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What makes clients crave girly-girl escorts?
October 23, 2013 | For escorts, Marketing
While clients like all shapes and sizes of escorts, there are some who fall especially hard for an escort who fits into the “girly-girl” category. These especially feminine escorts take extra care with their appearance, actions and interests and demonstrate traits that indicate they are ladies to the core. Their hair and make-up are always perfect, their mannerisms are the utmost in femininity and their hobbies reflect that they are the softer sex. Clients are known for having types that attract them more than others; many girly-girl escorts appeal to a group of clients who prefer their escorts portray characteristics of what they believe is the perfect woman.
Consider these concepts about why clients seek girly-girl escorts:
1. Clients can pull out all of the romantic tricks they know. Stereotypes indicate that girly-girl escorts are receptive to the hoopla associated with romance, candles, flowers and all of the gestures that are part of the wooing process. While some less feminine escorts might balk at the cheesy gestures of a client, this category of escorts enjoy being romanced. They embrace the process and attempt to romance their clients, in return. Also, they are open to goofy pet names and giving each other googly eyes, in addition to being receptive to compliments about their personality, appearance or other traits that their clients find enjoyable. In short, they enjoy the romantic aspect of the encounter, which gives clients the opportunity to unabashedly display their emotions and affection without fear of rejection or judgment.
2. Many clients enjoy the femininity of an escort. A girly-girl escort is the exact opposite of a manly man who is masculine, macho and, perhaps, a bit chauvinistic. She likes to get dolled up to look pretty, donning lacy or frilly garments that accentuate her curves and bodily assets. She adheres to the feminine role of allowing the male client to be more assertive, while staying more passive or quiet, herself. Her main goal is her appearance and serving her male client, because that’s simply what women do. Her body and skin is soft, and she works hard to moisturize regularly. (A woman’s soft skin is a welcome contrast to a man’s rougher, more calloused hands.) Escorts who fancy themselves as extremely feminine may pay extra attention to making sure they are perfect from head to toe. They focus on pedicures, manicures, eye brow waxes, “down there” waxing and all of the efforts it takes to remain in tip-top shape so that their appearances can please clients.
3. Clients get to feel macho when they are with the girly-girl escorts. Men like to get to be men. Real men. Not just guys who wear pants. They like to be the hero or the knight in shining armor. With girly-girls, clients get to feel this way more so than with other types of escorts. Other escorts can take care of themselves, fix a leaky faucet and move their own furniture around. They don’t usually rely on men to do things for them. However, girly-girls need a man around to kill spiders or move something heavy. Clients may get the occasional thrill of being able to offer a macho favor to an escort, which helps to boost their egos about being a “man.” They are the expert on sports, know more about the outdoors and can fix things better than a woman…or at least the woman they are seeing as their escort. The main advantage to these types of clients is the elevation of their own self-image, in addition to a thrill of being the strong, silent type.
4. Seeing a girly-girl escort boosts a client’s ego. Some men need to have beautiful arm candy around in order to feel good about themselves. They feel that being able to spend intimate time with a gorgeous woman somehow elevates their status levels. Gaining the attention of and affections from a babe stroke a client’s ego significantly, making him feel on top of the world, since he can attract such a prize. Even though he knows he’s paying for her time, just getting to be with a woman with such great looks makes him feel that he can earn the favor of other such women. And, it reinforces to his psyche that he deserves to be with the very best looking women he can find. Even if a client and an escort do not go out in public, simply being able to book an encounter with a beauty is enough for some clients to experience a boost in self esteem.
5. Girly-girl escorts are easier to influence, according to some clients. Even though most escorts are incredibly intelligent, despite whatever act they put on for clients, many clients feel that girly-girl escorts are more impressionable and easier to influence. They anticipate getting to be a role model for her and are excited about acting as a mentor. Clients think they can talk a girly-girl escort into things that others might not go along with, due to being more susceptible to his charms and persuasion. Additionally, many clients think they get to the be the expert on most any subject matter that comes up in conversation between him and his escort, since he possesses greater intelligence. Beautiful women who are feminine are stereotyped as lacking smarts, compared to their less prissy counterparts. Even though clients don’t want an escort who is a complete idiot, they appreciate having an escort look up to them for knowledge and insight.
6. Clients like girly-girl escorts, because they take care of themselves. These kinds of escorts would never show up for an encounter in a t-shirt and jeans or work-out gear. They always dress to the nines and can be depended on to look their bests at all times. Some clients really care about a woman looking her very best every waking moment of the day. They think that they are paying an escort money to look good, and she had better take the extra precautions to do that for him. It’s much more simple with girly-girl escorts, who adhere to this policy naturally. They spend extra time every day to fix their hair to perfection, go to the salon to ensure their hair, nails and skin are in top-notch shape and always dress in fashions that are current, modern and flattering.
