintain order over any situation, including an encounter with a willing client. And, while many clients don’t want to go the complete dominatrix route, they can indulge their need to be out of control with an escort who is willing to take the lead.
12. Tomboyish escorts are assumed to be smarter than their counterparts. Unlike the airheaded bimbos that some escorts make themselves out to be (even if they aren’t), tomboys usually demonstrate the wit and personality traits of a smart person. Clients want an escort that is not only beautiful and fun, but they want her to be intelligent, too. It’s much easier to hold conversations with someone who is informed and up-to-date on current events.
While clients may seek out an escort who exhibits the qualities of a typical tomboy, you must keep in mind that they are not usually paying you to “hang out”. They want you to transform yourself from the tomboy into a sex kitten when they feel it’s time to “get busy”. Don’t expect your fanaticism for their favorite team or your knowledge of the ’96 playoff team to retain your clients. You must entertain them in other appropriate ways, too, in order to turn your clients into regulars that consistently book encounters.
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