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How to turn cooking into a great buildup to a session
October 24, 2013 | For escorts
Not only is cooking good for the soul, but Fanny Fern said that through a man’s stomach was the quickest way to his heart. Of course, in many respects, this is still true. Men love a woman who can cook and they will go far for a great meal. (They might even go farther for a mediocre meal served up by a sexy escort!)
Food is sexy. The ripeness and plumpness of fruit or vegetables, the aromas associated with cooking and the suggestive shapes of some produce are enough to encourage even the most prim and proper type to blush about how sexual the descriptions can be. Many escorts incorporate cooking or food into their encounters with clients. And, here is why you should offer culinary experiences, too:
1. A cooking encounter provides a great opportunity for you and your client to get to know each other better. While it’s true that you and your client aren’t really on a “date,” you sometimes pretend that you are. In order to make it seem more authentic, it’s necessary to participate in the traditional small talk that involves discussions about your childhood, high school and life, in general. If an escort tries to pursue such small talk with some clients, it becomes awkward as they both sit and look at each other as they compare notes about their experiences. However, talking while you’re doing something else helps to ease the tension and take the focus off of conversation. It makes it easier to chat. Before a client knows it, he feels completely at ease with his escort and is ready for the intimate moments to come after dinner.
2. Preparing a meal or recipe together helps you to feel like a team, which leads to good give and take later. As you fix food, you may step in to help each other with various parts of the duties. Your client may be an excellent chopper, or you may volunteer to create the sauce. Regardless of how you dole out the duties and assist each other, working together to create one meal is a bonding experience and helps you to function together, instead of separately. It puts both you and your client into the mindset that you are in this together and that full participation on both parts is required for success. This same feeling should be carried over to the after dinner fun, too. It can help create a sexy mood for intimate moments between you and your client.
3. Cooking together can be adventurous. While fixing a grilled cheese and tomato soup may not be a far enough range from the norm to be considered adventurous, other efforts might be. Attempting to concoct a new recipe, conquer a new technique or embrace an entirely new cuisine is fun and can make an escort and her client feel a bit giddy at the prospect of doing something unknown. Experiencing this “unknown” factor together is a way to ramp up your sex levels prior to getting down and dirty. Experiencing new things is a surefire way to increase your hormone levels, promising some good passion after the meal has been eaten.
4. Incorporate some aphrodisiacs while you cook. Some special foods such as oysters, hot chilies, avocados, chocolate and salmon are common foods that supposedly have magical powers to increase the libido and encourage intimacy. Through their smells, shapes or tastes, diners are said to experience increased excitement. Whether this is true or not, it certainly can’t hurt anything to attempt to add these ingredients to common recipes or dishes. Additionally, it’s possible that simply talking about their sexual effects may be enough to get your client’s motor running.
5. Cooking can be messy, just like sex. Not including food fights (which can be sexy, too!), cooking can be extremely messy. From spilled ingredients, flour explosions and grease pops, preparing a meal can cause stains and mini disasters in the kitchen. However, it also provides an escort and her client an opportunity to get playful, either by making a mess, or get close by helping each other clean up their faces or clothing.
6. Aprons can be extremely sexy. Escorts might choose to prepare the meal wearing a very fitted 1950s-styled apron that hugs her curves. Male clients who wear an apron are also very hot. And, even though an escort may look fabulous as she wears her apron, some clients are even more turned on by an escort who chooses to wear nothing under hers. It’s teasing and taunting to a client, especially if you have to reach high for ingredients or bend over to get a pan out of the cabinet. Either of these actions may display glimpses of your undercarriage for your client’s viewing pleasure, leaving him hot and bothered.
7. Cooking brings out erotic sensory arousal. From the textures and aromas present from cooking a good meal together, escorts and clients may enjoy the sensual aspect of their senses being teased. When prepping the meal, you are apt to sniff, feel for freshness and discuss how a food item may be juicy or peaking, all words that relate to sex in different ways. Words that describe food are often adjectives used to explain mind-blowing sex. It’s not common for either the conversation or the touch/feel/smell to really get a client going.
8. Showing off your skills can be sexy. Maybe you can grill like a master or set a cake on fire for crème’ bruleee. It doesn’t matter what your talent is, your client may be in awe of your abilities through just watching you do it. This feeling of awe carries easily over into the bedroom, where he will be so ready jump your bones it won’t be funny. Additionally, a client who gets an opportunity to show off his mad cooking abilities will benefit from the ego boost, which will also give him confidence when it’s time to retire to more private quarters after the meal.
9. Wine is a great excuse for cooking. While some cook using it as an ingredient, it can also be used an en encounter lubricant. (Of course, be careful to not drink too much, yourself. Escorts should never lose control due to drinking alcohol or abusing drugs with a client.) For your client, though, it can help loosen him up and prepare him for a night of good loving. This is especially good for the type who seems a bit uptight or nervous. Start out with a glass or two of wine while the two of you prepare dinner and encourage a third glass during the meal, too. Once it’s time to forget about eating, your client may be ready to have fun.
10. Feeding each other is sexy. Through the cooking process, it’s common to give each other samples of what you’re fixing in order to gain insight about the dishes. Licking the spoon, helping to wipe off your client’s lip or simply indulging in food before it’s fully prepared can add some sex appeal to the scenario. Additionally, you can sex up the moment even more by following through with the feeding each other theme by doing it during the meal, too.
11. Clients feel nurtured and appreciated through a culinary encounter. When an escort goes to the trouble to purchase groceries and prepare a meal for a client, he feels extremely taken care of. That feeling of being nurtured goes a long way toward building loyalty and trust between an escort and her client. Clients feel even more positively about an experience when they recognize that an escort went out of her way to fix them their favorite dishes. Perhaps, there really is something to be said for Fanny Fern’s quote from the 1850s. And, it’s even more possible that an escort can seduce and woo a client easily by simply cooking a little bit for him, just because it makes them feel positive about themselves and that someone cares about them.
12. Cooking together breeds familiarity and a feeling of domesticity that spurs passion from a client. Even though most escorts avoid getting attached to clients (and vice versa), cooking together produces some ties to one another that can be helpful if you’re providing the girlfriend experience (GFE). Clients need to feel like the two of you could get along, provided the circumstances were different. They often fantasize about how things would be if you really were their girlfriend. A cooking experience is, yet, another way for a client to pretend that you and he have something more meaningful than a once-per-week appointment for money.
13. Eating can rejuvenate you. Some experiences can be heightened by getting some food into your belly. For instance, if an escort spends all night with a client, they may find themselves exhausted and starving around 2 or 3 a.m. Whipping up some eggs or scarfing down some spaghetti you quickly whipped up can help to provide the sustenance required to move on with more intimate moments with your client.
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