7. Girly-girl escorts provide more affection and nurturing for needy clients. Some clients just are in search for that girl who will give them some special lovin’ and TLC. Soft-hearted women who are inclined to kiss foreheads, give backrubs and make over a client who complains about a hard day aren’t really hard to find, but it’s hard to be sure you’ve located one unless she’s a girly-girl. Whether a guy needs his escort to draw him a bubble bath or to rub his feet, he may think he’s found just the ticket with a girly-girl who is driven to please her man. She is probably more inclined to sympathize over his hard life, bitchy spouse, whiny children and incompetent colleagues. She is also likely to listen intently to his nasty comments about his in-laws or lazy neighbor. Regardless of what he complains about or thinks is terrible in his life, she will do her best to provide compassion and understanding.
8. Clients like the stereotype and want to role-play with a girly-girl. Even if they’ve never been attracted to girly-girl types in their past, they may want to experiment to see what it would’ve been like to become involved with one. They want to role-play being in a relationship with a beauty queen or model. They enjoy pretending to be the stud who gets to take home the prom queen or the hottest girl at the bar. These clients want to spend time with a woman who focuses on her appearance and doesn’t care about being one of the guys or getting involved in his activities. She pretends to think that men’s hobbies are silly and would rather be shopping, which leaves him time for golf or fishing. Clients who have spouses who are tomboyish or involved in many of the same activities they are may appreciate spending time with an escort who embraces her femininity and lets the “boys be boys.”
9. Lingerie is a staple for girly-girl escorts. While lingerie is a tool of the trade, generally, for all escorts, clients know that girly-girls will likely have lacy, frilly frocks that show off their curves in the prettiest ways possible. From see-through baby dolls to lacy teddies, these escorts have it all and enjoy dolling up in their fanciest duds for their clients. Requests for lingerie are met with willingness and excitement. And, the only questions asked might be, “What color?” and “Nightie or Garter Belt combo?” Escorts usually have an extensive collection of lingerie, but girly-girl escorts tend to focus on prettier items, versus sexier designs. Pastel colors, eyelet lace and full coverage items win out over less classy, more trashy options, which pleases these kinds of clients most.
10. Girly-girl escorts expect to be treated like a lady. They don’t joke around like a frat brother, nor do they attempt to compete with their clients about who can pick the most football winners or swig the most beer. They are ladylike and want their clients to treat them with respect, flattery, sensitivity and sincerity. Manners, gentlemanly gestures, chivalry and courtesy are expected. Some especially feminine escorts are accustomed to their clients bringing them gifts of flowers, jewelry and other expensive items as ways to demonstrate their appreciation. While no client should ever feel pressured to give gifts in addition to the escort’s fee, clients may enjoy giving their escort such excitement through simple trinkets. Escorts often respond very enthusiastically about simple gestures that clients make to demonstrate they are smitten with an escort; clients enjoy this feeling of satisfaction, which may be different than they receive when they give gifts to their real-life partners.
11. Some clients enjoy the drama associated with the typical girly-girl escort. While it’s a known fact that girly-girls often have more drama around them and tend to be pettier, some men thrive on that as much as women. Escorts who seem to always have crises or issues that make their lives difficult experience extended bouts of disruptions and challenges. Clients may experience the same things, often creating their own troubles or stirring the pot so that their issues become exaggerated. Some people (clients and escorts, both) are so self-centered that they create their own problems by thinking others are out to get them or are conspiring against them, increasing the level of drama in their lives. A client who does this will enjoy commiserating with an escort who can identify with his troubles. Two peas in a pod, so to speak, the girly-girl escort and overly-dramatic client are a match made in heaven.
12. High maintenance girly-girl escorts are in high demand in the industry, despite being shunned in real life. While clients appreciate the level of effort that escorts take to make themselves appear as perfect as possible to clients, their high-maintenance ways are rarely tolerated in true relationships. But, because clients can’t put up with a spouse who is upset if she breaks a nail or must go to the salon every couple of days for a new blow-out, he appreciates the beauty of an escort who manages her upkeep in this manner. Clients realize how unrealistic it is to expect their long-term mates to be “perfect” all of the time. It’s impossible to be beautiful 24 hours per day, every day. But, it is possible to see an escort who appears beautiful and freshly-done at all times when you are with her. Clients put up with an escort’s high-maintenance ways because it helps to fulfill their fantasy of the perfect woman. But, they would likely resist if an escort’s high-maintenance ways got in the way of their fun during an encounter. Escorts who get too fussy about their hair or make-up in the throes of passion don’t keep clients long; however, if they want to get out of bed to fix their lipstick immediately, most clients approve.
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